Corona Summit: Travel – Information on Mitigation and High-Risk Areas

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The Omicron type of coronavirus has spread in Germany, but the peak of the wave appears to be over. So, the signs are now pointing to a relaxation: from March 20, no more far-reaching precautions will be implemented in the country. The road there leads in three phases agreed upon by the federal and state governments on Wednesday at the Corona Summit.

We explain what the interim plan says and what changes vacationers in Germany can expect. Because the classification of high-risk areas could also be different in the future.

This is what the article is about:

Gradual easing of restrictions

The federal and state governments have agreed on a three-phase plan that will gradually ease the current coronavirus restrictions. “By the spring of March 20, 2022, far-reaching restrictions on social, cultural and economic life will be gradually withdrawn,” the decision reads.

Step 1There are no longer any restrictions on the number of participants in private meetings once everyone has been vaccinated or recovered. Existing rules should continue to apply to those who have not been vaccinated: your family and two people from another home may get together.

Additionally, as a first step, access to retail outlets nationwide will be possible without verification. Instead, the FFP2 mask requirement applies.

Level 2On the 4th of March, if health permits, the 2G-plus rule in the restaurant business should be abolished and replaced with the 3G rule. So far, unvaccinated people without evidence of recovery are not allowed in. Evidence of vaccination, recovery or current corona test is also sufficient for tourist accommodation offers. 2G plus will continue to be applied to discos and clubs.

For major outdoor events, a 75 percent occupancy rate (maximum 25,000 spectators) must be allowed. Inside, 60 per cent (maximum 6,000 spectators) must be allowed. Only those who have recovered and who have been vaccinated should have access to major national events.

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3 . levelOn March 20, all major restrictions may fall if the situation in the health system permits. The home office obligation included in the Infection Protection Act must then also be revoked.

What about the obligation to wear masks on buses, trains and planes?

“Mask requirements in closed rooms of public facilities as well as on buses and trains” will be maintained after March 20.

Traveling with Deutsche Bahn in times of Corona: Passengers are only allowed to board the plane using a surgical mask.