Meta releases new Metaverse avatars

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In development for a long time, it’s finally coming out: new incarnations of the Metaverse Metaverse.

Meta VR has seen many avatars come and go. The first generation dates back to 2016 and the last one was launched in 2019.

Since spring 2021, Meta has been testing a new generation of avatars in its own social apps Oculus Venues and Horizon Worlds as well as with select VR studios.

now fell Official starting signalWhich means that all Unity developers can now create new avatars in their VR apps, whether for the Oculus Store or the App Lab. It is compatible with Quest, Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality devices.

quintillion group

Since spring, Meta has modified avatars, making them more realistic and Expand customization options. Particular attention was paid to diversity. After all, as many users as possible should be able to create a representative surrogate persona. Currently, according to the Meta, there is a quintillion possible combination of clothes and physical attributes.

scary avatar with glasses

The old Oculus avatars looked less comedy-like, but they were more sinister. | Photo: dead

With the official launch of “Meta Avatars” (previous generations were still called “Oculus Avatars”), virtual characters should be appearing in more and more VR games, especially those with a multiplayer mode. Because the implementation has a number of advantages for developers.

On the other hand, VR studios are saving themselves from developing their own avatar system. On the other hand, the new avatars are built for the Meta VR platform and use hand and controller tracking as well as microphone input for real-time recording. Facial expressions that are as believable as possible To make or to invent. Artificial intelligence algorithms help interpret data.


The future of Avatar Metas

With Meta’s upcoming VR goggles, which are being developed under the codename Cambria, AI should be less of an invention. Finally, the device supports eye and face tracking for particularly expressive avatars. Cambria will be released in 2022.

Metas avatars are still a thing of the future. Realistic alter ego is Mark Zuckerberg’s ultimate goal and will be one day Vibrant remote presence With virtual and augmented reality glasses. The video below shows an avatar in action.

The production of such avatars at the moment is quite complicated: users have to go to a special photo studio and make a 3D scan of them. In the future, smartphone images and AI magic should be enough to create deceptively real human images for the Metaverse.

More information about descriptive avatars can be found in the official documentation.

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