Dream Interpretation: messages during sleep can save lives

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Sleep: Interpretation of dreams can save lives

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Those who remember their dreams can receive important messages about themselves via this path.

Dreams have always fascinated us. While neuroscientists attempt to discover what happens in the brain during dreams, psychologists attempt to decipher their symbolic language.

Dreams are exciting and mysterious that make you happy or have a disturbing effect. Whoever remembers it in the morning can write it down and remember it Interpretation of dreams. We explain why it makes sense to deal with messages from the subconscious.

Dream Interpretation: What is the function of our dreams

Falling into the depths, encounters with the deceased or flying: in our dreams we can do everything. But, as a rule, contradictory, impossible and sometimes funny images are difficult to interpret. Since it originated in our subconscious, we don’t stray too far in logical reasoning.

Psychoanalysts such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung dealt with various images of dreams and analyzed their meaning.

According to C.G. Jung, the function of dreams “is to attempt to restore psychological equilibrium to us by producing dream substance that subtly restores overall psychological equilibrium.” Jung also calls this the compensatory function of dreams.

Carl Gustav Jung says: “The dream compensates you for the shortcomings of your character and at the same time warns you of the dangers of your current path. If the dream’s warnings are not heeded, accidents can really happen.”

Flying and falling are often the subject of dreams. in his book Symbols and Interpretation of Dreams: The First Approach to the Unconscious Jung uses several practical examples to illustrate how useful it is to understand your dreams and their message:

  • For one of his clients, life in a relationship and relationship became more difficult. He developed a great passion for dangerous mountain climbing. On a subconscious level he wanted to outdo himself. He saw himself in a dream descending from the top of a mountain peak into an empty room at night. Young realized the danger his client was in and advised him to be careful. without success. The client did not change anything in his life situation. A few months later, a mountain guide saw that the man was really stepping into the void, taking a friend with him. Both found his death.

“Dreams sometimes announce situations long before they actually happen. […] Many crises in our lives have a long history of unconsciousness,” says Young. Unconsciously, the mountaineer was looking for one last way out of his difficult situation.

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Swiss psychologist Verena Kast, formerly a professor of psychology at the University of Zurich and training analyst at the C.G. Jung Institute there, sees dreams as essentially a creative process: “Night after night we move through our dream worlds. […] A dream is the only world we only create.”

in her book Dreams: The Mysterious Language of the Subconscious Verena Kast emphasizes the potential of dreams: “A dream is a wonderful experience during sleep, which we can remember to some extent when we are awake, and which says something about our central emotional life situation at the moment and stimulates the diverse cognitive and emotional connections that bring about change.”

Emotions and dreams

Even if sleep and dream research still needs to solve many mysteries, it now seems certain that dreaming should help us with processing and integration processes.

Dreams and emotions are closely related. If we wake up with a bad feeling, then this is an indication of an inner experience that we perceive through the dream.

Without emotions, we would be indifferent to everything. They are part of self-expression and participate in all life processes. They also play a major role in our personal relationships, because passion not only makes us human, but also makes us individual because it is the result of our experiences.

“In a therapeutic relationship, the emotionality of both parties plays a central role. However, emotions are also processed in dreams and fantasies, and then these processed feelings influence the dream,” Verena Kast says.

Emotions want to be processed and are an important driving force for change and change. If we wake up with a bad feeling and take it with us for the day, this is an indication of an inner experience that we only realize through a dream.

Conclusion: Discover the treasure lurking in your dreams

Sigmund Freud described dreaming as “the royal road to the knowledge of the subconscious.” It is a reliable emotional measure of our inner truth.

According to Verena Kast, a dream evokes feelings and issues that need to be contacted so that life becomes more colorful and meaningful. So there is a great treasure in our dreams: they have healing potential because they allow a new perspective that can be used in psychotherapy, for example, when the resources of consciousness are exhausted.

Of course, provided we remember our dreams, we can discover this treasure by exploring the dream symbols contained in it.


In our sleep we can sometimes feel emotional feelings – uncontrollably, because the night belongs to the subconscious. The only question is: What is the meaning of sexual dreams?

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* Other sources and readings: “Symbols and Interpretation of Dreams: A First Approach to the Unconscious Mind” by C.J. Jung published by Walter Verlag; The book “Dreams: The Mysterious Language of the Unconscious” by Verena Kast has been published by Patmos

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