Madeleine McCann: New Evidence – Will Case Solve Now?

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Madeleine McCann: New evidence – a case before the investigation?

Kate and Jerry McCann share a photo of their missing daughter Madeleine (Maddie) during a press conference. On May 3, 2007, the three-year-old British girl disappeared from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal. Since then, this mysterious affair has been pursued to the smallest detail, repeatedly remaining in the spotlight and making headlines around the world.

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In the case of Madeleine McCann, missing for 15 years, investigators have new evidence. The issue can be resolved.

Berlin. In case of missing Three-year-old MadelineWho 15 years ago on the Portuguese holiday coast Algarve He disappeared without a trace, hmm investigator It seems to have gone further than that. As announced by the Prosecutor’s Office in Braunschweig, the German suspicion Principal suspect Christian B. hardening; Can the mystery of the British girl, who may have died according to the police for a long time, be solved?

45 years Christian B He has a criminal record for sexual assault. He is being held in Germany for raping an American woman who was on vacation in Portugal. The attack on an American also took place in the Algarve region in 2005. Not far from the coastal city of Praia da Luz, where Madeleine disappeared on May 3, 2007.

Madeleine McCann case: Traces were found in Christian B’s Volkswagen bus

“We have found new facts that give us certainty that he is killer Braunschweig Prosecutor Hans Christian Walters said in an exclusive interview with the Portuguese television channel CMTV “Madeleine McCann”. However, the investigations are not yet complete. Investigations against Christian B continue.

File details new guide Prosecutor Walters said no. However, Walters noted that investigators found traces of Madeleine in a Volkswagen bus owned by the German sex criminal at the time. British media speculated that these traces could be from “material” pajama fibres – but this has not been confirmed. The three-year-old slept in the Portuguese holiday apartment of her parents Kate and Jerry McCann on the evening of May 3, 2007. When the parents returned from dinner at the resort’s restaurant, Madeleine was gone.

white and yellow Volkswagen bus, who was traveling with Christian B in the Algarve at the time of the crime, was secured in Portugal and taken to Germany. There, the car was checked in one millimeter by the Federal Criminal Police Office using the latest technology for fingerprints, blood stains, hair residue and other traces.

Many questions in Madeleine’s case remain open

Meanwhile, Christian B. Having nothing to do with Madeleine’s case. He should go to the investigators pretext Feet the night the blonde girl disappeared. He is said to have been with an 18-year-old German friend on the night in question.

Attorney General Walters considers this claim to be of little credibility. “He has nothing. He has no excuse,” he said in a TV interview. Even if now it seems that more and more evidence is weighing on Christian B: Investigators are still looking for answers to some crucial questions. About this: Who called B on the night of the crime? In the evening On the day of the disappearance, his mobile phone was recorded in the radio network not far from Madeleine’s apartment. B. was one accomplices?

And what exactly happened to Madeleine? If she was killed by B, as investigators believe, where is she? human remains? For several months, Portuguese inquisitors handed over every stone near the holiday apartment. Divers searched the sea floor. But nothing was found.

Christian B. boasted. In front of an acquaintance of Madeleine

However, B. is said to have fantasized in the past, a to kidnap a child, abused and then disappear without a trace. He wanted to “pick up a little thing and use it for days,” writes B. According to Spiegel in 2013 in a conversation that was documented in the investigation files. In response to the reply that this is dangerous, B is said to have written in the chat: “Oh, if the evidence is destroyed after that.”

By the way, investigators found B. after one advice. B. is said to have boasted to an acquaintance on a beer-filled evening in Braunschweig in 2017 that he “knew all about Madeleine”. He also showed his alcoholic comrades mobile phone pictures of the sexual assault of a woman – and then an acquaintance reported it to the police.

The charges brought against B in the cases of rape and assault

According to Attorney General Walters, the responsible b Prepared: Initially because of three cases of rape of women and two cases of child abuse. There is now sufficient evidence to support these claims. In Madeleine’s case, Walters wants to take his time to gather more incriminating evidence for a murder trial. “The investigations will take some time,” the attorney general says.

Walters need not worry that B could get away with it in the course of a lengthy investigation. Alleged serial sex offender b. Currently on prisonwhich is threatened with further convictions, moreover, the charge of premeditated murder in Madeleine’s case is not subject to a statute of limitations under German law.

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