Where you can leave without entry restrictions

Thanks to high vaccination rates and low numbers of coronavirus cases, more and more travel countries are lifting their entry restrictions. In addition, since the beginning of March, no country in the world has been considered a high-risk area for the Corona virus, so a return trip to Germany is possible without quarantine for unvaccinated people.

These countries no longer need negative evidence

The stars of the world of travel are good: Das Traveling becomes easier againMore and more countries are reducing or even eliminating their coronavirus restrictions altogether. For example, some holiday countries do not even require proof of vaccination or a negative test from foreign travelers. a A carefree vacation without restrictions: We can still dream about it a few months ago. Now it has become a reality. Many countries are now back to normal. Here are some of the travel countries that do not require a corona vaccination document, proof of recovery or a test from travelers:

Viewing platform and skywalk The Mirador Roc Del Quer offers a wonderful view of the mini-state of Andorra.


who one trip to Andorra Writers can enjoy their vacation without the restrictions of Corona. The small country between France and Spain, known for its exciting Ski resorts And beautiful scenery, demands of international tourists no proof more. It is also not necessary to fill out a registration form.

Denmark beach

Gotland, Copenhagen, or Öresund Bridge: Denmark offers many beaches and attractions.


who has Summer vacation in the North Sea The plans can breathe a sigh of relief, because Denmark is also one of those countries that have greatly relaxed its entry requirements. Regarding the pandemic, the Scandinavian country no longer imposes any conditions on travelers. Vaccination, testing or proof of cure is not necessary. who has holiday in denmark bay, enjoy far-reaching landscapes. In particular, holiday homes in Denmark are increasingly popular. From now on, you can plan your trip to Copenhagen simply and easily Without obligation to provide evidence approach.

Dominican Republic sunset

The Dominican Republic is one of the most popular travel destinations in the Caribbean for holidays in Germany.

dominican republic

located in the middle Caribbean The Dominican Republic is absolute dream vacation destination for the Germans. No wonder, because the Caribbean country impresses with its diverse landscape of majestic mountains, dense rainforest And Beautiful beaches. Furthermore, travelers will encounter a mosaic of scenic rivers, lakes, lakes, and deserts. The country hides many romantic places, and this is why honeymoon In addition to all-inclusive vacations in the Dominican Republic, there is a high demand – and this can now also be achieved by those who have not been vaccinated. The state does not currently require a negative corona test result or a vaccination certificate. The only thing mandatory for entry and exit is to complete an electronic form.

Estero Yaltipek

Estero Yaltipek.

El Salvador

who one A trip to El Salvador A book you can count on Uncomplicated entry Be happy. The Central American country no longer requires tourists to provide proof of testing or vaccination. However, it should be noted that airlines may require proof of third generation for feeder flights. There are currently no direct flights from Germany to San Salvador. Furthermore, the Covid-19 proof documents are in Return trip to Germany to supply. El Salvador is a small country on the Pacific Ocean that features many waterfalls, beaches, and coffee plantations. The sunny country is also considered Mecca browser.

Big Ben London

Since Great Britain left the European Union, a passport is required for travel to England & Co.

Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Whether it is a city trip to London, a A tour of Northern Ireland Or a holiday home in Scotland: UK fans can now look forward to it Travel without restrictions Glad, because the island country in northwest Europe no longer needs any Corona documents from international tourists. Since March 18, anyone planning a trip to Great Britain no longer has to register online. On a tour of Great Britain, a variety of attractions await its visitors, including Big Ben and the Buckingham Palace In the vibrant city of London. However, one encounters a landscape unique to the United Kingdom Natural stretches of coastline and romantic lakes And Majestic castles.

Fanad Ras lighthouse

Fanad head lighthouse in Northern Ireland.


Ireland is also fully opening up to international tourism once again. So did the Green Republic in western England Lift all entry restrictions. Anyone who takes a trip to Ireland from now on can save themselves from a corona test, because Ireland allows even unvaccinated people to enter the country without any corona documents. Ireland is famous for its vibrant capital DublinDelicious Guinness beer and mysterious castles. The “green island” of the Atlantic Ocean continues the charm of the rural landscape Steep slopes and wide meadows And Beautiful coastal areas.

