Dallas Mavericks falls short in front of Phoenix! Galen Bronson towers over and covers Doncic’s problems

The Dallas Mavericks claimed their first win of the series against the Phoenix Suns. The Mavs won match 3 103:94, but had to shiver again for a brief period in the fourth quarter due to Luka Doncic’s foul woes. But Galen Bronson jumped into the breach.

Bronson, who came under some criticism after his first two games in Phoenix, was the Maffes’ top scorer with 28 points (10/21 FG) and was brilliant on the stages when Luka Doncic struggled with foul issues in the second half. The Slovenian still scored a triple-double with 26 points (11/25), 13 rebounds and 9 assists in 34 minutes.

Doncic’s defense in the fourth quarter was still problematic, as he clearly wanted to avoid any contact. Reggie Bullock (15, 4/10 three), Dorian Finney Smith (14, 4/11 three) and Maxi Kleber (14, 6/9, 3 rebounds, 4 assists) made up for it with a passionate commitment.

At the Suns, all the rookies scored in double digits, but Jae Crowder was already the most diligent collector with 19 points (5/8 3P). Especially Devin Booker (18, 6/13, 6 assists) and Chris Paul (12, 5/9, 4 assists, 7 turns) remained sluggish for long periods and couldn’t turn the game around in the final section either.

The Mavs had a poor start again, but with fans euphoria and more passion, the hosts made the series’ highest lead (20:13) in the middle of the quarter. Bronson was in rhythm (10 points already), which helped that the Sun no longer shot every shot from the middle distance and CP3 produced turnarounds unusual for him (29:20).

With Doncic on the bench, the Mavs increased their pace, and the guests barely got any good deals. Dinwiddie was active in defense and also made a resolute move to the basket. However, the Mavs left a lot behind, especially as the jump shots were a problem. So Doncic decided to play more bully ball, and Michal Bridges and Booker had no chance. The Slovenian scored 17 points in the first half, Paul scored 7 turnovers – yet the home side had a “only” 51:44 lead.

Jalen Bronson steps in late for Doncic

The Mavs got off to a good start in the second half. Vinnie-Smith scored twice, and the hosts were forced to stop a few times. Doncic dominated the game but showed defensive weaknesses again and suffered four fouls off the bench midway through the period. So he went back to Bronson to deliver the insult and the guard was handed over. On the other hand, little Suns came from the back area, and instead there were several Crowder trios, which kept the guests in the game. The progression increased to +15 after three sections (82:67).

The Mavs initially managed to get ahead as well, but the momentum changed somewhat when Doncic conceded another mistake and coach Jason Kidd conceded a challenge he could have won. Booker and CB3 immediately scored jumping shots, and Reggie Bullock scored three relief goals. The Suns settled six points in four minutes without Doncic and pushed the difference back into the ones place.

The guests couldn’t get any closer than an 8. Bronson pulled four free throws and also hit his leg against Paul, Bullock finally put the cap on the now-shaking Mavis after breaking out of a corner with nearly a minute remaining on the clock (102:91).

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