Alexander Zverev vs Lorenzo Musetti on TV, Live and Tape

Alexander Zverev (ATP No. 3) meets Lorenzo Mosetti in the round of 16 of the Masters Tournament in Madrid. The match will be available live from approximately 3.30pm on TV and live on Sky as well as on our live tape!

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After the first conclusion, there is not much more to report, because the short-serve game it won did not bring many new ideas. After signing some autographs and taking pictures, Zverev would like to use the time left until the next game for some practice shots on the Madrilenian sands. Second seed Sasha Zverev may once again be waiting for an Italian opponent in the quarter-finals: Yannick Sener and Canada’s Felix Auger-Aliassime will battle it out in the round of 16 at eye level for a quarter-final spot. Thank you for reading and have a good day!

Zverev wins the submission

Lorenzo Mussetti can’t keep playing! After the last foul backhand kick, the 20-year-old made it into the net and already indicated: Nothing is working here! Given the tournament at home in Rome next week, the Italian probably doesn’t want to risk too much either.

Lorenzo Mussetti – Alexander Zverev 3:6, 0:1

Musette doesn’t seem to fit. Zverev plays his shoes down here and does not allow himself to be affected by the opponent’s problems.

Medical lead time

Mussetti received a short treatment during the break and was taped to his left thigh. He may have had muscle problems. He has since returned to the field.

sentence conclusion

Sasha Zverev won the first set 6:3 against Italian challenger Lorenzo Musetti and proves he deserves the title holder in the round of 16! The 25-year-old looks different compared to his elimination at the BMW Open in front of his home crowd in Munich. Because Musetti is by no means an easy opponent, he plays with many variants and always presents Zverev with tasks. But the German number one always knows how to solve it, playing an impressive 17 winners in the first set (including seven aces, seven forehands and three backhand winners) and only made seven avoidable fouls despite the aggressive match. The fact that he used only two ice balls and did not allow his opponent to approach the break with his own serve suggests that the Hamburg player is likely to reach the quarter-finals.

Lorenzo Mussetti – Alexander Zverev 3: 6

Wonderful! A great winning winning streak with a backhand seal seals the first set.

Lorenzo Mussetti – Alexander Zverev 3: 5

But Zverev got a break and hit the ball: Mussetti went into the net, but was then surprised with a backhand praised by the German top seed.

Lorenzo Mussetti – Alexander Zverev 3: 5

Hamburger cannot take advantage of the 30:15 lead and creates two break points because he incorrectly returned with a backhand.

Lorenzo Mussetti – Alexander Zverev 3: 5

When the score was 15:15, the German tried to stop a ball. Musetti plays cross on the net, Zverev reacts quickly and passes the winning ball with a forehand.

Lorenzo Mussetti – Alexander Zverev 3: 5

Zverev didn’t hold back for long, but brought it back to 15. So the pressure paid off for the young Italian, who now has to serve against the set loss.

Lorenzo Mussetti – Alexander Zverev 3: 4

2 aces from Zverev are interrupted by the opponent who wins a point. 30:15 from a German point of view.

Lorenzo Mussetti – Alexander Zverev 3: 4

And Zverev is getting stronger, more powerful and more versatile! He distributes the balls aggressively until Mussetti misses a backhand. So he has the first fracture in his pocket, which he deserves despite his opponent’s solid performance.

Lorenzo Mussetti – Alexander Zverev 3: 3

However, Musetti faces his first game break: Zverev fires a powerful forehand into the field, which Musetti can only return to the net.

Lorenzo Mussetti – Alexander Zverev 3: 3

The same goes for Musetti, who isn’t quite as dominant, but still seems pretty stable with his own serve. In the network jumps briefly to the transverse plane.

Lorenzo Mussetti – Alexander Zverev 3: 3

With the ace, the number one from Germany corrects to 40:15. Then the fifth ace was already shot into the sand. So far, Mussetti hasn’t had a chance to come close to the break in the second leg.

Lorenzo Mussetti – Alexander Zverev 3: 2

Zverev often played his way into the net and beat the next winner. 30: 0. Then he leaves a net error following and gives up only the second point in his transmission.

Lorenzo Mussetti – Alexander Zverev 3: 2

A strong winner with a cross forehand makes the score 40: 0, the Italian turns the ball thanks to a mistake from Sascha. The first games passed quickly.

Lorenzo Mussetti – Alexander Zverev 2: 2

The audience responded with applause: Musseti plays a stopping ball, the German opponent blocks it, but Musseti can pass it again with a simple backhand. 30: 0.

Lorenzo Mussetti – Alexander Zverev 2: 2

Zverev is back and feeling more comfortable with his own service thus far. A long streak sets a landslide winner with a ratio of 40:0, which was preceded by two quick wins by two points. With an ace, a hamburger secures the game to zero.

Lorenzo Mussetti – Alexander Zverev 2:1

Length in base shots is good for both players. Sometimes Zverev hits a forehand too far and in the next rally he hits the ball only with the edge of the racket. After initial problems, the Italian easily won his second match.