Iceland - Watch the Northern Lights

The best chance to see the Northern Lights in Iceland is between September and April.


side External Office Report that travel to Iceland Possible without restrictions related to Corona There are no longer any rules for corona in the country itself. However, when returning from Iceland to Germany, it should be noted that the 3G rule applies here. When entering Germany, travelers returning from Iceland must provide evidence of testing, vaccination or proof of recovery. Iceland is one A paradise for nature loversWho want to get away from the hustle and bustle during their vacation. There are amazing things in Iceland volcanoesstrong waterfalls and wonderful Northern lights to discover. When visiting the volcanic island in the North Atlantic, it is still worthwhile City trip to Reykjavikthe capital of Iceland.


Mexico offers beautiful sandy beaches in the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean.


Lively Mexico attracts vacationers with its beauty Gorgeous Pacific beaches and the contrasting landscapes From tropical forests, deserts and mountains. Once again, the mass holiday in Mexico has become uncomplicated, because the state of North America has its own country Entry requirements have been significantly relaxed. This is how side External Office That the Mexican health authorities currently There is no vaccination certificate or test the demand. Returning passengers only have to observe the 3G regulation upon their arrival in Germany.

Montenegro Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan in Montenegro.

the black Mountain

Montenegro will also be traveled again under simplified conditions. Balkan country located on a beautiful area Adriatic coast, impresses with its nature and purity. Away from the busy tourist path, you will be faced with a round trip across Montenegro Medieval villages and great mountain ranges And Romance stretches from the beach. Small Balkan country leaves vaccinated and unvaccinated people without any evidence of corona Quarantine-free entry.

Jotunheimen National Park

Natural wonders Norway: Corona rules no longer apply in the Scandinavian country.


Norway is also one of those countries where you can enjoy your vacation with complete freedom. The Scandinavian country in northern Europe has She lifted all her Corona rules – as well Entry to Norway Possibly without any evidence of corona. However, anyone traveling to Germany from Norway must provide proof of testing, vaccination or proof of recovery. A round trip through Norway takes visitors along many natural beauties such as Majestic glaciers And Picturesque coastal fjords.

Stockholm city trip

Masks are no longer mandatory in Sweden.


Full holiday without corona restrictions: This is also possible when traveling to Sweden. The Scandinavian country has canceled all of its coronavirus rules since February 9. until that Wearing mouth and nose protection is no longer mandatory. Anyone booking a package trip to Sweden, for example, is no longer subject to coronavirus-related restrictions when entering the country. just in Return trip to Germany The 3G regulation will remain in effect. Round trips through Sweden are popular because the northern European country has thousands of offshore islands, many lakes, icebergs, and coniferous forests.

Schilthorth, Switzerland

On top of the Schilthorn in the Bernese Alps.


also for one Accommodation in a hotel in Switzerland The stars are right. Entry to Switzerland is possible without conditions Likewise in the earth itself everything became Corona restrictions lifted. Unvaccinated must, however, in their lifetime Return flight from Switzerland to Germany Make sure they have a negative test result on hand. There is a demand for hiking trips to Switzerland. The central European country offers stunning landscapes of alpine peaks and beautiful lakes.

Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Slovenia.


on the side of the External Office that . is listed Entry to Slovenia is allowed without restrictions related to Coronavirus he is. Proof of vaccination, cure, or testing is no longer needed. progress in the same country Hardly any aura rules. However, the mask requirement still applies on public transport and in closed rooms. Anyone traveling to Germany must abide by the 3G rule. Hiking tours to Slovenia Especially interesting for nature lovers who want to get away from the crowds. People encounter romantic lakes, enchanting mountains and soothing hot springs in the central European country.

Liberec, Czech Republic

The town hall of Liberec, the largest city in North Bohemia.

Czech Republic

Anyone planning a Prague holiday can breathe a sigh of relief, as the Czech Republic requires German travelers to be at least 12 years old. No Covid proof and no login. In addition, visits are more Czech Cultural and recreational facilities Like Restaurants And Hotels without corona proof permissible. Hiking trips to the Czech Republic are in demand because the central European country offers vacationers unforgettable experiences with its castles, fairytale palaces and massive forests.

Balaton Badasconi

Badacsony in Lake Balaton.


Tourism in Hungary has not been subject to any restrictions related to the pandemic since the beginning of March. This is one You can enter Hungary without a vaccination document or test. Even in the country itself, there are hardly any rules for corona. This is how it is accessed Recreational facilities and restaurants And hotels in Budapest are allowed without evidence. who one Hungary tour Bay, pure nature experience. especially Balaton Tours are popular. The picturesque lake in western Hungary offers a pleasant bathing experience with its warm water temperatures and miles of beaches.

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