The Cultural Camp is planning a holiday camp for kids in 2022

Art and Music at Camp Linfort
Kultur-Camp planning holiday camp in 2022

The new club at Camp Linfort has set itself a number of projects for 2022. He is drawing a positive balance in his first year.

“A lot has happened. And we still have a lot of plans.” This is how Frank Reinert describes the situation with life at the Kultur-Camp Association. A year ago, musician and image artist from Kamp-Lintfort founded this association with art and music lover Rainer Henke, and its motto was: “Just do it”. They seem to have struck a chord with this, especially since no other university dormitory association has taken up the cause of organizing regional cultural events to bring people together through art and culture.

    The Makers: Frank Reinert and Rainer Henk bring Culture Camp 2021 to life.

The Makers: Frank Reinert and Rainer Henk bring Culture Camp 2021 to life.
Pictured: Norbert Bromen

Soon, artists and other art lovers gathered around the initiators. “People were added with each campaign,” says Rainer Henk. “The cultural camp now has 50 members, half artists, half art lovers as supporters.” Artists come from the region, many of them from the region of Krefeld and Kempen, for example the painter Sophie Voigt-Schedron or the photographer and painter Günther Heimbucher. “They are people who go well together,” Henke says. “Exchange with others is important to them.”

Among them are also some foreign artists. These include, for example, the singer Andrea Cantta from Düsseldorf, who gave the concert “Kali Jumbo” at the Schirrhof at the end of August, or the cartoonist Nina Boss from Oldenburg, the daughter of the late Kamp Linfurt artist Hans Bose. . Art aficionados and supporters include Maria and Elmar Welling, who built the Wellings Group of Hotels in Moers and Camp Linfort, or Rainer and Stephanie Winkendyk, who run Callisto Animal Park. Since September 2021, the cultural camp has moved into club rooms with an exhibition at Fördermaschinenhaus 1, which is located in front of a large winding tower in Friedrich-Heinrich-Allee and was used for the daily operations of the coal mine until 2012. This gallery is open every second and fourth Sunday of the month if you permit Covid rules so. When the first Christmas market opened in Zechenpark around the first and second comings, artists from Culture Camp displayed their work in the Lufre Ventilation Building. “In the new year we want to go around more places,” says Frank Reinert. “Schirrhof, for example, is an ideal space for concerts, exhibitions and events. However, in 2022, the association also wants to be present in several other rooms with art and music. These may be rooms outside Kamp-Lintfort.”

Around the Schirrhof, the Cultural Camp plans to set up a “holiday camp” during the Easter holidays, where the focus will be on South American or African music and arts, with a music workshop and a drawing workshop, a must for both children and youth this past week. Before the end of or after the summer break, which begins at the end of June 2022, the new club wants to invite everyone to a second “Kali Jumbo”. The new association is also planning a concert with Dutch rock musician Dominic van Holst, whose artist name is Do. “With the ‘Cultural Camp’ association, artists from the region are perceived differently and valued differently,” says Rainer Henk. “Visitors to exhibitions and concerts experience art and music.”

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