This exercise for the abdomen, buttocks and back is more effective than the plank


“Pallof Press” is a basic exercise that trains the entire muscles of the abdomen, buttocks and back.

The exercise may be more effective than a plank because it puts less pressure on your wrists and lower back.

It is important to do the Ballof Press accurately: you should avoid twisting and increase the exercise with static positions.

According to a personal trainer, you don’t have to do plank exercises to get a strong and sculpted belly. While planks can build muscle, another underrated exercise called liposuction is just as good or better for toning your abs, according to Noam Tamir, founder and CEO of TS Fitness in New York City.

“Exercise involves the whole body, but you really feel it to the core,” he explains. The Pallof Press requires you to brace a resistance band in front of you, forcing your abdominal, lower body, arm and back muscles to work together. Therefore, this exercise is very suitable for strengthening the stability of the whole body, especially the heart.

For the Pallof Press, position yourself parallel to a resistance band and hold the handle or tip at chest height. Make sure the belt is tight. Slowly push out until your arms are fully extended, hold this position, then return to the starting position in a controlled manner.

Make sure to switch sides to work your muscles evenly. Tamir says the exercise builds muscle by making your body work against the pressure of the bar, and it engages your entire core, from your glutes to your obliques. “Your body resists spinning, so it’s very practical,” he says. The exercise also enhances shoulder and upper back stability, similar to a plank but without putting pressure on the wrists.

The Ballof Press also protects the lumbar region, which can be loaded to the point of fatigue when doing a plank. “With a plank, gravity pushes right down your back, so you’re in a safer position with a liposuction pushup,” says Tamir. However, if you have knee problems, avoid the stress of kneeling and opt for a variety of standing or sitting instead, he adds.

Avoid cornering motions

The advantages of the “Pallof Press” come from the resistance to the pull of the tape. Tamir explains that this means that twisting or tilting during the movement can take away the purpose of the exercise. “Position is really important. Push yourself straight forward.”

If you find yourself twisting your hips or stomach, or not being able to fully straighten your arms, Tamir says you might start out hard and should practice a graduated version of the movement to get the right form.

If doing the Balloff Press is challenging, expand the exercise by adopting a standing or isometric stance. Hold the cable or band in the extended position for as long as possible while tightening your core and glutes, then rest and repeat the exercise.

You can also make the exercise easier by starting from a more stable position. When standing, your feet should be wide apart or your knee should be halfway up, which provides greater stability than full kneeling.

This article was last updated on April 5, 2022. It first appeared on April 3, 2022.

Lisa Ramos Dossi translated this text from English. You can find the original here.

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