Lorenzo Mussetti – Alexander Zverev 1:1

After Zverev scored two points and set the 30:15 mark with a powerful backhand, Mussetti equalized – again the recipe for success is stopping the ball. The Germans will have to adapt to this during the match.

Lorenzo Mussetti – Alexander Zverev 1:1

Musity caught Zverev on the wrong foot when he stunned the late Zverev with a powerful kick from the baseline duel. This is played hard as a forehand winner.

Lorenzo Mussetti – Alexander Zverev 1:1

A difficult top shot of a hamburger falls into the net. With his serve really solid from the start, winning his first serve match is just a matter of form: he makes it 1-1 after matches with a serve and a shot.

Lorenzo Mussetti – Alexander Zverev 1: 0

The two main actors don’t need much time to kick off. Zverev hits the outside hard and then hits the winning ball with a forehand into the other corner. Because it lets the ace follow it outwards at a speed of 40:0.

Lorenzo Mussetti – Alexander Zverev 1: 0

Since Musetti is a strong player on clay, an exciting match could develop here. And in the first game already, there are quite long pools, most of them with a better end of service Musetti. Without any major problems, he won the first match by 15.

Lorenzo Mussetti 0-0 Alexander Zverev

Long backhand Zverev plays. After playing the first few shots defensively, the player from Hamburg took the risk for the first time and played with a backhand that was too short after 21 shots.

Lorenzo Mussetti 0-0 Alexander Zverev

The Italian hits the outside and Zverev gets too far back, giving the foreigner the first point. Since he chased a forehand into the net in the next race, it was after 15:15 seconds.

first sentence

With Rafael Nadal battling for a quarter-final ticket at the largest stadium in the Madrilenian facility, the ranks at the second largest are fairly busy. Musetti will serve first.

warm-up program

In sunny weather and the temperature just above 20 degrees, the two players are currently gearing up at Arantxa Sanchez – the match can start in a few moments!

Italy’s future

The immediate future of Italian tennis appears assured. Because the youngsters are already in the starting blocks behind the 26-year-old and therefore the really old hand of Italian tennis, Matteo Berrettini: Yannick Sener has already reached the top of the world at the age of 20, Lorenzo Mosetti wants to make his way there. The 20-year-old was the first tennis player born in 2002 to win a match on the ATP Challenger Tour and at the highest level on the ATP. Despite his young age, Musetti has already gained a lot of experience and managed to play some duels against world-class players. Now the next best player in Sasha Zverev is wanted.

If not now then when?

2022 is not Sasha Zverev’s year yet. The 25-year-old was not only interested in the much-discussed dread in Acapulco, the world’s No. 3 also lags behind his athleticism. After he was the world’s most successful tennis player by number of wins last year and seemed to be in great shape, especially in the second half of the year, he couldn’t keep it through the Christmas holidays and had been struggling with himself since the start of the year. His sporting descent culminated in his elimination in the first round of the BMW Open (Munich) in his home country. Of course, that should change ASAP. And where does he do it better than in the Spanish capital, where he won two of his four Masters titles and reached the championship title?

face to face

Head-to-head balance is quickly devoured: given Lorenzo Mosetti’s young age (20 years), it’s not too surprising that Zverev from Hamburg would never meet the Italian.

Hurkacz makes a quick operation

In the previous match, Poland’s Hubert Hurkacz did not give underdog Dusan Lajovic no chance. After a tight first set (7:5), the world number 14 tied. In the second round, make way for Zverev and Musseti.

warm welcome

German number one wanted in the round of 16 from Madrid Masters! Alexander Zverev is the favorite against Italian Lorenzo Mosetti, despite his poor performance.

Alexander Zverev, Lorenzo Mussetti

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Alexander Zverev, Lorenzo Mussetti

Alexander Zverev is the defending champion in Madrid, and he has already won twice here: in the 2018 final against Dominic Thiem and last year against Matteo Berrettini.

But this year, things have not gone well for Zverev, most recently with an early defeat in Munich, in a match Zverev described as the worst in recent years.

Will Zverev manage the transformation in Madrid? He beat Marin Cilic in three sets after losing focus in the first round – here Zverev was already 4-2 ahead before the Croatian played four games in a row. In the end, the man from Hamburg said he “played well”. In the end it was 4:6, 6:4, 6:4 for Zverev

Lorenzo Mussetti: By beating Sebastian Korda in the Round of 16

Opponent Lorenzo Mossetti was eliminated from the playoffs and is currently 63rd in the ATP rankings. He impressed on Wednesday with a win over Sebastian Korda (6:4, 6:3).

It is the first match between Zverev and Musseti on the tour.

Musetti, just 20 years old, is one of the most promising youngsters on the tour, along with Jannik Sinner one of the biggest hopes from Italy. And one with a great one-handed backhand.

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When will Zverev come against Musseti?

The match of the round of 16 in the Masters tournament in Madrid is scheduled to be the third match at the Arantexa Sanchez stadium, the second largest match in Madrid, where the third match will be after 12 noon. It does not start before 3:30 pm. Sky broadcasts live on TV and live broadcasts, we are there for you in the live broadcast bar!

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