Controversial links: An AfD deputy speaks at a Russian conference


As of: 05/06/2022 5:43 PM

The AfD does not find a clear line in dealing with Russia. Now a politician from the AfD party appeared at a conference on the Russian economy – party leader Cherupala spoke in the Russian state media.

The AfD member of parliament, Stefan Kütter, was known for his good relations with Russia. Research by the political journal ARD now appears ContradictionsThat he recently participated in a very politically questionable conference: representatives of Russian politics and business met in Moscow under the title “Economy against sanctions”. Among the topics discussed was how best to deal with international sanctions. The AfD foreign politician Kütter appeared live from Germany.

“This is pure propaganda.”

Contradictions There is a recording of his performance. In it, an interpreter translates it: “It is clear that Germany supports Ukraine not only with humanitarian aid, but also in many other ways. (…) This means that the media tells us on the one hand about the bad Russians and on the other hand about the crazy president on the other. And the poor victims. This is not journalism, this is pure propaganda.”

Alternative for Germany MP Keuter described the German report on the war against Ukraine at the conference as “propaganda”.

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He went on to say that this propaganda will encourage the emergence of more sanctions. The Germans will no longer fight for national interests, but for the interests of other countries, and first of all, the interests of the United States. Several requests from Contradictions Keuter left this unanswered. Even his parliamentary group in the Bundestag did not comment on his appearance.

sharp criticism from the green party

Kötter is a member of the Bundestag’s Foreign Affairs Committee, which does not meet publicly due to highly sensitive issues. His fellow committee member, Green Party politician Robin Wagner, sharply criticized Keuter’s remarks: “To explain Germany’s response to Putin’s brutal war of aggression against Ukraine with tales of an anti-American conspiracy is embarrassing and unworthy of being a member of the Bundestag.”

According to Wagner, head of the German-Ukrainian parliamentary group, Keuter is essentially damaging himself and his mandate with his actions. Contradictions.

Statements in the Russian media are increasing again

The number of statements by AfD deputies in Russian state or pro-government media has dropped sharply initially since the attack on Ukraine. But recently, this reluctance seems to have passed: Stefan Keutter was interviewed by the Kremlin’s “Isvestia” about the use of the Z war symbol.

“The letter Z is part of the German alphabet, (…) we cannot do without the letter Z on car license plates or anywhere else just because the invading forces from Russia in Ukraine use it as an identification mark,” Keuter comments on the ban on symbolic use for Z in Germany. In addition, Keuter described Ukraine’s coverage of German media there as “propaganda.”

Also, the former member of the AfD in the Bundestag, Waldemar Hurdt, speaks regularly in the Russian media. Recently, this week it was broadcast live on the most important daily political talk show on state TV “60 минут” (60 min).

Also Chrupalla in Russian state media

It appears that party and faction leader Tino Chrupala is not afraid to contact Russian state media. Nord Stream 2 quoted him recently from the state news agency RIA Nowsti. The federal government must stick to the pipeline. At the request of Contradictions Shrupala writes succinctly that he responded to a request from Rhea Nowosti and wanted to address the “global readers of Riya Nowosti” with his comments.

Shortly before Shrupala’s remarks, the agency published a text with genocidal fantasies and plans to exterminate Ukraine that garnered worldwide attention. on ContradictionsChrupalla did not respond to any questions about this circumstance.

Alliance between the Kremlin and the AfD

In addition to the politician from the Alternative for Germany party, Keuter, the Moscow conference also included the deputy head of the Economic Committee of the State Duma, Denis Kravchenko, who was subject to international sanctions. He is also the head of the government’s Center for Strategic Studies.

The leader was Andrei Nazarov, Prime Minister of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Keuter, the AfD man, had already acted there last fall as a so-called election observer – a common way for Russian propaganda to engage Western lawmakers in a sham election.

Until 2019, Nazarov was the organizer of the Yalta Forum, a series of events to promote business in Ukraine’s Crimea, which Russia annexed. Stefan Kütter was a guest there as well.

Robin Wagner, a green foreign policy expert, describes these links as an “unholy alliance between the Kremlin and the AfD.” It is a sad fact that AfD deputies regularly turn themselves into useful tools of Russian propaganda. According to Wagner, the AfD and Putin share the goal of overcoming the democratic achievements of our free society.

AfD man Quetter encourages Russia

At the meeting in Moscow, Keuter said he was confident that the Russian economy would find alternatives for German companies that migrated, according to the regulator’s press release. To encourage this, participants agreed to a new discussion format. This is aimed at easing the pressure of sanctions on the Russian economy, Interfax news agency reported.

The goal of the new so-called “Ufa Dialogue” is to maintain international business contacts. Ketter was spontaneously invited for this interview. employment Contrasts– When asked if he would accept this invitation, he remained silent.

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