Police continue investigations after Duisburg shooting

After the Duisburg shooting
Police continue investigations after Duisburg shooting

After the Duisburg shooting with four wounded, the fifteen people initially arrested were released again. The murder commission’s investigation into the bloody confrontation is still ongoing.

After shootings with four wounded in Duisburg, the 15 suspects were released again, and there was no further escalation or continuation of the conflict Friday night. A spokesperson for the attorney general said the people who were temporarily detained were released on Thursday evening after the police looked into them.

According to current information, the shots fired at the Altmarkt in the Hamborn district of Duisburg can be traced back to the escalating conflict between the Hells Angels Rock group and a Turkic-Arab clan. Up to 100 people from both camps are said to have taken part in the conflict. A 15-member murder commission and prosecutors with experience in dealing with clan crimes are examining the background to the bloody standoff that took place on Wednesday evening, in which two were seriously injured and two lightly wounded.

North Rhine-Westphalia’s Interior Minister Herbert Ruhl and Duisburg police chief Alexander Dierselhuis spoke of a “shooting” or “shootout” the day after more than 30 shots were fired. According to the police, they managed to secure 19 cartridge cases. It is not yet clear who shot who and for what reason. A police spokeswoman told dpa on Friday that several tracks are being evaluated and an attempt is being made to understand shooting angles and the like. The night passed without any new incidents. No further arrests have taken place so far.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office was unable to confirm or deny whether initial interrogations confirmed concerns that the people in custody were not particularly cooperative and unwilling to speak. “We can’t say anything about that at this time,” a spokesperson for the attorney general’s office said. According to the police chief of Duisburg, since the video material is of good quality, there are certainly “other investigation methods, even without testimonies”.

Chief Prosecutor Kristina Weiner confirmed that prosecutors who specialize in rock and clan crimes have been assigned to look into the case. Perpetrators should not feel safe. We pursue criminal offenses vigorously and with everything the rule of law can muster.”

Mayor Soren Link, who was born in the Duisburg-Hamborn region, said he was “shocked and sad”. “Here, clashes broke out in the middle of the rock and clan environment in the open street, and the uninvolved people were put in mortal danger. The whole district is terrifying,” said the politician from the SPD. Crimes should be explained down to the smallest detail and should not be repeated.

Prime Minister Hendrik Fuest (CDU) announced the continuation of the fight against clan crime. Although the word also raises stigma concerns for some people, he said Friday in WDR 5 “Morgenecho.” “However, you have to call a spade a spade and fight clan crimes.” Reul has “brought a lot forward” in the field of homeland security in recent years, NRW becoming “objectively safer,” says Wüst, “However, you can see that in case there’s still a lot to do and you have to keep going.”

Here is the photo gallery: Four injured after shooting in Duisburg-Hamborn


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