If you start your day with fun, everything will work out as if it were magic

May 06, 2022 – Stephane Angeli

Do you have to get up early in the morning and don’t want to get up and rush into rush hour traffic? Noisy cars, packed trains, the hustle and bustle of countless people and bad weather all get on your nerves? But this does not have to be the case, because if you act pessimistic from the start, it will affect not only those around you, but also your own attitude.

With a good mood and a smile on your face, you can start the day with a positive feeling. Although many of the nervous factors in everyday life are far from gone, you will see that you start the day very differently than if you looked at everything negatively from the start.

Endorphins give your body a real orgasm

Apart from this truism, your cheerful attitude to life offers you the advantage of a productive daily routine: They are endorphins. Your body pours these little morphine when you approach things with confidence and it can also make you laugh out of situations. Don’t take life too seriously, because it already is for most people.

Although it can be difficult at times, you should just try to get rid of the disturbing thoughts by reminding yourself of the pleasant things on your mind. What was your last happy trip, which movie did you like? How beautiful were your holidays? armed with you favorite song On your lips Challenge upcoming problems in your work or in your social environment with these new situations.

Have you discovered your superpowers yet?

But it’s getting better, because Oxford University has found amazing things in an impressive study. If you can laugh a lot, you can develop your superpowers, because it reduces your sense of pain. Unbelievable, but true, you only need fifteen minutes of your time a day to invest in the fun things that you also enjoy.

Endorphins are already flowing, which will benefit you and lead to a situation that will make you twice as popular among friends and acquaintances. Who then needs any uncomfortable criticism when they know their body may be able to be internally within the hypothalamus Opiate peptides To create or to invent?

Dental problems? How to restore your healthy smile!

People who laugh not only take life more easily, but subconsciously absorb more oxygen, directing this important component directly into their brains. Then, analyzes show that increased breathing increases the oxygen content and stimulates people’s thought processes. This means that smiling now and then will help train your logical thinking throughout the day and make you more attentive to problem-solving that you may have avoided earlier.

However, for some people, there is another component that may make it difficult for them to present a healthy smile. Bad teeth make some people reluctant to enjoy jokes and try to hide their laughter. In this context, lack of self-confidence is not a case of the psychologist, but rather of the dentist.

We give you back your smile

Dentistry Quarree in Hamburg and Landbeck It is a suitable address if you suffer from the mentioned problem. There, the friendly members of the medical team will help you without any problems and show you exactly what they can do to return your smile. Don’t worry, be brave, because you’re not the only patient in Hamburg.

Thousands of people walk this route through Germany every day so that they can laugh again in everyday life. The result speaks for itself and will give you strength and confidence to face other challenges in life with ease.

Happiness in life with laughter therapy

Experts claim that people who simply laugh live healthier lives, and according to many scientists and studies, they are right. Laughing people strengthens their immune system. In general, strengthening the body helps us to efficiently fight viruses and bacteria.

This means that funny people are less likely to catch a cold in the winter. A reason why it might be worth investing in humor again is because medications and sick days can strain your budget.

Life Energy Through Laughter – What are you waiting for

By the way, other studies have also found that children laugh a lot more than adults. It remains to be seen if this is due to the stress of everyday life, but this fact should give you material to think about. Many people are so stuck in their jobs that they have long forgotten the ability to laugh.

In order not to get into this sad situation, it is useful to fill the time with things that bring joy to you and others. Only when all else fails do you have transformative measures in your hands. For example, there are courses that offer so-called laughter therapy. You will be taught in group sessions how to restore your life energy with a loud laugh.

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