School in NRW: Minister Gebauer unveils new plan for distance learning

On Monday, January 10, schools in North Rhine-Westphalia will start classes again after the Christmas holidays. Is there a risk of distance learning again soon?

Update, Thursday (January 6) 4pmThe state of North Rhine-Westphalia has announced new coronavirus regulations to start classes on January 10 in a “school mail” sent by the Ministry of Education.

Update, Wednesday (January 5) at 11:20 a.m.: At an early stage, state education ministers are currently discussing how schools should move forward against the backdrop of the impending omicron wave. So far, not every federal state has the same answer to the question of whether students should carry on in alternating, remote or face-to-face classes.

federal state North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW)
School starts after the Christmas holidays Monday January 10 2022
Dropp off 216.9 (as of January 4th)

Distance learning in schools in NRW in the shadow of the Corona pandemic: Gebauer has a clear opinion

But even before the special switch, Karen Brin (CDU), Minister of Education in Schleswig-Holstein and President of the Conference of Education Ministers, said out loud ZDF, It turns out that “the collateral damage from school closures is so great that we must now do everything in our power to ensure that schools remain open.”

The NRW Gebauer School Secretary (FDP) also gave a clear rejection of both rotating learning and distance learning before the conference. In particular, exchange classes are not for political discussion. Teaching model, according to Jabauer WAZIt represents the maximum burden for all teachers and is the worst variable. She went on to explain, “If it were now about less communication, then alternating lessons wouldn’t make any sense either.” Then you have to start distance learning again. However, face-to-face teaching remains the highest priority.

First report Tuesday (January 4) at 3:05 pm: NRW – Federal state education ministers want to meet on Wednesday, January 5 for an early switch. One of the group’s most pressing questions is whether classroom teaching can continue across the board. There has not yet been talk of distance learning in the state of New South Wales. But in Thuringia, after the holiday ended on Monday (January 3), students started distance learning again.

Schools in NRW: Will Corona force students to return to distance learning?

North Rhine-Westphalia is one of the federal states where schools last start after the Christmas holidays. In five federal states, including Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg, Berlin, Saxony and Rhineland-Palatinate, schoolchildren have been back in school since Monday (January 3). But NRW’s Christmas break also ends on Friday and students will be back in class on Monday (January 10) (more news about the coronavirus pandemic at NRW on RUHR24).

In NRW, this actually means that students can sit in class again. In Thuringia, on the other hand, the math book and the German language book are back at the desk in the children’s room.

According to the Thuringian State Chancellery, the incidence in the rather small federal state is over 400 (as of January 4) – and due to the Corona case, schools are initially starting remote lessons. As of January 5, 2022, schools should be noisy Deutschland Funk You can then decide for yourself whether the teaching will be face-to-face, rotating or remotely.

Corona and the school: Education ministers should ask themselves questions about distance learning

The most pressing question for the Education Minister on Wednesday (January 5th) appears to be how schools will continue into the new year. Can the promise to continue to educate students face to face in all areas be fulfilled? For federal states where school starts a week after classes start in Thuringia, important questions can be clarified before school starts (more news about the Corona pandemic in the live feed on RUHR24).

Because the promise to keep schools open anyway is getting louder RND increasingly questioning. The Association for Education and Training (VBE) is said to have told the editorial network that face-to-face teaching should not be available at any cost. The voice of the teachers’ associations was also loud daily news Something similar was already announced at the end of December: a return to rotating or even distance teaching should not be “a taboo”, according to Udo Beckmann, president of the Consortium for Education and Training (VBE).

School in the Corona pandemic: NRW committed to face-to-face classes

For NRW, Prime Minister Hendrik Fust (CDU) has closed schools consistently so far. As long as this is somehow justified, schools should remain open, Wüst said, according to ARD morning magazine. Children have already had enough of the epidemic. The Ministry of Education also closed NRW loudly WDR Which was already Monday evening (January 3).

In addition, as classes begin after the holidays, students will be tested again regularly and across the board – which, according to the school’s minister, Yvonne Gibor, will help better control the infection process. Three rapid tests are conducted in high schools in NRW, and two tests for the PCR lollipop pool are conducted in elementary and private schools. Sources of infection can be detected quickly.

NRW receives support from the Federal Parents Council. “In the context of equal opportunity, we consider face-to-face teaching very important not only from the point of view of learning success, but also for the social and emotional development of children and youth.” It is clear that the negative consequences of distance education for development since the beginning of the epidemic of children.

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