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Open Marriage: Advantages and Disadvantages of an Open Relationship

There are many reasons for an open relationship – but there are also many against it.

Advantages of an open marriage:

  • It can make sex life in marriage more exciting
  • More passion
  • Gather new experiences
  • Meeting needs outside the partnership
  • feeling of freedom

Disadvantages of an open marriage:

  • Destruction of a relationship through jealousy and disloyalty
  • Maybe feelings for someone else (read: Loved by Strangers: This is how you survive emotional turmoil)
  • Health risks of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Conflicts due to lack of communication

Open marriage: these rules must be observed

In building an open relationship, there must be certain rules in order for it to have future prospects. If you’ve been playing around with the idea of ​​an open partnership, consider the following:

1. Are you really ready for an open marriage?

First, you need to ask yourself if you want a polyamorous or open relationship, or if you only get along with it for the sake of your partner. He can succeed only if the spouses agree to such a relationship. If one of you does not want to, the decision must be respected. Desire must come from both sides.

2. You have to trust each other and be honest with each other.

without trust Nothing works in a marriage anyway – especially not in an open marriage. If the relationship is already shaky, you may want to reconsider your plan. Otherwise, jealousy can quickly become a danger to the relationship and destroy joint future prospects.

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3. It separates love and sexuality.

An important step from a monogamous relationship to an open relationship is that you Separate love and sex Could you. If your agreement is that you can have sex with other people, but no more than that, then emotional attachments or even infatuation are taboo. Polyamory is different. So you should make it clear how often you can see the same person, whether it’s okay to develop feelings for others, or whether you’re only allowed one night without feelings outside the relationship.

4. Stick to the rules and conventions.

Whatever you have agreed with your partner, you must stick to it. This is the only way to prevent injury to one of you. It is also important that you make it clear what you are looking for takes care For example, your children, whether sexual acts are allowed in your circle of friends or the number of sexual partners you are allowed to have outside the relationship. Your husband/wife may interpret everything else as infidelity.

5. The partner must come first.

In spite of everything, your husband/wife must priority in partnership. You can meet other people and have an active sex life, but if your wife falls short, she can quickly end the marriage.

Open marriage and children

And what about Children in a polygamous or open marriage out of place? Do not worry, an open relationship and children can definitely be combined. It is important that children grow up in a stable environment, which means that the open relationship between the two partners must be stable so that it does not have any negative effects on the offspring. This relationship model can be rejected by teens. Explain your views, respect each other, and communicate with each other openly.

Can an open marriage save a relationship?

Whether the concept of an “open marriage” relationship works, becomes clear only when you experience it. If the experiences you’re having don’t feel right and good for either of you, rules and practices may need to change — or you may need to end polygamy or open marriage and return to monogamous relationships.

Open marriage is allowed There is no emergency solution, no plan B In your life, the relationship should really fall apart. Only a stable marriage that communicates honestly and trusts each other can function as an open relationship. In addition, the demand must come from both partners. If you are on the verge of divorce, it is questionable whether an open marriage is really the answer. Maybe it is Go to a couples therapist more logical. There you can also discuss the relationship model – monogamy, open marriage or even polygamy – with the expert – which suits you best.

But love is complex and there is not always a “one” solution. When in doubt, the only thing that helps is giving it a try, but be aware of the potential consequences for your relationship and follow our advice.

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