‘Love doesn’t need a vacation’ in real life: Influencers swap homes

Who among you has not dreamed of simply dropping everything and moving to a new country after watching the movie “Love Doesn’t Need a Vacation”. Two influencers are currently living the dream of this exact movie.

And experience the drama at least as much as the original Hollywood!

international home exchange

Many of us know “Love doesn’t need a vacation” It is arguably the ultimate Christmas movie. Because the story has everything you need for a fun-filled evening: Life crises, romance and a lot of drama. For those who don’t know (Shame on you!!): The film is about two women Amanda and Iris, who in the midst of a very personal crisis decide to leave their daily lives behind and… to swap homes. So it’s kind of like that Romantic version of “wife swap” – Only without children, husband and annoying tasks.

As Britain’s Eris moves to Los Angeles, pampered Amanda heads to the idyllic countryside. Comes as it should and They both fall in love In her new home – not only in her new life, but also in her cute hottie.

Influencers live their lives

While most of us probably watch the movie at a dramatic time in life Watch in an ongoing episode to experience a little escape from reality and the joy of life, Maybe that wasn’t enough for influencer Alexa Lucy. Last December – on the high stage of fans of “Love Doesn’t Need a Vacation” – she posted a video on TikTok that she shared He announces that they want to make a similar trip.

She shows up her apartment in Los Angeles and writes that she is looking for someone who is willing to exchange places with her. Maybe I’m serious, maybe I saw ‘Love Doesn’t Take A Vacation’ on the plane yesterdaywrites in this post.

“Love Doesn’t Need a Vacation”: Influencer Edition

Alexa isn’t the first to have this idea. But on the contrary. Showing home switching as “Love Doesn’t Need a Vacation” has become a small trend on Tiktok. This is Alexa movie reference It becomes a reality after a few weeks.

Because French TikToker Esther Luxey sees her post and is instantly excited about the idea. She started a TikTok duet she’s sharing Apartment in Paris Indicates. And then the planning begins for the real-life version of Love Doesn’t Need a Vacation. Because Alexa and Esther want Switch houses for a month and enjoy your outdoor adventure to the fullest.

And now it’s time: The much-anticipated April home swap is here. But it wouldn’t be a real comic version if it wasn’t for a bit on Alexa drama will exist. She has already planned to move to Paris with her boyfriend. Shortly before moving on, things were completely different. Alexa and you break up friend A little over a week later, the influencer moved to The city of love.

Between the heartbreak and the ecstasy of the Coachella Festival

“If there is a place for sadness and Fall in love with yourself, this is ParisAlexa cherishes herself and shows her ups and downs at her expense Parisian love. Alexa posts bursts of tears as well as shopping trips and idyllic walks.

It also seems that Esther is enjoying her journey to the fullest. The two are exactly the same in ‘Love Doesn’t Need a Vacation’ in continuous exchange – Only instead of calling, two sides. Esther takes care of Alexa’s cat, and enjoys all kinds of it Celebrity discovery She lives her dream in Los Angeles at the Coachella Festival.

But for Alexa, the tide seems to be turning more and more. Because it couldn’t be otherwise, she has one kind neighbors, that she shares with her community. Every day at 9:30 a.m. her neighbor goes out to the balcony to smoke “How do I say hello to him? Can he see me?”Alexa guesses in a video. So it should still be very exciting for influencers – and beautiful cinematic – will

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