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If you look at the world of sports today, you will see that technology is changing people’s lives in ways never seen before. On the contrary, trading platforms such as thebitcoincode and other forums have the potential to make a positive contribution to the future of esports while simplifying the status of transactions for the public.

Athletes, sports and the fan base for sporting events are undergoing a drastic transformation as new technology permeates the sporting landscape.

Two years ago, at the start of a new decade, we made some bold predictions about where the sports business would take us in the next decade. One thing is for sure: it will be more interesting!

Greater sporting achievements and contributions will be shown

Thanks to wearable technology, many athletes have integrated GPS and accelerometers into their jerseys or cleats. These apps can be used to track your running distance, heart rate, pace, jump height, and other fitness markers. Recent advances in technology have enabled players and teams to film their training sessions in high resolution, allowing for detailed analysis of sports performance.

Taken together, this data helps athletes and coaches create more successful training plans, improve their technique, discover elements that enhance or hinder athletic performance, and so on.

Sustainable action through green sports

With the attention of many people shifting to sports, they will play an important role in promoting and supporting their long-term viability. Influencers, clients and legislators will be the key players in the future. The goal is to leave a neutral footprint and it has already been achieved! This means that new stadiums must be carbon-neutral and fully recyclable, waste must be recycled and technologies must be found to generate their own electricity and reduce environmental consumption. This is not an easy goal to achieve.

Alternative means of transportation should also be promoted. That means more electric cars, bike lanes, trains and trams, and less gas-powered parking. Parking spaces will become a thing of the past thanks to self-driving cars that park themselves. Likewise, virtual transactions will become very important, as trading platforms such as thebitcoincode attract the attention of investors.

Esports will be the rising star

This prediction is easy! GenZ or Gen Alpha dominate esports. They will grow up in 10 years and still love esports. They represent by far the majority of the population. Moreover, anyone can play electronic games and electronic games anywhere in the world using a computer and the Internet. This makes the league easily accessible. Future generations value equality, community and technology.

Certainly, one can debate whether esports is a sport. While Boomers may disagree, Gen Z will say esports requires talent, strategy, and attention. The best players are real athletes. They have already won millions in prize money. With the rapid growth of players, fans, sponsorships, and advertisements, revenue will soon exceed the league’s revenue.

Women’s sports will take the lead while eliminating all defects

Women’s sports are one of the few ways to expand the sport, both as a spectator and as a player. In fact, the participation of women in many popular sports around the world is still much lower than that of men.

Gender equality will also remain an important issue from a company’s marketing point of view. Women’s salaries are expected to increase as female athletes serve as role models and influencers for young fans, particularly in sports such as tennis, football and cycling. This income gap will not disappear as long as the gap between the popularity of men and women in sports persists. It’s just a matter of supply and demand!

Both Generation Z and Generation Alpha will tolerate nothing less than full gender equality in the workplace. Expect more gay athletes to appear in male sports. Exit will be the norm moving forward.

Enhanced viewing experience through cross-platform sharing

Sports fans can use technology to cheer in the upcoming era of brilliance, but it is also changing the way they view sports competition. Fans will continue to consume sports materials in a variety of ways. Fans no longer have to wait until a certain time to watch the only Sunday show; Instead, they can watch a variety of sporting events live on the web, no matter where they are.

The world of sports is changing with new technological innovations such as virtual reality (VR) experiences, safer helmets, and better tracking of athlete data and performance. Athletes and teams will have fewer and fewer barriers to getting involved across platforms as technology advances and makes sport more accessible than ever before.

Final conclusion

The fan is the starting point and the ending point for professional sports. It’s that simple: if there are no fans, there is no sport. People who will pursue sports in the future are different from those who have followed sports in the past. Both GenZ and Gen Alpha are social beings that enjoy sharing, are technologically savvy and use to form their own judgments.

The business potential of an individual will expand further as Generation Z begins to recognize individual players rather than entire teams or organizations. They will be given a more prominent position as influencers, ambassadors and role models. This is how transparency and authenticity will define the hearts of the public and the future of the sport.

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