Schleswig-Holstein: Daniel Gunther – the CDU’s future man?

Daniel Gunther can lead the CDU into the future. He already has the state election in Schleswig-Holstein in the bag. If Hendrik Wüst loses in the NRW, Günther will be free to climb to the top.

Eckernford’s election campaign isn’t about big campaigns Policy, It’s about the little things that are just as important. “You are definitely a special patient,” said a potential voter for the CDU’s top candidate and initially did not want to admit the truth. “No, I’m a legal believer,” Daniel Gunther says, and he has to repeat it again in his hometown pedestrian zone. After all, couldn’t it be true that someone from the top had joined the Solidarity Society of those with health insurance and didn’t want any special treatment?

That’s right, and the anecdote is a good example of why the 48-year-old prime minister is so popular in his state of Schleswig-Holstein he is certain to win state elections there next Sunday. Gunther is the personification of closeness to people. A person who sticks to his word in federal and state.

Since 2017, Günther has been in charge of the fortunes of the northernmost federal state with nearly three million people greeting each other with “a certain” at any time of the day. A year ago, the CDU was still on the ground, and under Gunther it became the strongest force again with 32 percent of the vote. Since then, the Christian Democrat has been part of Jamaica’s alliance with the Greens and FDP We can look forward to Sunday’s elections in a relaxed manner. Opinion research institutes currently expect between 36 and 38 percent. There could be quite a few votes, it is not excluded that Gunther will achieve a similar victory as he did SPD in Saarland, which won 43.5 percent of the state election there a few weeks ago.

Daniel Gunther can choose the government

An absolute majority is unlikely to occur as in the state parliament of Saarbrücken in Kiel, as many other parties would jump over the five per cent hurdle to make it happen. But Daniel Gunther is in a comfortable position to choose his partners in government. A sequel to Jamaica would not be unwelcome. But it is also likely that the Greens will fall by the wayside and the Blacks and Yellows will continue without them, if necessary with the support of the Southern Schleswig Electors Association. Liberals are looking for a stable 9%, and SSW can count on 5%. The SPD should not play along the same lines, even if it gets 20 percent with its top candidate, Thomas Los Muller. The Green Party has 17 percent. The left may not make it to the state parliament, but the AfD hardly will.

Schleswig-Holstein Prime Minister Daniel Gunther speaks at a press conference in Kiel Landshus.

Photo: Marcus Brandt, dpa

In distant Berlin, the party leader notices Friedrich Merz Development with satisfaction, because on the fifteenth of May a state parliament will be elected in North Rhine-Westphalia and there between CDU And a straight point SPD on the button. A CDU victory in Schleswig-Holstein could give top NRW candidate Hendrik West the still-needed tailwind. The new wind coming from the north would help Merz and the entire CDU, which was a bit stuck after a good start in the opponent. Ironically, Myers owes this to Merkley of all people.

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Gunther is credited with the liberal wing of the CDU party. Angela Merkel, as party leader and chancellor, could count on his support, but Merz could not. Sauerland made three attempts to become president of the CDU – in none of which Günther supported him. After being raised as a candidate for chancellor by Markus Söder, president of the Bavarian State University, the Kiel native immediately asked him to resign. And since against the backdrop of the Ukraine war, the question arises of who is responsible in politics for the close proximity to Russia: perhaps Gunther is not. Early on, he did not believe in the demands of East German leaders to ease or even lift sanctions against Russia. It was enacted for good reason, as he pointed out and pointed out—particularly notably to the CDU man—that one should not only look at economics on such a subject.

Daniel Gunther could replace Friedrich Merz

Even if Gunther appears humble and humble, he is not the gentle neighbor dam master. On the other hand, he says it’s not helpful in politics to “shout”. On the other hand, he repeatedly emphasized his claim to power. At times he seems a little absent-minded, but his low German accent gives the impression of a bit of laziness. Many have misjudged him for this, but it is known from meetings of the Party Leadership Committee, for example, that the Catholic is tough as nails when it comes to him.

His name had already been circulated previously to Union Freestyle for K.’s question. Gunther let it go, knowing that his time had not yet come. The married father of one daughter is a passionate long-distance runner (his favorite methods are on his website) and has plenty of strength to stay. He knows that the younger ones are wanted in the CDU and that Frederick Merz, now 66, is unlikely to be the frontrunner. If Wüst loses the NRW election, Günther will be the man of the future.

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