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It appears that BUGA’s supervisory board still sees an opportunity for Federal Garden Show 2025 in Rostock. On Thursday evening, the commission confirmed that the gardens show must continue to be examined within three years in the Rostock Oval. In the run-up to the meeting, Mayor Klaus Roh-Madsen (non-partisan) – and at the same time Chairman of BUGA’s Supervisory Board – called for a speedy end to planning in Rostock.

By Jürgen Opel and Judith Gretsch, NDR Ostseestudio Rostock

The debate lasted nearly four hours behind closed doors – perhaps the longest meeting of the Rostock BUGA Supervisory Board to date. As a result, going back to the beginning, so to speak, for BUGA in Rostock: after the decision of the Supervisory Board of the Municipal Corporation in the evening, it is necessary to check again whether and how the Federal Park offer can be implemented on schedule. With this, the Supervisory Board cashes in the results of the recently submitted risk analysis. He stated that the Federal Garden Show could not be achieved in three years due to massive cost increases and significant planning delays.

BUGA concept updated in June

Mayor Madsen, as chair of the supervisory board, also confirmed these circumstances before the start of the meeting. According to the committee’s decision, the feasibility of 2025 must now be checked again. A similar concept will be presented in June, according to BUGA GmbH managing director, Oliver Vodekar, to NDR 1 MV Radio. But he also made it clear that certain cuts must be made to the original concept in order to save costs. According to Fudickar, there will be no BUGA as an “emergency variant” of Rostock, but there will be a garden show as it should be.

BUGA is once again a topic of citizenship debate

The newspaper will then pass on to the citizenship of Rostock and finally be sent to the state government. During a discussion on the crisis, she had given an ultimatum and linked state funding of 60 million euros to the timely implementation of BUGA in 2025. According to the statement, the state will not contribute to the additional costs, which are already set at about 30 percent with a total budget of more than 140 million euro. On May 11, she meets the compatriot of Rostock at the town hall. The Rostocker Bund Parliamentary group has already applied for a so-called “current clock” on the status of BUGA 2025 on Thursday.

German BUGA coach is still confident

In a press release from BUGA GmbH, Managing Director of the German Federal Horticultural Display Association and Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Jochen Sandner, supports the course now taken. As the umbrella organization of the Federal Park shows, it frankly dealt with all the variables under discussion. Heading to the Rostock Oval is welcomed, as that would be the best way to implement the urban planning impulses of BUGA’s shape for the sustainable development of the city towards water. The German Federal Horticultural Display Association is positive about the renewed test arrangement, literally staying “confidently on the side of Rostock”.

what happened before

The Supervisory Board of BUGA met on Thursday afternoon under the impression of various statements about the future of the Federal Horticultural Exhibition 2025 in Rostock. After the risk analysis became known, Agriculture Secretary Till Backhouse (SPD) outlined the central conditions for the event on Tuesday. Accordingly, BUGA can only be implemented using the Warnow bridge. The city park, city harbor with flood protection and part of the new residential area Warnow-Quartier will also have to be implemented. At the same time, Backhaus confirmed that funding of about 60 million euros will only be made available to BUGA in 2025.

Criticism from citizens of Madsen’s transformation

Then Mayor Madsen promised to review the terms. But then on Wednesday there was a shift: Madsen made it clear that BUGA 2025 was not feasible under the current circumstances with the consequences of the Corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Criticism immediately followed: the head of Citizenship’s Greens parliamentary group, Andrea Kronert, told NDR 1 MV radio that Madsen’s doing alone is a disgrace to the city, He could no longer become mayor of Rostock.

A little understanding from Agriculture Minister Backhouse

Argarminster Backhouse also wasn’t sympathetic to Madsen’s statement Wednesday night: “He was optimistic that the goal could be achieved. I don’t understand why he thought otherwise overnight.” However, he wanted to give Madsen the opportunity to think again even after the supervisory board meeting. “Maybe he’ll surprise us again,” Backhouse said. Otherwise, it should be clarified how state funds are used elsewhere.

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