The saddest movies on Netflix: emotional, touching, touching

The saddest movies on Netflix are tear-jerking, heart-rending, and thought-provoking. Get off the napkins!

Whether they are sad or true events, with or without a happy ending – the selection of emotionally touching stories is almost endless. That’s why we’ve divided the saddest and saddest movies on Netflix into five categories for you, which ensure you leave no drying up while leaving something for everyone.

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Sad movies based on true events

Life can be as beautiful as real life can be, yet it can be incredibly sad and annoying at times. These Netflix movies provide proof of that:

“22. July”

In order to present his far-right views to the public, Anders Danielsen Lie carried out two attacks on July 22, 2011 in Oslo and on the nearby island of Utoya. In all, Brevik killed 77 people. Netflix movie “22. July “adapts to this dark chapter of Norway and not only recreates the gruesome act, but also focuses primarily on survivor Vilgar Hansen (Jonas Strand Gravely), who is trying with all his might to find his way to life and be tried against a terrorist for martyrdom.

22. July Stream on Netflix

Schindler’s List

Ambitious businessman Oskar Schindler (Liam Neeson) buys a factory with Jewish capital to produce World War II field tools. It employs about 1,100 Jews. When Schindler learns of the brutality of the Holocaust, he does everything in his power to save his workforce from the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Schindler’s List Streaming on Netflix

“The boy who caught the wind”

Unlike his father (Chiwetel Ejiofor), William (Maxwell Simba) is allowed to attend high school. There the boy could not only quench his thirst for knowledge, but also constantly collect new ideas. But as a result of the long dry season, the family’s money began to run out. Instead of doing homework, William now has to take care of his family. A clever invention could give an entire Malay village a fertile future – but William had to stand against his father for that.

You can watch The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind on Netflix

Sad love movies on Netflix

These love movies show that affairs of the heart don’t always end well.

“in between”

© Tina Rudin/Netflix

Scarred from the past, Tessa (Joey King) has sworn to love. But when Skyler (Kyle Allen) enters her life, the young woman manages to gain new courage. Even more tragic, Skyler’s accidental death tears Tessa’s heart in two. Looking for answers, she falls in love all over again with the idea of ​​Skylar from trying to contact her.

Ben on Netflix

“Note: I love you”

PS I Love You – Trailer

When her great love Jerry (Gerard Butler) succumbs to a brain tumor, 29-year-old Holly (Hilary Swank) has nothing left. But she did receive a letter from Jerry – one of 12 letters he wrote before his death. In each character, Holly is given a task that must show her the way back to life.

Find out what tasks Holly has to face on Netflix


Abby and Sam know they don’t have much time left. © Linda Calleros/Netflix

After a shocking diagnosis, Abby (Gugu Mbatha-Row) decides to find a new wife for her fiance Sam (Michelle Huisman) for the rest of her life. But is this really what Abe should strive for?

You can find the answer to the question on Netflix

“Like a day”

Ally (Rachel McAdams and Jenna Rowlands) and Noah (Ryan Gosling and James Garner) are inseparable from summer. Even though the Second World War rips the two souls apart, the two of them cannot forget each other. A happy coincidence that brings them together again in subsequent years. But soon Abby could no longer remember their history together.

Stream like a day on Netflix

We bring you more romantic movies with a heartbreak guarantee in this movie video Before:

Sad teen and old movies

These films depict the pitfalls and obstacles to growing up in a particularly beautiful but also sad way.

“All the perfect damn days”

Violet and Theodore unite above all dark feelings. © Walter Thompson

Violet (Elle Fanning) has been pulled over since her sister’s death. When she attempts suicide, a misfit Theodore (Judge Smith) saves her life. The two become closer, but then Theodore disappears more and more to keep his secret.

Find All the Perfect Days on Netflix

“My Girl – My First Love”

Thomas and Fada are good friends. © IMAGO / Everett Group

11-year-old Fada (Anna Klumsky) loves to spend her free time with her best friend Thomas (Maculai Culkin). While the boy secretly loves her, Vada has only eyes for her mentor, Mr. Bexler (Griffin Dunn). A tragic accident forces Vada to reconsider her complicated relationship with death.

My Girl: My First Love is now available on Netflix

“Monster! A monster?”

Is Steve the one everyone thinks? © Netflix

A star student from a sheltered house, Steve Harmon (Kelvin Harrison Jr)’s dream is to become a filmmaker. But when a young man is accused of a crime that led to death, the young man faces the partisan and subjective side of the legal system.

“Monster! Monsters?” on Netflix

“Today I am blond”

Above all, 21-year-old Sophie (Lisa Tomashowski) is full of life. With her sparkling eyes, she makes plans for the future, but a shocking diagnosis threatens to derail her. Without further ado, Sophie decided to fight the disease.

Watch “Today I’m Blonde” and shed tears

Sad movies with happy endings

These movies prove that life is a rollercoaster ride. Because despite their sadness, they leave the audience optimistic.

“The Pursuit of Happiness”

The Pursuit of Happiness – Introduction

When his wife Linda (Thandie Newton) leaves him, Chris (Will Smith) and his son Christopher (Jaden Smith) find themselves homeless. In order to give his son a carefree life, Chris battles through many setbacks and teaches Christopher honest lessons along the way.

In “The Pursuit of Happiness” you can laugh and cry

“The Blind Side – The Great Opportunity”

Several twists of fate have forced 17-year-old Michael (Quinton Aaron) into homelessness. But the unusual friendship with young SJ (Jae Head) promises to be a great opportunity in Michael’s life. Can he withstand the many social pressures and obstacles?

Now on Netflix: “Blind Side: The Great Opportunity”

“cut off a woman”

Martha and Sean are tested; © Benjamin Loeb/Netflix

Sean (Shia LaBeouf) and Martha (Vanessa Kirby)’s relationship is threatened by the unexpected death of their newborn daughter. While the family blames the midwife, Martha indulges in her grief.

Only on Netflix: “Cutted by a Woman”

Sad movies without happy ending

Similar to real life, movies don’t always end happily. These films keep the tragic mood alive until the end.

“Lost Girls”

Mother Mary is not alone in mourning for her daughter. © Jessica Corkonis

As a desperate mother, Mary Gilbert (Amy Ryan) searches for her missing daughter. At first she did not even dare to think that she had fallen into a series of unsolved serial murders.

Stream Lost Girls on Netflix

“American snipers”

In the Iraq War, Private Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) has only one mission: to protect his comrades with his marksmanship. After returning with his family, he was shocked by the experiences of war. His therapist advised him to help other veterans – advice with dire consequences.

Watch on Netflix: American Sniper

“with waves”

At a sailing camp, Sarah (Elvira Camaroni) and Lorenzo (Christian Roberto) find it difficult to resist each other. But their happiness in love is overshadowed not only by Sarah’s parents, but also by a mysterious secret.

With Waves exclusively on Netflix

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