No spelling: ARD ‘Fact Finder’ Ginseng will move to FC St. Pauli

Just a few days ago I wrote about the resounding slap in the face by ARD “Fact Finder” Patrick Jensing, president of his lawsuit against me in court. His attempt to undermine free speech and his criticism through copyright law, using methods that remind me of the Wild West, went wrong. The major German media were collectively silent about Ginseng’s defeat. Although it has meaning for almost all social network users apart from the individual case and it is good news for them. But what does not fit the ideology is apparently concealed. This has something of an omerta – collective silence.

When a colleague wrote to me today that Gensing was leaving ARD and going to FC St. Pauli, I initially thought it was a bad joke. So I read the following headline in the Hamburger Morgenpost: ‘ARD’ Faktenfinder: FC St. Pauli is a well-known political expert. “FC St. Pauli is looking for reinforcements in the sports field, but also in other important areas of the club. There is a very exciting and amazing commitment in the field of media and communication, as Kiezklub wants to position itself on a larger scale. According to MOPO information, St. Pauli has hired political journalist Patrick Ginseng. Defining the cycle.”

I had to laugh heartily. Will Ginseng reinterpret defeats into football club victories in the future, just as he rightly lied about reality through fact-checks in favor of his own ideology (see here, for example)?

Morgenpost continues: “From June, the 48-year-old will take over the position of Ann Koons (39), Head of Media and Communication at St. Pauli, on a temporary basis. After the season ends, Koons will take a year of parental leave and will then return to Its traditional club position.”

This seems strange. Giving up a fief with generous pensions at the expense of the fee-payer in favor of a temporary job at a second-tier club would be an economically shaky candidate? Does Gensing really go voluntarily? Or has he become a burden on his prison director, with his many faults – such as his previous interview declaring that the situation is more important to journalists than the facts.

Morgenpost writes about the man who, by his own admission, was “outside Antifa” in his youth and, according to his critics, never abandoned his left-wing extremism: “Gensing is an expert on the topics of politics, intolerance, fake news, disinformation, anti-Semitism, right-wing extremism and hate speech in social networks.” The ambiguity of these formulations clearly did not strike the ideologists in Morgenpost’s editorial team.

They also write: “Gensing, a fan of the left-wing punk rock band Feine Sahne Fischfilet, with years of anti-right commitment (including NPD-Blog and, is not only politically aligned with St. Pauli, He is also a Kiezklub fan and co-author of the NDR documentary “Mythos FC St. , known with words like these: “Die Bullenhelme – sie you must fly, you’ll put your stick in your face”

Gensing’s future at the club appears to be unclear – which makes voluntary departure from ARD seem unrealistic when you consider the formal and pension mentality that usually prevails in public pension funds with affiliate broadcasts such as ARD and ZDF. In any case, Morgenpost writes: “Even after taking the position of interim head of the media department, Gensing can continue to operate according to the information of MOPO.” Perhaps again as an inventor of facts.

I explicitly ask those who have a little of themselves to keep the little they have. I’m happiest to have the support of everyone who hasn’t been hurt!

Photo: Martin Kraft ( License: CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons Wikimedia

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