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Spotify, the world’s leading music streaming provider, offers its own Spotify island in the Metaverse. In collaboration with Roblox, the expert on Web3 and Metaversum, the fusion of the game, the digital world, and reality is carried out. Not only will there be a lot of music on Spotify Island, but there will also be interactions with artists, musicians, and more.

When it comes to music and audiobooks, Spotify has been one of the industry leaders for years. Founded in Stockholm in 2006, the company is an audio broadcasting service. At first it was music that primarily set Spotify apart, but this has changed over time.

Today you can also find audiobooks and various podcasts on the online service. To put it concretely, users can now choose from around 82 million music titles and four million podcasts. Spotify is now available in more than 237 countries with its offer. This is also reflected in sales and user numbers.

It generates around 9.6 billion euros annually and has more than 422 million active users. Spotify is not only available online in the classic way. As the Swedish company recently announced, it has partnered with Roblox.

He has now also taken a step into the Metaverse. The partnership with Roblox is unusual at first glance. Roblox does business with a completely different company than Spotify. Roblox is a gaming and game development platform. But the message as a whole is a sensation, it’s a world first in the Metaverse.

Roblox Metaverse
Roblox Metaverse

Roblox and Spotify – An extraordinary collaboration that makes sense

The collaboration between Roblox and Spotify may seem unusual. But if you take a closer look at Roblox, it makes sense. Roblox is already very active in the Metaverse and has its own currency. Users can use their own currency called “Ingame” to purchase individual services and items.

In general, however, Roblox is free to use. Roblox is very popular among youngsters. About 50 percent of the players are under the age of 13. In total, about 50 million players use Roblox every day. Roblox is not new to the market. The company has been active in online games since 2006. The company is on a growth trajectory.

In 2021 alone, Roblox managed to increase its sales by 108%, which is equivalent to $1.9 billion. Especially for Spotify, Roblox’s decision was supposed to be easy. And not only because of the very large number of users of 50 million players, but also because of their own currency. Both make getting into the Metaverse a lot easier, as you don’t have to worry about points like currency.

Login to Metaverse

Ultimately, this not only saves development time but also costs when entering the Metaverse market. But the collaboration now identified should also be useful for Roblox.

You don’t just have a known partner by your side here. You can also offer significantly more to your users. Finally, Spotify, with over 400 million users, has great potential for new players to Roblox. Spotify is now solidifying its position as an industry leader with its move to the Metaverse.

Spotify is now the first music streaming provider to make its way to the Metaverse. With this, Spotify is now also the industry leader in the virtual world of the Metaverse and can set the standard for competition. This is also the sensation already mentioned.

Through this interactive world, we create a place where fans can connect and create new sounds together, hang out in digital spaces, and access exclusive virtual products. Spotify Island is an audio oasis that has it all.

Company spokesperson


Metaverse – What is it actually?

Simply put, the Metaverse is a vision of a shared online world, merging the virtual world with augmented reality, cyberspace, and the physical world. In this shared digital space, there are no boundaries between the virtual and the real, everything fuses together.

Users of the metaverse create a digital identity (avatar) and thus navigate a shared virtual world. It is played in this world, but also traded, bought and sold. For example, “players” avatars in the Gaming Metaverse create digital items that are also sold there. They are paid in cryptocurrency, which can eventually be converted into real money.

This is how Spotify wants to represent it in the Metaverse

According to Spotify, there should be a “Spotify Island” in the Roblox metaverse. Once you play Roblox, users can go to Spotify Island. Spotify’s island should not only be the main island, but there should also be the so-called featured islands.

So the main island has the function of a gate. Whether it is the main island or themed, users should be able to listen to music by artists of their choice in the interactive room, but interactions and small tasks should also be possible. Spotify Island should also serve as a place to stay and a meeting point.

Spotify doesn’t just want to take advantage of entering the Metaverse. A portion of the income generated by Spotify in the Metaverse will be given directly to the respective artists in the future. Spotify does not provide any additional information about the extent to which this will be the case.

They want to start in 2022

Spotify Island will be available on Roblox in 2022. The themed island should be available little by little. This Spotify is talking about the next few years. It is not yet known what kind of island they are distinguished and in what number they should come. With Spotify, it will also be very important how you accept the offer in the Metaverse.

The better, the faster to count on further development in terms of growth. Given the conditions of working with Roblox, the chances of success are excellent. What users will eventually find will also be critical to success. If you can also find exclusive content on themed islands, you can stand out clearly here and ensure a high level of attractiveness.

Growth is not ruled out

The Roblox Metaverse, and now also the Spotify Metaverse, is based on the blockchain. Users can create worlds, but also games. And when it comes to growth, you don’t just see opportunities in terms of user numbers. But also, for example, in the field of NFTs. Especially now with Spotify, trading and buying NFTs from musicians can be an option.

Even if this isn’t a big topic in Roblox at the moment, they are open to it. The theme isn’t entirely foreign to Roblox either, as there are actually quite a few in-game items on display today. And prices, as they are sometimes traded, have it all. It is not uncommon for you to get up to 70 thousand US dollars. He will certainly not miss this development and the NFT market associated with it.

This is not only related to attractiveness, but also to more sales that can be made. More growth in Roblox and Spotify seems to be expected. It is now exciting for users to see what Spotify Island will look like and what theme worlds are to come.

Summary on Spotify Island

Metaversum offers unprecedented new opportunities and new development opportunities, especially for companies operating in the entertainment and media industries. Enter the fictional digital world and interact with the musicians and actors themselves, and play a role in new films. The merging of games, movies, and reality doesn’t just inspire gamers and tech geeks.

Disney Mickey & Friends NFT . Collection
Disney Mickey & Friends NFT . Collection

Many companies have already realized this and have added their own worlds to the metaverse. Next is the Disney group, which has been dealing extensively with the Metaverse for a long time. And when Disney plans a new big project, expect something groundbreaking. Disney digital film productions are pre-selected to connect with metaverses, as they are already placed in the digital world and allow them to blend in with reality.

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