Sibiu Soko talks about Schalke-RWE-Bochum match and his future

Sibiu Socco host Schalke 04 with FC Sandhausen on Friday evening, and RS have spoken with the Bochum native beforehand.

Almost synchronous with the rise of a file SV Sandhausen In the second half of the season, the curve begins Sibiu Soko. The Bochum-born 29-year-old struggled with initial difficulties following his move last summer. But in the second half of the season, he matured into Alois Schwartz’s top performer.

If Soko is fit, he’s also a starting eleven from third in the second half of the table. Ahead of the duel against Schalke 04 on Friday, we spoke to the striker about the match, and Sandhausen’s role as a scare to the two favorites and his former clubs Bochum and RWE.

There is nothing better than playing in a crowded house where the whole stadium is noisy. It’s always great fun and creates more excitement.

Sibiu Soko in a scene on Friday

Sibiu Soko, after a poor first half of the season, Sandhausen finished third in the second half of the table and lost only two of their last 16 matches. How do you explain this boom?

I think we had to find each other at the start of the season. Then we slipped into a negative spiral where many things didn’t work out. Almost every target we received broke our necks. It’s different now, the whole league now knows it’s hard to score against us. We defend with all our might, and that makes us very strong.

In the second half of the season I got points from all the top teams. How fun is the excitement of promoting favorites?

Of course there is a lot of fun. Basically, we want to win every game. When the big teams come in, it’s even more difficult and the entire league expects the favorite to win. It feels even better when you prepare well for the game and take something with you at the end.

Next is Schalke. What will be important in the game to continue this run?

We have to show again what made us strong in recent months. We shouldn’t start thinking that we’re suddenly on a par with the top players just because we’re third in the second-half table. We have to make the game sick, so a lot of it is about mentality. And we want to radiate our risk again by the standards.

Soko’s career in numbers

Rot Weiss Essen: 67 games, 19 goals / 8 assists

Erzgebirge Aue: 62 games, 8 goals / 10 assists

Armenia Bielefeld: 47 games, 7 goals / 5 assists

Hansa Rostock: 37 games, 15 goals / 7 assists

SV Sandhausen: 28 games, 4 goals / 5 assists

VfL Bochum II: 11 games, no goals / assists

Benin: 17 caps – 2 goals

Everything is still at stake for Schalke 04, it is now almost certain that SVS will remain in the league and can participate in the last few matches in peace. So will S04 have an easier time than the teams that had to play against you before?

Nor any way! Mathematically speaking, we’re clearly not done yet – despite our strong second half of the season.

On Friday, the stadium will be more crowded than usual, and around 10,000 Schalke fans are expected in the city. Are you looking forward to this wallpaper?

In any case. There is nothing better than playing in a crowded house where the whole stadium is noisy. It’s always great fun and creates more excitement.

How do you rate Schalke’s season and what do you think who will finish first to third?

It hasn’t been as exciting this season for a long time. I think Schalke also needed some time at the start of the season to get used to the second division with a new squad. Now they bring their quality to the field and have a guaranteed goal. I think at the end of the season the table will be the same as it is now.

After a mixed start, she has become more important to the team and has played in recent months. How do you rate your personal performance this season?

I needed a little bit and didn’t put my performance on the field at first. I now feel very comfortable here. I think I made a good contribution – for example with some important goals. It’s a decent season for me. But I never feel satisfied, especially when you look at what we’re at the table with.

I think everyone wants to play professionally in their hometown. At my age and after the season is over, I think Bochum has other players on their list.

Sibiu Soko talks about a possible return to Bochum in FL

Your former club, RWE, must tremble in the regional league in order to advance. Follow the Essen season – and if so, who will win the race in the end?

Of course, I always keep an eye on my previous clubs. I spent some time there, as well as being close to my hometown (Bochum, editor). I hope Essen catches two points behind Münster and finally settles the rankings.

As a Bochum native and former player, how do you see the season at FC Bochum? Can you imagine a comeback?

I am positively surprised by what VfL has celebrated this season. I don’t think anyone thinks the club can do that. It has now been clear for a long time that Bochum will likely have nothing to do with relegation – a great respect for that. Back: That’s a tough question. I think everyone wants to play professionally in their hometown. At my age and after the Bochum season, I think they have other players on their list.

What is your plan for after the summer: will you stay safe in Sandhausen or are you open to a new challenge?

I feel good here and I have settled in really well, as well as in the team. It is important that we keep the team together for the new season as much as possible so that we can build on the performance of the second half of the season. I signed a contract here for over a season. So it is clear to me that I will stay.

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