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A married man and a family man begin an affair with a woman much younger than him and accuse her of cheating on him. Photo: terovesalainen_AdobeStock.com

“He was my first big love,” a young woman from Bisingen says of the man who rioted in her apartment, slashing off a sofa and kicking the TV. It was the end of a complicated love affair.

Bisingen/Hechingen – It was a spring night last year when the guy completely lost his temper. So much so that prosecutors had to determine the “general relevance” of the story of broken hearts, violence and love. This week, the District Court in Hechingen ordered its release.

The man of over 50 is said to have rioted in his ex-girlfriend’s apartment, and not only that: he is said to have grabbed her by the neck and pressed her against the wall, a man who was also in the apartment, who would get a deep cut in the face; He cut off the sofa and rudely kicked the TV – so were the allegations. And what’s more: the children were sleeping and waking up, and a loud noise woke them up from their night’s sleep.

A relationship with a younger woman

The situation made a tangible impression on his ex-girlfriend: “I still can’t sleep properly to this day,” as well as the children, who are still frightened. How did you know the troublemaker? “It was my first big love,” she said as a witness. During her training she met and fell in love with a man who was married with many fathers. He was already jealous at the time, but it wasn’t the final end.

After some time, the two got back together. Woman: “I thought it might work.” But the man does not seem to have lost his jealousy. The woman said that the husband, who was still married, hid an insect behind the heater. It is said that he accused her of treason against him. This relationship clearly did not work out again, which is why the woman underlined it.

second man

However, she already had another boyfriend before that, with whom she had also broken up in the meantime. He was at the apartment at the time of the crime because he was hoping to save the relationship after all. And just at that moment, the married ex-boyfriend stops to get dressed. The statements of witnesses contradict each other about what happened next. The woman stated that he grabbed her by the neck and pushed her against the wall. In the context of fists, he is said to have said, “If I can’t get you, no one will.”

The man who was also in the apartment earlier reported the violent and threatening appearance of the intruder and the accused himself feels misunderstood. He said his ex-wife deliberately cheated on him with her new boyfriend. Ironically, after he took care of her, paid the rent, and bought a sofa and TV, she broke up with him – that was his theory. His interpretation of the situation: He was the victim – this is how observers can summarize his statements.

How did this unusual connection come about for those involved? First to the woman’s new friend who was with her at the time of the crime: he did not succeed in getting the woman back.

The defendant goes to prison

And the accused? He reconciled with his wife and lives with her again. However, his extramarital affair does not end with a happy ending for him: he must remain behind bars for a year and two months. Of course, the court could not explain what was going on in the emotional world of those involved. However, the court held that the allegations of grievous and willful bodily harm, insult and damage to property as substantiated. The first made a comparison with the second ex-husband: the hooligan had to pay him several thousand euros in installments because of the wound on his face.

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