Children: Access restrictions and Corona rules apply

Parents in NRW have many questions: Should siblings also be in quarantine? What to do if pool tests are positive? Here are the answers.

“For children and young people, all access restrictions in public places (except schools, kindergartens, etc.) have been removed. This means that they do not have to prove vaccination status or test status,” says North Rhine-Westphalia as part of the Protection Act. New Corona – 3G im therefore the restaurant is not available for children and young people up to 17 years old. What exactly still applies to schools and day care centers? Here is an overview:

Unvaccinated disciple and 2G plus? what matters?

children up to 15 years are (except during holidays) as tested: You end up posting twice a week Compulsory school exams bit. Children under the age of six are generally considered being tested.

(Long) Weekends: Are schoolchildren also considered if they are tested?

yes! In the strict sense of the word PCR test According to the Corona Protection Decree only Valid for 48 hours. However, kids are considered taller than the test – although more than 48 hours have passed after the pool test on Thursday over the weekend. This also applies after Change in testing strategy. Its own express tests are recommended, but not mandatory. merely On vacation School children are not considered testers.

School: How often are exams taken?

a week there elementary schools Two PCR pool tests – run High school Three quick tests. If the pool test is positive (that is, if at least one child is infected), each child should have a rapid test, either in the evening at the testing center or right in the classroom the next morning. It is then tested daily until the next negative pool test.

The Lollit Test: Can Recovering Children Sit Outside?

Yeah. After being infected with Corona, children are allowed No pacifier test for eight weeks Act. Reason: The virus can still be detected (at a low concentration and without a significant risk of infection) for a long time. So highly sensitive PCR tests will be positive again and will falsify the pool test for the entire class. That’s why recovering children sit. But this changes nothing about 2G / 2G-Plus: Even without a school test, newly recovered children are equal to those who have been reinforced and do not need a test.

There have been no more pool tests in primary schools since February 28. Instead, parents should test their children at home three times a week.

Vaccination: When can children be vaccinated or boosted at all?

The Standing Committee on Immunization (Stiko) recommends vaccination against corona Twelve-year-olds and for children With pre-existing conditions from the age of five. The same goes for the booster. In order not to be there There is no explicit vaccination recommendation for healthy children. The reason: According to Steko, the risks of severe Covid cycles in children are low. However, parents are free to vaccinate their children. There is no vaccination ban.

School exams: Should a vaccinated child also participate?

yes! Fully vaccinated children (ie, at least twice) must attend Compulsory school exams Take part. In addition, after Positive pool test In an elementary school class, a child is only allowed to return to school with a negative rapid test.

Positive pool test: what should parents do now?

after morning PCR Lollitest Come Feedback in the evening, if it is positive. According to the NRW Test and Quarantine Act, parents can then decide for themselves if they can still go to school. test center Go or the child the next morning Quick test in class Probably. If the result is positive, the child should have another rapid test or polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test right away. If it’s also positive: Quarantine!

Child Positive: How long is the quarantine?

The same rules apply to children and adults: currently, Quarantine ten days From the first appearance of symptoms or a positive test. From ten days later free symptoms He is allowed to leave the house again. Moreover Free test after seven days of quarantine Possible: from 48 hours free symptoms He was allowed to shorten his quarantine – but he needs one Negative rapid test or one PCR testthe one CT value over 30 Shows (the higher the CT value, the lower the viral load).

What is the extent of transmission of infection from children?

Corona infection often remains, especially in children free symptoms. Not always, of course – but many children show up at best mild symptoms. Therefore, children often have one High CT value. This value is always provided with the test result. on the principle: The higher the CT value, the lower the viral load. at CT value over 30 Infected people are considered to be less contagious. However, keep your distance!

Do family members also have to go into quarantine?

There are clear rules for everyone who lives with the child in the apartment: Anyone who is considered a booster does not have to be in quarantineThose who have not been vaccinated should be quarantined with them (For ten days of a positive child’s examination). A free test can be done after seven days. Unvaccinated siblings who attend nursery school or school can take the test for free after only five days.

However, the country is asking “self-monitoring”: Everyone in the home should take their temperature daily and monitor symptoms.

There is a special feature: in one ‘Worrying virus type’ The Ministry of Health can also order enhanced quarantine. omicron But he is no longer a part of it.

Are there contact restrictions for unvaccinated children?

Private gatherings attended only by those who have been vaccinated or recoveredcan occur again without a numerical limit.

Connection restrictions apply until March 19 Only for unvaccinated people. Children under the age of 14 do not count. Persons who have not been vaccinated or fully recovered are not allowed to meet with their family members and a maximum of two people from another home in private meetings in public and private places.

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