Summer Vacation Offer in Solingen 2022: Vacation pass with 300 promotions

Summer vacation offer in Solingen
Freene presale begins

The organizers offer around 300 fun activities in the summer for children and youth. Scroll sales begin on Monday. For the first time since 2019, there will be a kickoff party.

“Find Friends, Keep Peace and Enjoy Freedom” is what the organizers want this year’s Freene Card participants to do. The Catholic Youth Agency (KJA) Wuppertal and the German Catholic Youth Association (BDKJ) Solingen and Remscheid have once again organized a wide range of activities for children and young people aged 6-18, so that they can be the summer holidays. combined without having to travel far to create the experience.

KJA Managing Director Felicitas Marks describes the program as “comprehensive, integrated and imaginative”. This provides a particularly large number of “daily activities”. In addition to the classic excursions – whether it’s to the Keteller Hof, Cologne Cathedral, or the area’s zoos – there are also events like “Not Packed – Waste Savings Explained” or “Make Yourself Natural Cosmetics!”

Young people can implement their own ideas in the new element of the program: “Take your camera and shoot your own movie,” which begins right at the start of the holiday on June 27. One of the more traditional shows is “OASE for Kids” for two weeks. On the site of the former hostel Gräfrather, which today belongs to the confectionery school, a very special town is being created for children in the third and fourth week of vacation, the inhabitants of which organize themselves, down to their own currency and various professions. This year they should do so again as freely as possible, after the participants were divided into small groups due to the Corona case.

The facilitation in social life is already evident when the registration for the holiday card begins: because for the first time since 2019, the organizers are planning a real kick-off party for families: it should start on Sunday, May 8, between 1 pm. 6 p.m. – as it was before Corona – on the grounds of the Catholic Church in St. Engelbert at Sandstraße 20, which has established itself as a youth site. From then on, kids can sign up for the activities they want.

About 1,500 holiday cards will go on sale next Monday, April 4. The program thus begins for the first time with a service in St. Clemens on Saturday, June 25th at 6.30pm – the blessing of the holiday season.

According to Felicitas Marks, project manager Daniel Hermans and colleagues put “ordinary (fun) holidays into extraordinary times.” This is again made possible by a wide range of support: in addition to the city and the Diocese of Cologne with grants, donors and sponsors also help with funding. Stadt-Sparkasse Solingen is one of the longest-standing sponsors: “Especially in times of pandemic, shows like this are more important than ever,” says press spokesperson Martin Edelberger. Many children suffered from protective measures, and important social contacts were often missing.

Organizers are also working closely with social welfare organizations to give children from socially disadvantaged families – not least those with a refugee background – access to the show. Last but not least, an individual always depends on the help of about 50 to 70 volunteers, Hermans says — and on service providers who take care of logistics and catering. “During the Corona period, we also lost partners,” he says. Now one is on the right track to find new ones – but still grateful for helping hands.

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