Corona and the holiday: What to consider when traveling in 2022


Vacation despite Corona: Is it worth booking early when traveling?

Austria and Switzerland: These rules apply to ski holidays

Austria and Switzerland – These rules apply to ski holidays

Ski holidays are currently still possible in Austria and Switzerland. But winter vacationers have to take into account a few things.

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Corona: Are you booking your summer vacation now or is it better to wait? What expert bargain hunters are recommending right now.

Berlin. Many are already looking forward to their next vacation. Finally the sun again, EntertainmentOr the beach, or the mountains, or the cities. But: Is it necessary to plan and book for the summer vacation despite the restrictions of Corona? Our editorial team asked travel experts about it.

Corona: Are you booking your summer vacation now or better spontaneously?

Especially families that School vacation periods They are obligated to book their vacation early during the Corona pandemic. Anyone planning an off-season trip is usually more flexible and can also get cheap deals for short-term bookings. If you already have a specific destination and date, you shouldn’t hesitate too much to book. The earlier you book, the greater the choice of accommodation and the chance of getting cheaper rates.

Is it possible to book trips throughout the year despite Corona?

Today’s trips around the world can already be booked all year round. Some providers already have Winter 2022/23 in their booking program. Cruises It can be reserved until 2023.

Corona: Are all destinations achievable again?

Unlike the previous year, almost all flight destinations can be booked again for the summer. The largest in Europe alone Tour Operator TUI It offers more than 80,000 accommodations around the world, of which about 16,000 are in motor travel areas.

The cruise ships already sail in North and South America, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Some destinations such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan or countries in Asia are still a problem for vacationers due to strict entry regulations with longer quarantine periods.

Are summer trips cheaper if I book them now?

Many tour operators offer their offers until the end of February or the end of March Early booking discounts for a summer vacation. In addition, there are often fixed prices for children and additional services. People who book early save up to 39 percent on TUI, for example.

“If you book late, you risk getting prettier ones Hotels And not only will the beaches be expensive, but they will also be fully booked,” says a TUI spokeswoman. Family rooms in particular are booked quickly. Early booking is also for cruises or Study trips With a limited number of participants.

Traveling despite Corona: Can you book flights now?

Airlines still aren’t offering as many flights as they were before the pandemic started, only about 60 to 80 percent. Many flights around the world have been canceled due to staff shortages. However, many airlines already offer Bookings until November at. In general, if you book early, you have the best chance of getting cheap tickets.

Can flights be canceled for free because of Corona?

If there is a ban on entry to a travel destination due to Corona, the trip cannot take place. If a flight is canceled, the airline must Ticket price According to the ADAC, anyone who does not want to fly for fear of corona and cancel their flight themselves can often get a refund of taxes and fees, but sometimes nothing at all.

Become holiday destination A “only” high-risk area has been declared, but entry is still possible, and there is no right to withdraw for free, since this designation has no effect on people who have been vaccinated and fully recovered.

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Corona on trips: What are the reasonable insurances?

“For those who want the maximum when booking Flexibility And you want zero risk, we always recommend booking a Flex tariff,” says a TUI spokeswoman. With a flexible tariff for package trips, customers can rebook or cancel up to two weeks before the trip starts for an additional cost. Consumer advocates advise it. For comprehensive protection, experts recommend International health insurance and travel cancellation insurance.

Corona: Do you book travel all at once or individually?

A package trip is better legally guaranteed than one Individually Reservation is made. For example, if a flight is canceled or a hotel has to close due to the coronavirus outbreak, the organizer will provide an alternative and take care of the guests. Individual travelers have much more difficulty finding the cost of a file hotel room They are compensated if their flight is cancelled.

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Travel: Which destinations are in particular demand in 2022?

Holiday favorites are destinations on the Mediterranean like Spain and the Balearic Islands with Mallorca, Italy, Greece and Turkey, but also Portugal and Croatia, according to reports. German Travel Association (DRV). According to Tui, Cape Verde and Cyprus islands should be trend-setting destinations. In Germany, beaches on the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, as well as Bavaria, are among the favorite. The first long-distance travel trends in 2022 were USA, Maldives, Mauritius and Dominican Republic.

Corona: Should camps be booked?

Vacations with a mobile home have gained many new fans during the Corona pandemic. In 2021, there were about 33 million overnight stays in Germany alone Camps. The Bundesverband der Campingwirtschaft (BVCD) (Federal Association of the Camping Industry) recommends anyone who wants to have a playground in their favorite spot or in a popular location by the sea, lake, mountains or hills. From the Alps must be booked early. Some places are booked quickly, especially during the school holidays. Many camps begin the season on Easter Sunday or May 1st.

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Corona and travel: what does the industry hope for in 2022?

The Travel Association anticipates a cautiously optimistic travel year. DRV President Norbert Weibeg does not expect a sustainable recovery until 2023 at the earliest. Tui optimistic that tourism to 2019 levels in summer 2022.

“For camp sites in Germany, there is a good chance of opening a new camp standard year An investigation, as long as the playgrounds can be opened on Easter, Corona does not lead to significant restrictions and the weather is reasonably good”, says Christian Gunther, president of the Camping Union.

How complicated is travel in times of Corona?

Everyone should be prepared for the fact that their journey is like that Does not happen Or go to a different site than reserved. Pandemic times are making travel more difficult to predict. In addition, before leaving, you should carefully check the Corona entry rules and regulations in force in the destination country. These change almost constantly.

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