Nagelsmann’s reaction is very angry: Bayern Munich is under scrutiny

Nagelsmann reacts very angry
Bayern Munich under surveillance

Julian Nagelsmann secured his first championship title – but before that, Bayern Munich still have an important job to do. He has to prove himself in the relegation battle. In front of VfB Stuttgart, Bayern Munich is under special scrutiny – and not just from Felix Magath.

When it comes to mangoes, fruit, and turmeric, Julian Nagelsmann has enjoyed it. And in his Friday morning mini-presentation, he revealed surprising knowledge of the power of fruit varieties. Mango, for example, is the most active fruit on the planet. So he read it. The situation at Bayern Munich could not be so tragic if the coach had time and comfort to provide detailed information on his “magic potion” before the important match against Stuttgart. Now the situation is known: the people of Munich didn’t care much about what was happening back home on Sunday afternoon. Because the championship trophy has already been brought safely and will be awarded to record champions in equal measure.

But the situation is not so simple: Bayern Munich still has a very important task to do this season. Because in the rest of the country, after the recent 1:3 bankruptcy at FSV Mainz 05, which experts rated as embarrassing, they weren’t sure if they knew in Munich, Felix Magath tried to use the national megaphone and the urgency of the matter. Call the task again. The point is, Nagelsmann’s team qualifies to the last second (the last match) – Magath would probably be satisfied too if they did their work to the penultimate second (the penultimate round). If Munich manages things as you expect the power of the clubs, Hertha BSC, the Magath club, will be saved. And it can put a smile behind the horror season.

In Munich they heard the message and were not happy with it. But they also believe that everything was said in the two topics of competition distortion (the poor match against Mainz) and the “Ibiza” case (the team’s flight after the poor match), but there are conflicting opinions on this view. Some media representatives wanted to get away from the coaches on Friday morning and would like to hear some clear sentences about the stars’ trip to the Balearic Islands. Nagelsmann politely threw in, but was very annoyed by the situation. He fulfilled his responsibility as coach and gave the players two days off to control the load. These are mature. He is not the father. How they spend their free time, that’s their job. interval. No reaction is expected. Again, period. What he can influence: His team is under surveillance.

Bayern Munich can’t do anything about it

Although there is one more thing: in Munich we only have a “responsibility to ourselves”. After all, Bayern can’t help it “if another team is in a relegation battle”. Then the last line is below the line. The people of Munich drew it with an official announcement on the topic of spontaneous flights of the stars. Or so they thought. But now that should be enough already. A good performance against VfB would certainly be the best argument for expelling the last smoldering embers. In order not to fuel discussions about personality and mentality (you can ask Borussia Dortmund how annoying and hard they are). They don’t like it in Stuttgart, but they do in Berlin.

Munich’s Niklas Sule will not – or only briefly – take part in the last assignment. It is known that the defender will leave the club and move to the BVB. The record champions are grateful to him for his extremely valuable work. But it goes like this: “We don’t necessarily have to rely on the players leaving us,” says the coach. Süle had already received his “cure” against Mainz (service note: Süle was not part of the Ibiza Travel Group). But: “He might get another minute, but he probably won’t start.

The mood in Munich before the premiere of the upcoming Nagelsmann movie isn’t really good. His first season in Munich came with too many background noises and they didn’t want it to go away. The “Ibiza Affair” and the way the team was said to have dealt with the chiefs (de facto being the key word) reverberates on Säbener Strasse. The background noise there is really annoyingly loud. It’s about Robert Lewandowski and what’s next for the Munich striker (or not). It is about Serge Gnabry and also about his future. And in general about the squad, is it still good after the quarter-final knockout in the Champions League against Villarreal to raise the big ambitions of the club.

Too turbulent for Nagelsmann

These are the last points in a season with fears of Corona, with a vaccination refusal (now resolved), with a Qatari question that divided the club and with progress on Oliver Kahn and Hasan Salihamidzic, who is considered a huge difference in inheritance for Ole Hoeness and Karl Heinz Rummenigge is desperately looking for support and balance. And in it Nagelsmann has always been in demand as a communicator. He accepted the role, and filled it – but was increasingly annoyed by the lack of an exit strategy for his multi-functional presence with the record champions. But now called for this new season. Then it should be just about football for him again, the fun and the titles.

For the duel against Stuttgart, he returns his players to the service. But not as a reaction to Ibiza, but as a “proper preparation” for the championship party. Ole. On the other hand, Thomas Muller is considered to be the eleventh. It shouldn’t be the last for either of them. This week’s ‘Bob of Bavaria’ stretched to 2024. Nagelsmann found this to be “very valuable to us. It’s an internal and external signal. It can also attract others.” It can give a boost and new energy. Just like mango.

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