“Not the Father”: Nagelsmann between Ibiza and the future

It’s rare to find Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann in such a bad mood at press conferences. However, this date before the last home game of the season against Stuttgart (Sunday 8 May from 5:30pm on BR24 Sport live broadcast report) was one of those rare opportunities.

This was mainly due to two problems after the 3-1 defeat against Mainz the day before, which Bayern Munich worked on and, above all, people from outside the club. On the other hand, there was a trip to Ibiza, where a large part of the team took off shortly after the final whistle. On the other hand, the claim of competition misrepresentation put forth by Hertha coach Felix Magath in a media-effective manner.

Nagelsmann: ‘I’m not her father’

So it was no surprise that the first question of the day was about his players’ trip to Ibiza. Question Nagelsmann answered with an iron expression. Coach Hasan Salihamidzic has already explained everything relevant. But knowing full well that this is not a sufficient answer, he went out again: “As a coach, I have the responsibility for my team, the responsibility for everything sporting, training content, training planning, match preparation. This responsibility I was fair. I took two days off planning training, Nagelsmann explained. and carried out. “Our players are very old and responsible. If our players decide to travel there – as a very large group – they should do so. I am not their father.”

Nagelsmann praises his players: ‘Excellent performance shown’

After this statement, he paused briefly and appealed to the group: “We are invited to attend on other topics that are more relevant to me as well as football.” That ended the Ibiza case – the accusation of distorting the competition remained, which Nagelsmann categorically rejected, only because the game had no effect on the next season for either Mainz or Bayern Munich.

The Bayern coach also complained about his team’s evaluation after last weekend, saying: “The players have shown a remarkable performance in the tournament this year, with many goals, conceding a few goals and inspiring football, especially in the first half of the season. I will not allow me to talk about myself. Even if we played badly in Mainz.”

Nagelsmann mentally already next season

In front of Stuttgart, which is in the relegation battle, the team will look different. Not only to enable fair competition. “It’s our last home game of the season against a full house where we get the cup. And we want to do that with a win.” In addition, Nagelsmann is already thinking about next season, as this game is also a kind of preparation: “The responsibility we have is to ourselves. We also wanted to use the last few weeks to train some training content. We will then for the season a little preparation. Two weeks and then It starts with the Supercup and then hopefully until May next year.”

No “cure” for Sulli

It is also because of this outlook that it is likely that Niklas Sule, who will wear the Borussia Dortmund shirt next season, will not play for long minutes in the red dress. “There comes a point where you don’t have to bet a player is leaving you. We did it against Mainz to give him a bonus, to say thank you for a job well done,” said Nagelsmann. That Süle no longer receives such “rewards” from Nagelsmann “other than his father”.

Treaties of Lewandowski, Gnabri and Tolisso

While the centre-back is already certain of his sporting future, there is still a lot of work to be done in terms of planning for the team at Säbenerstraße. On the one hand, there is Robert Lewandowski, whose contract extension and whereabouts remain unclear. At least there were talks between the two parties during the week, of which Nagelsmann was only initially reported: “I asked if it was a good conversation—that’s it. Prazo has to say everything else. You need a little patience. But a little patience,” Nagelsmann said. “This is one of my greatest strengths.”

There are also tough contract negotiations with Serge Gnabry, who Nagelsmann values ​​as a “person” and would be very happy to extend it. One can at least see a good sign that Gnabry is, according to his coach, “one of the most visible exercises in training.”

With Corentin Tolisso, Nagelsmann’s comments largely sounded like a farewell: “He always wants to win, he has very good technique. However, vulnerability is an issue. The statistics of the last few years are always very identical. It is always important to think about how useful it is when The player has to deal with muscle injuries again and again. We will see what the future brings.”

Good mood returns

The championship trophy will be handed over to Bayern Munich on Sunday. As Thomas Muller, who recently extended his contract, experiences this award in person for the eleventh time, it is a first for Nagelsmann: “I look forward to seeing the bowl up close and holding it in my hand. I suppose Manu will give me that at some point and he won’t run away from me. I hope I will be able to Lift it up, maybe I’ll do some other stability exercises,” said Bayern coach and there was at the latest the usual good mood again.

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