Ten trip ideas for vacations at home


February 15, 2022 – 10:40 am hour

by Svenja Hoffmann

holidays at home? We say: Why not! Because there is also a lot to experience here. But when it comes down to it, you usually can’t think of anything suitable. Do you know that too? We’ve created a trip guide for this exact case: ten exciting ideas that definitely won’t get you bored – indoors and out!

Indoor: Five Bad Weather Ideas

Who does not know the saying “there is no bad weather, there is only bad clothing”? This may be true, but let’s be honest: Who likes to be outside when it’s raining and cold? All the best is that there is also plenty to experience inside.

Five ideas for a rainy holiday:

  1. Swimming pools – work or relax in cold water: Germany has a lot to offer when it comes to swimming pools. In addition to the rather simple pools, there are a large number of thermal and adventure pools. Especially in the latter case, everyone really gets their money’s worth. For the little ones, there are usually children’s pools with special attractions and separate slides. There are fast-paced sliding parks for the older. And while the kids are having fun, parents can relax in the jacuzzi. advice: Some pools also have a hotel – entry to the pool is often free for overnight stays. You can even take a short vacation here.
  2. Jumping parks or indoor playgrounds – stressful energy for young and old: Even when the weather is bad, you just want to get out of your four walls with your kids. And even the greatest toy can no longer impress the little ones over time. Good that there are indoor playgrounds. Here children can relax in huge halls and have fun together. From bouncy castles to mini cars, everything is included. And for parents there are seating areas where they can chat over a cup of coffee. Are the children a little older? Then a day at Jump Park might be just the thing for you. Jumping parks are huge trampoline halls where you can not only have a lot of fun. Here you do something for your fitness.
  3. Adventure Museums – fun and knowledge in one: Whether visiting the aquarium or planetarium. While a visit to a classic museum is usually – yawning – too boring for kids, a visit to an interactive museum makes kids’ eyes light up. People don’t just watch here. No, because here you can usually help out and test for yourself. Not only is it exciting, but you learn a lot here as well.
  4. Mini Golf 3D – Goggles that work in and out: When you think of mini golf, you probably first think of it as an outdoor activity. But not with 3D mini golf. Because it takes place in a covered hall. 3D glasses are included with the paddle and ball, otherwise the effect with which the walls are painted does not come alone. The tracks themselves also confuse players due to the special effect – this makes the game especially exciting.
  5. Escape rooms – team up against time: A few years ago it became more common and now you can find it in almost every city: escape rooms. As a team, you work your way through a variety of puzzles and have to solve a challenging case. But beware: you are working against the clock. advice: If there is no escape room in your area – there are now many board games that work in a similar way.

Reading tip: Fun for young and old: board games for the whole family

Outdoors: Five Ideas for Good Weather

When the weather is at its best, there isn’t much to keep you indoors. But every day to a bathing lake? It can also get boring over time. We’ve got some ideas to add variety to vacation planning.

Five ideas for a summer vacation:

  1. Hiking the Alpaca – On the Go with a Fluffy Companion: Alpacas are not funny to watch when they appear in videos on the Internet. Walking through nature with them is much more fun.
  2. Adventure Farms – pure nature for the whole family: In the meantime, they have developed into a real trend – adventure farms. Fit for every season, it attracts visitors with attractions such as the pumpkin pyramids. There is a lot for kids to discover here. Parents can relax in the patio café with coffee and cake. Fresh groceries to cook together at home can also be purchased directly at the neighboring farm shop.
  3. Summer toboggan run – skating fun even in warm temperatures: Skiing is only possible in winter? Scheduled! Even with the sunshine and warm temperatures, you don’t have to do without an adrenaline rush. Because summer toboggan runs offer the fun of skiing off the slopes. But you don’t have to do without snow and cold here either: after disembarking, you can finish the trip with ice cream!
  4. Climbing adrenaline parks and fun at dizzy heights: Height is not for everyone. But for those who don’t have a problem with it, climbing parks is just the thing. In mega high ropes courses, you can overtake yourself as you swing over individual obstacles. And when everyone has exhausted themselves, you can then strengthen yourself by taking a walk together.
  5. Wildlife Container – Visit the animals in a different way: Anyone can go to the zoo. For a change, how about a trip to a zoo or game reserve. Some animals roam here for free and you can get close to them a lot. Since most of the enclosures of this type are located in the middle of the forest, this visit can be combined with a walk. Even better: a visit to the game reserve doesn’t even cost you admission.

And the best thing about all of these cruise destinations: most offer discounted admission for children, schoolchildren and students. Nothing stands in the way of exciting vacations at home!

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