Sustainability is part of your horoscope for these zodiac signs

Eat vegan, avoid flights, buy produce without packaging – there’s a lot we can do to protect the climate. More and more people are realizing that if we want to save the planet as we know it, we must make a difference. Some Zodiac is sustainability specifically important.

According to the zodiac sign: Are climate protection and sustainability your topic?

Sustainable Living – That’s Why It’s So Important

Climate researchers and environmental experts have been warning for years Irreversible damage from carbon dioxide emissions and associated global warming. Chain reactions These catalysts are changing our planet. Species extinction, extreme weather conditions with heavy rainfall on the one hand and ecological drought on the other, tropical cyclones and a retreat in Arctic sea ice cause for concern.

The working groups of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) met only in February and, in their current status report, present the direct relationship between the increasing Global warming and many changes in the climate system here. Irreversible changes in a few years.

Is the damage we have done irreversible? The IPCC refers to the German Climate Services Center (GERICS) for more information:

Professor Hans Otto Porttner, a marine biologist at the Alfred Wegener Institute and co-chair of Working Group II, said at a press conference that the current IPCC report shows,How much has the world already changed because of climate change However Catastrophic climate risks that we must reckon with for the future“.

Inspiration: sustainable towers

Earthly: Capricorn and Virgo

As earthly elements, the zodiac signs Capricorn and Virgo are naturally associated with the earth and living things. Above all, Capricorn is ready for itself Subject to strict rules To make his contribution. No other sign so frugal and Can practice well in giving up Why don’t you eat meat, too?

typical for them Virgo: She puts herself at the service of a (great) cause.. With her clear mind, Virgo quickly realized that something had to be done. since i started Environmental toxins and the wrong diet are more sensitive than othersIn any case, it is advisable to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

Climate Activist: Greta Thunberg is Capricorn and has Uranus in her sign (Aquarius). picture: imago pictures [M]

Innovative ideas for the future: Aquarius and the sign of the ruler Uranus

One of the most well-known people currently committed to sustainability and climate protection is Climate activist Greta Thunberg. Her sun sign is Capricorn. There is another notable factor in her horoscope: Uranus in its own sign (Aquarius) And he can apply his principles well here.

In astrology, the planet is considered chain cutter. who – which Aquarius mending old traditions And they would like to bring something new into the world in the spirit of freedom. Since it is a trans-personal planet, it is not only interpreted personally, but also represents that A case for an entire generation.

They are of the generation with Uranus in Aquarius Expect radical social unrest. Greta Thunberg is a good example of the people who work in this planetary constellation Finding new ways to live sustainablyBecause things cannot go on as they were before.

Aquarius is also an atmospheric element that is good at communicating. The tower is Future-oriented and wondering what social changes It can improve the situation. looking for Innovative ideas for a sustainable lifestyle He leads by example.

Environmental Sensitivity: Pisces and Cancer

water elements Cancer and Pisces are famous for their sympathy. They have a very emotional attachment to their environment – be it humans, animals or plants. They quickly perceive dissonance and suffer as a result.

The Clearing rainforests or exploiting animals in factory farming It feels almost like physical pain. Her strong feelings force her to confront these issues. This often leads to the awareness that they have a file A sustainable lifestyle is beneficial to you in all respects.

Bottom line: Every Zodiac Sign Can Help You Live Sustainable

Fish in particular are very useful and often sit down Volunteer to protect the environment a. but only because Sustainability is easier for some zodiac signsBecause they already align with their astrological principle in terms of design, it doesn’t mean that others are excused.

We should You don’t have a special zodiac sign to live a sustainable life Or engage in climate protection. Every individual is required if we are to preserve this planet, its biodiversity, and our lives as we know it. Each zodiac sign can do this in their own way contribute.

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