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In practical life, one encounters the English term again and again Balance life with workThe perfect balance between daily work and leisure or family time. But even if the definition of the term is stable, the labor market has undergone a fundamental change in recent years, as New priorities crystallization.

Hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with a short lunch break in between, and five times a week: the traditional working time model looked like this a few years ago. While the amount of the monthly salary was the main selection criterion for a new job, factors such as Flexible working time, home office And Balance life with work Much more important. According to surveys conducted by the AFI Spring Barometer, the former leads: Nearly two-thirds of employees surveyed (67%) see flexible working hours as a key ingredient in the “work-life balance” recipe for success.. The “nine-to-five job” has become a thing of the past for many, especially young workers. Flexible working hours give the majority of employees a sense of independence and also reduce the level of stress in and out of daily work. The dogma today is that flexible working hours can not only greatly increase motivation but also employee satisfaction.

In second place and equally important are Reduced weekly working hours as well as Opportunity for professional development look. These aspects go hand in hand sometimes as one can significantly increase the personal working efficiency of the individual with the help of additional training offerings and thus he has to take up less weekly working hours. On-the-job training opportunities should not only attract younger generations, but also provide old employees with a new incentive for personal development. As the saying goes: You never stop learning.

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It is being discussed a lot now Four days a week It also represents an innovative and flexible approach to new working time models. As part of an experiment in Iceland, it was decided to reduce the working hours of about 3,000 employees from 40 hours a week to 35 hours with the same salary and thus offer four days a week. In the first provisional finding, the researchers came to the conclusion that the general well-being of the study participants was due to Less stressful situationsAnd More family time And More freedom in leisure activities It has improved significantly. above all According to experts, single parents have benefited from the new modelBecause they have more time to take care of their children. While the four-day week in South Tyrol is still an exception, for many employees the weekend begins on Friday afternoon, thanks to the 4.5-day week!

According to the AFI study, there is little that is required or expected by an employer Economic benefitseg in the form of meal vouchers or family-friendly offers such as in-home childcare (which is also understandable given the small business structure in South Tyrol and the many public childcare options available). The so-called benefits are welcomed, but they play a role in your job search No central role More, after all, due to the reduced working hours, you also have more time with your family and yourself. So what can be noticed is Giving priority to personal leisure timeWhile the question of salary does not appear to be the first requirement of an employer for people who are already employed. Young employees in particular have come to realize that a bloated wallet is not the universal aspect of a fulfilling life.

When it comes to working from home, many employees note both the positive and negative aspects, so Working from home is a double-edged sword It can be viewed or seen. who – which Canceling travel times It represents by far the biggest advantage for travelers for nearly 40 percent of those surveyed, also allowing more time for family and other leisure activities. However, many workers see this as a major obstacle Lack of social contact with co-workers. What was used as a short-term solution at the height of the pandemic now appears to get on the nerves of many employees if no intermediate forms are found.

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Flexible working hours also have advantages and disadvantages, but that is exactly what it is The greatest advantage is the power to allocate one’s time: Everyone can arrange their working hours as he sees fit, thus gaining more freedom not only outside of everyday office life, but primarily in everyday office life. What some do not consider is that the concept of flexibility can also work against the interests of wage earners. This is the case when the boss asks for the secretary to work overtime because a request has been sent or the sales manager has to be on call. Maybe also on weekends.

Article by AFI Independent Contributor Karen Enama

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