Are you really compatible 10 points that tell you if your relationship makes sense

Checklist: 10 Signs of an Unhappy Relationship

If there’s one thing we shouldn’t underestimate, it’s something for us gut instinct – for us gut feeling. He hits Warningif that is not true The things ; things Come close and protect us from evil decisions To meet – if we listen to him. Unfortunately, the rose-tinted glasses we all know in love sometimes obscure our vision so much that we don’t even see what’s going wrong in front of our noses. However, at some point, we feel uncomfortable in our guts: this is Link The right thing for me? Are we really a match? Is he/she really the person? For those exact doubts we have one for you Checklist Created with ten points that you are in your account partnership You should take a closer look to find the answers to these questions.

Doubts about your relationship? These 10 points should not apply perfectly

1. You can’t be yourself

Of course, when we first meet someone, we want to be on our best behavior so as not to make a bad impression. However, pretending is absolutely taboo, both in dating and in a relationship. But if your partner makes you feel like you can’t be yourself because he/she sees your true self as annoying, weird, or stressful, that’s a very clear warning sign to watch out for.

2. You lack his/her support

In a harmonious partnership, we motivate our peer to realize his dreams, achieve goals and give our best, even when things are not going well. Take a moment and ask yourself: Is my success also a reason to celebrate my partner? If this only happens on one side and instead he/she just throws stones your way, offends you or even makes you doubt yourself and your abilities, then he/she is not the right person for you.

3. It feels good when you can spend some time away from him/her

Is a feeling of stress or some kind of heaviness slowly creeping in when you’re on your way to your partner? Instead of swallowing this feeling and ignoring it as much as possible, ask yourself where it came from. Of course, you don’t have to jump into the air every time your loved one takes time. However, once these negative feelings resonate, it’s time to take a closer look at your partnership.

4. In your mind you don’t see a future together

How do you imagine your life in five or ten years? Yes, everyone hates this question because there is simply no right answer to it and you never know what will happen. But when you close your eyes and try to imagine what your life will be like in the future, do you still see your partner by your side? If not, there must be a reason that you know either consciously or unconsciously. You may see yourself one day with two kids, but he knows he hasn’t wanted that all his life. This sensitive single topic can also bring the relationship to its knees.

5. You can’t really argue

Demonization of disagreements in relationships is utter nonsense (hello, sex makeup?). Any good couples therapist and relationship coach would agree, adding that it’s more about how to argue. However, if you two don’t listen to each other properly, or if one of you always runs away when the other mentions something, you may be very different in your arguments. What should also be clear: Any form of verbal or physical violence is taboo.

6. He can’t apologize to you

Just like arguments, apologies are part of a healthy relationship. Some people find this easier than others. However, if your partner has already crossed a line or crossed the mark and hit you with their actions, a half-hearted “sorry” is not enough. If: She really does care about you, he should regret putting you in this situation and move on accordingly.

7. She no longer has sex

What happens – or doesn’t happen – in the bedroom can say a lot about how good the relationship actually is. Of course, over time, it is normal for the spouses to become calmer and have less sexual relations. It is known that everyone has different desires. Your partner: You may have less sexual desire than you do. However, if intimacy such as cuddling or kissing is not exchanged in bed or in everyday life, this may be the first sign of the end of the relationship.

8. You have taboo topics to avoid

Part of healthy communication is addressing issues that aren’t always pretty. However, the most important thing is to discuss and discuss these so that both of them can say what they think and what is important to them. You probably have a problem that gets swept under the rug as soon as it reappears. However, in this way, you do not create more harmony, but more distance between you.

9. He doesn’t appreciate you

From a young age we (or at least most of us) learn to thank others. The main thing is to respect this person and acknowledge what he did: I did it for you. It’s easy to take your partner for granted, especially in romantic relationships. If you now feel that your efforts – no matter how small or large – are not appreciated enough, something needs to change in your partnership.

10. Your intuition is sounding the alarm

As we mentioned at the beginning, we should always listen to our intuition when it wants to tell us something. An instinctive bad feeling should never be ignored for too long, as it usually only gets bigger. Don’t be afraid to address your concerns in front of your partner. Try to find out what is causing your stomach pain.

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