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Omicron, Connectivity Limitations, Increasing Occurrence Numbers: What Is Really Possible in 2022? We have summarized the Corona rules for the most popular travel areas.

In the Rhineland-Palatinate, the winter holidays begin on Monday, February 21. Residents of the Rhineland-Palatinate who are ready to take a vacation have eleven days of vacation during the weekends, adjacent Shrove Monday and Shrove Tuesday.

Corona’s currently opaque situation ensures that regulations are constantly changing – for example, also for a spontaneous ski holiday. Summarize the different rules for destinations (Status: 01/31/22):

Corona protection

at Rhineland-Palatinate For example will offline Heritage head Planned across the region with 2G base (grafted or restored). In addition, visitors must register online in advance.

at Baden-Württemberg The first alert level currently applies, thus the 2G regulation for indoor and outdoor sports. For example, cable cars are only open to those who have been vaccinated and who have recovered.

also in Bavaria 2G applies to cable cars and ski lifts. In addition, there are restrictions on the capacity of the gondola, depending on its size, so that distance regulations can be observed.

at North Rhine-Westphalia Applicable in the ski area winter mountain Currently 2G is everywhere, except for children and young people up to the age of 15.

In principle apply in Germany Masks are mandatory in all lifts and distance is required.

Traveling without a booster would be more difficult

Since February 1, new rules for travel in other EU countries are in place. It is no longer important which country the vacationers come from, but what their state of health is. Therefore, those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered should not take an additional corona test upon entry if they can show valid evidence of it. At least that is the EU’s recommendation.

At the same time, travel without a booster vaccine is becoming more and more difficult. Because EU vaccination certificates are only valid for nine months (270 days) from 1 February without a booster vaccine. After this period, people who do not have this additional protection will be treated as unprotected when crossing the border.

Austria It is, except for the communities of Mittelberg, Jungholz and Rißtal in the community of Vomp and Eben am Achensee, as high risk area class. Therefore, the German Foreign Ministry advises against taking tourist trips.

Austria has tightened its entry regulations significantly. Passengers fully vaccinated and recovered I need one PCR test (up to 72 hours) or booster vaccination can prove. This does not apply to children under 12 years of age traveling with an adult. Anyone who has not been vaccinated must complete an entry form and be placed in quarantine for ten days after entry.

On February 1, it was shortened in Austria Vaccination certificate validity For people vaccinated twice to 180 days old or for people younger than 18 to 210 days old. The booster vaccination is valid for 270 days in Austria.

In large parts of public life in the country, the 2G base: Only hotels and restaurants are allowed to receive vaccinated or recovered guests. Après-ski bars will remain closed until further notice.

From February 12th, the 2G base will fall into retail. In all the shops FFP2 Mask Requirements Valid. As of February 19, 2022, 3G base. The validity of PCR tests will be reduced to 48 hours for the food industry – for all other regions, the validity of PCR tests will remain the same as before at 72 hours. If PCR tests are not available, antigen tests are also valid for 24 hours. From now on, the 3G rule will also apply to events instead of the previous 2G rule.

There is currently one on gondolas and access points to lifts and lifts with covers FFP2 Mask Requirements from 15 years old. Mouth and nose protection is sufficient for children aged 7 to 14 years.

Italia It is considered a high-risk area since January 1st. Vacationers can expect comfortable Corona entry rules from February. From February 1, travelers from European Union countries will only need either Negative corona test or one Proof of vaccination or cureWhen they come to Italy. All travelers are required to fill out an online immigration form.

As of February 1, the The validity of the digital vaccination certificate Inside Italy Nine to six months drop. This regulation also applies to tourists. The vaccination certificate is valid for nine months only for entry.

In the Ski lifts and gondolas in Italy Valid since January 10 2G-Al-Qaeda. All persons 12 years of age or older must have evidence of vaccination or recovery. A maximum of 80 percent is planned for enclosed gondolas and movable lifts. Masks are mandatory from the age of six even outside the home. Ski passes must mainly be purchased online.

also in Hotels and restaurantson local and long-distance transport or in cottages in Italy, this applies 2Gsystems.

to France The travel warning from the German Foreign Office applies. The country has been classified as a high-risk area. when Entry For all people over 12 years old 3G Guide Necessary: ​​Either a negative antigen test or a PCR test or proof of vaccination or cure must be provided. Travelers must also fill out an immigration form.

