Exercising against Parkinson’s disease in the Krefeld forest using the Smovey system

Sporting event in the Krefeld city forest
Fight Parkinson’s disease with exercise

An event will be held in the city forest on Friday, where you can try a piece of sports equipment also used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. The initiator Detlev Friedrichshak himself is ill.

At just 50 years old, Detlev Friedrichshain received the shocking diagnosis: Parkinson’s disease, a severe degenerative disease of the nervous system. In addition to tremor, the disease also leads to other neurological damage and eventual death. Friedrichek has been living with the disease for 16 years and has been undefeated since. Various associations and organizations are fighting to provide information about Parkinson’s disease, to overcome stigma and advance its social relevance. An initiative has now been launched in which affected people across Germany and Europe fight the disease with sport and exercise. One event in this series will be held on Friday, May 6, in the Krefeld City Forest.

Detlev Friedrichshain will also be there. The 66-year-old from Rheinberg tells us how the diagnosis initially put him off the right track. “I was in management at Siemens and all of a sudden it was over,” he says. But he didn’t want to give up. “I can’t do that, it doesn’t exist for me. That’s how I took the disease.” Ten years ago he was in poor condition. “At first I did what the doctors suggested. At that time I was told I was off treatment. I could no longer walk, it was bad.” But he found out more and invented the exercise as a means: the help. “In Austria, I came across the Smovey system. This is a ring with grooves into which steel balls are movably inserted. When these grooves pass, vibration is generated and this stimulation helps, ”says. The inventor, himself a patient with Parkinson’s disease, worked with this drug for a long time.

Friedrichek took up the idea and today he sells the device himself. My goal is to help people with this disease. After long discussions, even the tax office realized this, he says. In his eyes, the system that would be used today in the movement event in the city forest was a true miracle. “That is why I can only encourage every patient in Krefeld to come to this event. Anyone can participate.” Professor Hans-Jürgen von Gessen, Head of the Department of Neurology at the Alexianer Clinic in Krefeld, does not want to fully confirm the effect of the miracle, but there are indeed implications. “I can say it’s used in therapy in our clinic. Some therapists swear by it. Others aren’t completely convinced. I can’t say anything specific about how it works, but the combination of the outgoing stimulus, the command to move, and the incoming stimulus through vibration seems to be the It actually causes an improvement. One thing is clear: it can’t do any harm, and exercise is definitely beneficial for preventing and treating degenerative brain disease,” says the expert.

Silke von Beuningen, who will accompany the “Smovey-Walk”, as the event is called, as a wizard, also uses the device. “I have different exercises up my sleeve and will adapt the program to the health of the people who come in,” she says. The event is part of an entire series organized by Friedrichshain around the Lower Rhine. “We’ve already gone to Moers and Duisburg. After Krefeld, we’re still at Cliff, Guch and Wiesel. He, who was incidentally honored as a ‘daily hero’ by the Hilde Ulrichs Foundation, wants to do his part to fight the disease. With increased public awareness and awareness of the growing problem For Parkinson’s disease, he hopes there may be a cure sometime in the coming years.

The “ActiveZit” event will take place on May 6 at 6 pm. The meeting point of the Stadtwaldhaus is located in the meadow between the beer garden and the lake. Registration under [email protected] is required, but automatic appearance is possible.

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