Fritz Preview! OS 7.50: Lab Firmware for Eight Fritz Series Routers! Box

AVM has once again released a new Lab firmware as a preview for Fritz! OS 7.50 for DSL, Cable and Hybrid Routers Fritz! Box 7590 AX (test), 7590, 7530, 6591 cable, 6660 cable as well as 6850 LTE and now offers a preview of the new OS using VPN WireGuard technology for eight models.

Fritz! Labor 7.39 as a preview of the Fritz! OS 7.50

After ADSL / VDSL and cable routers Fritz! Box 7590 AX, 7590 and 7530 or Fritz! Box 6591 Cable and 6660 Cable with the current lab firmware, which like Fritz! Labor 7.39, Fritz’s first preview! OS 7.50, hybrid cellular router Fritz! Box 6890 LTE is now also equipped with the latest preview version of the internal router operating system.

All considered Fritz! Box 6660 Cable and 6690 Cable as well as the 6850 LTE, which also received the Fritz! OS 7.39 and Fritz! Labor 7.39 as a preview of the upcoming major release, also new to the party.

Plus the latest preview for Fritz! OS 7.50, which is due for release later this year, is already available first beta version of Fritz! Repeater 2400.

Fritz! OS 7.39 as a Preview Preview for Fritz! OS 7.50
  • Fritz! bis 2400 → v07.39-96114
  • Fritz! Box 6690 Cable → v07.39-96142
  • Fritz! Box 6660 Cable → v07.39-96379
  • Fritz! Box 6591 Cable → v07.39-96380
  • Fritz! Box 6890 LTE → v07.39-96061
  • Fritz! Box 6850 LTE → v07.39-96343
  • Fritz! Box 7590 AX → v07.39-96347
  • Fritz! Box 7590 → v07.39-96346
  • Fritz! Box 7530 → v07.39-96345

System images for Fritz are now updated! Box 6591, 6660 Cable, 6850 LTS to May 5, 2022 condition, Fritz! Box 7590 AX, 7590, 7530 to the state of May 4, 2022.

Fritz!  Labor 7.39 as a preview of the Fritz!  OS 7.50
Fritz!  Labor 7.39 as a preview of the Fritz!  OS 7.50
Fritz! Labor 7.39 as a preview of the Fritz! OS 7.50 (Photo: AVM)

Fritz System Overview! OS for the editorial team provides an overview of all current and stable firmware versions for AVM routers.

  • Fritz! OS: Quick overview of all current firmware versions

A total of nine Fritz series devices are improved and patched! Box and Fritz!

  • Internet: optimization MyFRITZ’s IPv4 address has not been published! Net on dual-stack connections with carrier-class NAT; MyFRITZ address is always resolved! to an IPv6 address
  • Internet: Optimization The new setup wizard simplifies creating WireGuard connections
  • WLAN: New message optimization under ‘System/Events’ when a new session key is negotiated (communications under the WPA3/SAE standard)
  • WLAN: Fixed WLAN transmission strength setting for public WLAN guest access is also possible again
  • WLAN: Fixed “WLAN/radio channel” page not fully rendered with Safari on macOS/iOS/iPadOS
  • Home network: Network hardware optimization detail pages have been revised
  • Home network: Incorrect display of parental control settings in VPN user details has been fixed
  • DECT / FRITZ! Fon: Display a static image for RSS feeds. Reliable again. Improved speech volume increased when ringing.

Fritz! Labor 7.39 – Release Notes

WireGuard and Mesh in Focus

As a distinctive feature of the Fritz system! OS 7.50 upcoming, AVM focuses on the free VPN service WireGuard implemented in the Linux kernel, as well as a better WLAN (tested).

Availability of the official release notes for Fritz! Labor 7.39 More details.

If Fritz! Your Box is equipped with the latest Fritz OS!

Instructions for installing the Fritz! laboratory
  • Read and confirm the displayed notice.
  • Click Download and save the file to your computer.
  • Unzip the lab file (*.zip).
  • Update via the FRITZ user interface! Box and select “View: Advanced” in the footer.
  • Select “System/Update” in the menu.
  • Select the “FRITZ! OS File” tab. Save your FRITZ! your Box.
  • Then enter the name of the lab version and path in the input field (eg C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Desktop\FRITZ!Box-Labor-xxxx.image).
  • Click “Start Update”.
  • follow the instructions that are on the screen.

note: Lab versions are always in beta and tested by AVM in standard environments prior to deployment, but may cause crashes.

Fritz! Tested for experienced users

The manufacturer expressly does not bear any responsibility for any damage caused by the use of the lab versions, and therefore it addresses this only for experienced users who have the appropriate experience in restoring the firmware.

Back to Fritz! OS possible at any time

above System → Update → Fritz!OS-Version Users can return to Fritz! official OS at any time.

The manufacturer has summarized more information at The latest beta versions for Android and iOS are also available via the Fritz website! Apps for beta testing.

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