Bochum – Armenia Bielefeld 2: 1: Bielefeld stumbles with the eighth relegation in the German League

Armenia Bielefeld shines towards the eighth relegation of the Bundesliga. The penultimate table lost 1:2 (1:1) in rookie VFL Bochum and after ten straight games without a win they have to hope for support from old and new champions Bayern Munich.

Should he be the record champion after his party trip to Ibiza on Sunday (5:30 p.m./dazn) lost to VfB Stuttgart, and East Westphalia could no longer be prevented from returning to the second division before the end of the season.

“Hopefully, Bayern will give us a little bit of support. If we have the opportunity next week, anything is still possible,” Bielefeld midfielder Patrick Wimmer said. dazn: “It was another strong fighting performance today. But we’re lacking in efficiency. That’s why we’re without points again.”

Captain Manuel Brittel added: “I’m a bit speechless at the moment. We had big plans, that would have cleared the way for relegation. We’re keeping the match open for a long time, and we’re back to play with a fixed piece, but they don’t have enough power to penetrate forward.” Bitter and disappointing. We depend on others now. We have to win, this is the last straw we have. In life, you always have to see it to the end, until the last round is over. We all have to do it again to mobilize forces.”

Joachim Nilsson (35) equalized for Armenia in the meantime to make the score 1-1. But an own goal from George Bello (89) settled the sixteenth defeat. Deficit on Table 16. Stuttgart is still two points. Even a win in the last match against RB Leipzig would only suffice if VfB went empty-handed. Due to Bielefeld’s defeat, it is also clear that Hertha BSC could no longer go down straight.

Sebastian Poulter (22) put the already saved Bochum at the front. After a week of a 4-3 victory over Borussia Dortmund and a generous celebration of survival, the VFL said goodbye to eleven players whose contracts expire before kick-off.

“I am sure that one or the other who will get a bouquet of flowers today will also play here next season,” said sporting director Sebastian Schindzellors. dazn: “Talks are in progress”.

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