Telekom with a new Metaverse experience: Beatland invites users

Telekom has prepared another Metaverse experience. Beatland presents itself as a virtual world equipped with a club, cinema, avatar store and record store. Players should also be entertained with interactive game events. But what exactly can you expect from the virtual experience?

According to the German telecom, it is the first in the world to offer the Metaverse experience on Roblox. Just building a virtual space will hardly take advantage of the capabilities of current technology. To attract users to the Beatlands and celebrate the opening, Telekom has prepared a few things. On the other hand, DJ Boris Brejcha is supposed to end the call as an avatar in the virtual club from April 22-24. In addition to the club, users can discover a record store and watch animated short films in the virtual cinema. This animation art is said to include works by Jack Sacks, Heine Kim, and Alexandra Bokova, among others.

Beatlands would like users to be actively involved in what is happening. In addition to playing, dancing or working, this should also take the form of role-playing games and mini-games. For example, in mini-games, the avatar can go through various nightlife functions within the world, which include record store managers, promoters or club bouncers. Clothes matching avatars as well as other digital items, called Verch, can be purchased at a record store or at a Telekom store. Payment is made with Beat Coins, a form of virtual currency that players can earn through missions in the Beatlands. The company would like to directly invest the proceeds that Telekom earns from Beatlands in expanding the Beatland experience.

Petlands – first impression

We had the opportunity to visit the Beatlands even before the official launch of Roblox. Telekom’s Metaverse experiment occurs on a manageable map size at first. All important main buildings in the game world, club, cinema, record store and avatar store can be accessed via the main plaza. The first thing that catches the eye is the big countdown that Telekom is counting down to a DJ performance in the Metaverse. Navigating the world works seamlessly as long as you have a reasonably powerful computer or at least a mid-range smartphone. Problems can still arise when the server is too busy, but pure hardware performance doesn’t require a game tower.

In general, the game world is quite detailed. Various graffiti graphics can be found everywhere on the walls, there are information signs and writings as well as some NPCs. The first mission that players are allowed to start when entering Beatlands is a hidden object game. The area is great to explore for letters of the word “Beatland”. The nice thing is that the world doesn’t seem cut off, instead there are roadblocks and fences where players can’t go further. With Telekom having a potential expansion of the Beatland metaverse in mind, it was already possible to plan these paths tactically as connecting elements.

Beat coins and in-game jobs

Various Beat Coins are hidden throughout the game world for players to collect. A little brains and patience are required here and there. For example, you can jump over small jumping areas on constructions to collect coins there. The small mini-games in the game world are very well designed, but still not fully functional. Playing in Beatlands is fun, but with the features unlocked so far, it quickly becomes monotonous. To prevent this, Telekom appears to have planned several daily missions. After completing the search for letters, a countdown begins, which begins the next day for another task. However, it is not yet possible to determine what form these tasks will take. So far, Beatlands can be seen as a nice gimmick with potential. However, the possibility of securing and retaining interest in the long term will depend greatly on the planned events and business opportunities for the players.

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