‘Fact Finder’ Patrick Jensing will move from ARD to FC St. Pauli in Serie B

Fact Finder is a useful journalistic medium. on the principle. Incorrect numbers, names, or incorrectly assigned or reproduced quotes creep into reports and spread and are improperly passed from person to person, basically like a silent message. A fact-finder shows, for example, whether a number is really true, what its source is, or how it appeared systematically. If this task is carried out accurately, this helps to increase the quality of the reports.

on the principle. But when ARD decided five years ago to install a “fact-finder,” they chose Patrick Ginseng. A recognized leftist. Even by ARD standards. “Belief in Numbers” condemned Ginseng in public statements. The expert needs to categorize the numbers. Even from the start finding the “facts” was like finding a “categorization”. The classification went mostly in one direction: he, to the left.

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“Tishi’s vision” – this is how the printed magazine comes to you

Which is why criticism has flared up against Ginseng over and over again in his five years in the business. So that he could not avoid scrutiny of representatives of the left wing, such as the leader of the SPD, Saskia Eskin. In April, she posted a photo of her and Ukrainian Ambassador Andrey Melnik and wrote: “After once again sharp criticism from Ukrainian Ambassador Andrei Melnik of the Social Democrats’ policy towards Russia, the leadership of the Social Democratic Party met with the diplomat.” A photo with the ambassador, a text that I met. Askan’s statement was very clear to the news agency dpa I mentioned about her.

But then I found pictureReporter Paul Runzheimer: The photo is older and the conversation mentioned didn’t even take place. Theme for Gensing Fact Finder: Den picture– The man could not refute the ARD expert due to disinformation. So he wrote as a conclusion: “In the case of targeted disinformation, old photos and videos are deliberately used over and over again to mislead the public.” Now journalists learn to form active sentences instead of passive ones and in this way call a horse and a rider by their names. Especially since Saskia Esken is clearly a public figure. But the mention of the SPD leader in one sentence with “specific disinformation” did not draw the attention of Ginseng, who is known to be a leftist.

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Newsticker: ARD, ZDF, and Co errors always go in the same direction

Ginseng titled the text ‘Confusion after Esken’s tweet’ – ‘Confusion’. It’s not “lies”, “vertigo” or “willful false statement” or at least a “misleading statement”. He chooses “confusion,” following a popular left-wing method of responding to one’s own mistakes: denying the error until there really is no other choice. And then, but only then, apologize for your misunderstanding. Then you can always dismiss the issue by indicating that you have apologized – even though in reality you only said that others were too stupid to understand you properly. Ginseng may not believe in numbers. But for words. Especially when they let the world shine in its light.

But this is over now. In the future, he will be responsible for media and communication at St Pauli Club. A childhood dream, as Ginseng documents with a photo from his school newspaper. Only: the job is noisy morgenpost hamburger Only for the time being. Ginseng represents Anne Koons, who is taking a year’s parental leave. He is also relegated from the German news champion to the second division football team. Two games before the end of the season, the club is three points behind the promotion position and has the worst goal difference among the five promotion candidates.

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ARD and ZDF employees openly show their fear of their employer

“I resigned, I didn’t get fired,” Ginseng said plainly on Twitter like a journalist. He says it preemptively, before something else is brought into the world. Yeah. In another tweet, Gensing wrote: “I wish ÖRR the courage to valiantly defend itself against irrelevant attacks and to protect employees,” the journalist clearly phrased it as previously known to the Delphi oracle. As Esken’s tweet shows, skepticism is appropriate when Gensing resorts to obscurity. Then the number skeptics look for words that make his worldview appear as true.

Does Gensing want ARD to protect employees if they don’t do it anyway? According to his own statements, Ginseng will not enlighten and contribute more truth to the world: “Please understand that I can’t say anything about the future of #factfinder and investigation circles, it’s not up to me,” he wrote on Twitter. She goes on, “There was justified criticism, but there were many ruthless personal attacks. But duck your head? No. It looks combative like FC St. Pauli – but not quite like a harmonious farewell.”


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