Since January 15 in France only Vaccination certificates Recognized with booster vaccination. There is also a rule for people who do not have a booster vaccine: a second vaccination is allowed Not more than 7 months old. Both also apply to tourists.

A must for winter sports enthusiasts in France Ski resorts Prove that they are either Vaccinate or recover be. Since January 24, 2G has also been applied to the use of ski lifts for all people over 16 years of age. Long traffic, restaurants, bars or huts are also affected. to Children between 12 and 15 years continue presenting 3G Guide. One applies in cable cars and queues mask requirements From 11 years old.

The State Department has a Switzerland Issue a travel warning. The country is considered a high-risk area.

3G rule applies to entry into Switzerland: full Vaccination and recovery are allowed without additional corona testing Enter Switzerland. Only unvaccinated persons who have not recovered must submit a negative PCR test or negative rapid antigen test upon entry or prior to departure. Anyone arriving by bus or long-haul plane must fill out the corresponding form.

The Ski areas in Switzerland open to all. The mask must be worn on all enclosed mountain bikes, cable cars, ski lifts, and moving lifts, as well as in enclosed station buildings and waiting areas. Only people over 16 who visit a restaurant need a 2G certificate in ski areas in Switzerland. In the ski area Samnaun And Federser Heuberg The 2G rule applies everywhere.


Corona rules, current numbers and everything related to vaccination: you can find the most important developments related to the Corona virus in Rhineland-Palatinate here on our live blog.

Easter and summer holidays

If you don’t want to go for a winter vacation but want to go abroad during Easter or summer vacation, you’d better start planning sooner rather than later this year. These rules apply to particularly popular destinations:

The most popular destination for April and May is turkeyEspecially the southern coast of Turkey. Turkey is currently classified as a high-risk area.

All air travelers over 12 years of age are required to fill out an online form from the Turkish Ministry of Health within 72 hours prior to travel. to Vaccinated people Valid No more restrictions upon entry. Unvaccinated travelers need a negative PCR test (no more than 72 hours) or a negative antigen test (no more than 48 hours).

Spain It is considered a high-risk area, and there is a travel warning from the German Foreign Office. employment Mallorca As on the Spanish mainland, the following rules apply: before departure, a digital health form must be filled out for entry.

Vaccinate and recover people ought to There is no test Present to enter. People who are not immunized need a PCR test (maximum 72 hours) or a rapid antigen test (maximum 48 hours).

Canary Islands with Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura And Lanzarote They are classified as high risk areas. A travel warning applies.

day before departure canary A digital health form must be filled in for entry. Generated QR Code Must be presented upon arrival. Vaccinated and recovered need to enter There is no test. People who are not immunized need either a PCR test (maximum 72 hours) or a rapid antigen test (maximum 48 hours).

Greece It is considered a high-risk area, and there is a travel warning from the German Foreign Office. Those who are attracted to the beautiful beaches of Greece must submit a negative PCR test (maximum 72 hours) or a rapid test (no more than 24 hours old) prior to departure. This applies to all passengers aged five and overRegardless of whether they were vaccinated or not. The rule is initially valid until February 7.

Regardless, a free and mandatory express test will be conducted on arrival in individual cases. Travelers must fill out an online form before departing for Greece.

Jennifer Kaiser of the Consumer Advice Center in Rhineland-Palatinate advises taking a closer look at the protections offered in the event of a corona infection. “In general, group trips are recommended for 2022. Because vacationers usually have better protection here. They are sometimes offered free cancellation and Corona insurance.”

Currently, almost all providers advertise special cancellation options – the so-called “flexible tariffs”, with which flights can be canceled or rebooked shortly before the start of the vacation. It is important, as the Consumer Advice Center recommends, to look closely at small print. What is the application period for cancellation? Are there hidden additional costs? In the case of group trips, the following applies in any case: Cancellation is possible if there are travel warnings from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the holiday country.

Another option is travel cancellation insurance. This can be a good guarantee for families with young children or for the elderly in the event of a positive corona test. However, the small copy must also be carefully scanned.

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