Couples therapist reveals: The 6 biggest mistakes in a relationship

Identifying faults and trouble spots in a marriage or partnership is not an easy task. Some problems are obvious, while others are often hidden. But in fact there is Errors that are particularly typical be? yes! As a couple therapist and co-founder of digital relationship app Myndpaar, Leonie Wilkin is very familiar with the topic of partnership. For us, she summarized the six most common relationship mistakes.

6 relationship mistakes nearly everyone makes, according to a couples therapist

1. Relationship Mistake: Not Appreciating

The simplest mistake in marital relations? Classic example: the sentence “Baby, do you still love me?” With “You know it!” to answer. “At this point at the latest, one will do Silence Obviously, where no longer lives a sense of love, appreciation and respect. In a partnership or marriage, lack of appreciation is fatal to a relationship,” says marriage therapist and entrepreneur Leonie Wilken von Mindbar.

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2. Relationship mistake: You are selfish

“Another mistake is thinking that you have the privilege of accessing an objective reality,” explains Leonie Wilkin. Meaning: You yourself, your partner thinks he knows What does the world really look like. So his point of view is the only correct one. The fallacy that is the basis of insulting the partner. He/she hears the following from the sentence: “The way I see the world is obviously not right. This basic abuse poisons and affects the partnership so much,” says Leonie Wilkin.

3. Relationship mistake: You don’t have trust

Leonie Wilkin explains, “Even if it can be difficult at times: trust is the basis of a stable partnership. This also includes expression by physical gestures and physical affection.” Ultimately, trust arises through openness, honesty, and respect for difference. “If you feel loved for your own good, differences can remain, and can even enrich you. But if the difference insults your being, then in extreme cases the foundation of violence can be laid.”

The fourth mistake in a relationship: Get involved in the little things

Of course, it can be annoying when your partner forgets to squeeze the sponge after rinsing or keeps throwing cardboard in the household waste. But we should always do it make the fur fly? No because: We’re not perfect – everyone has their little and big quirks. They don’t always do everything right. If the issue bothers you a lot, try using humor. This will make you look less high school.

5. Relationship mistake: They don’t listen

Caring for your partner shows respect. In the digital age in particular, this is often particularly difficult for us. Punishment? The partner does not feel heard and neglected. In the long run, relationship failure can seriously jeopardize being together. Therefore, try to make time for each other regularly – for example at dinner. Without rejection (TV), smartphone, or other disruptive agents.

6. Relationship Mistakes: They’re Too Clingy

Of course, wanting to be close to your partner is not wrong. And only at the beginning of a new love is this need proximity particularly clear. But be careful! Make sure you give your partner the necessary freedom. Needing some time to yourself now and then is totally normal and part of a well-functioning relationship. Those who cling push their partner into a corner and increase the likelihood of conflict.

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