The Neighborhood of Society: Here’s What Psychology Says

Your favorite influencer posts a new photo and tells you about her latest vacation in the description. As if you were talking to a good friend. Does this sound familiar to you? This is the so-called Barelos relationship. What exactly is and how Social relations Affect us, you can find out here.

This is how we interact with influencers

What are parasitic relationships?

Parasocial relationships by definition Relationships between consumers and celebrities or fictional characters. What is remarkable about these relationships is that they are one-sided. So we think we know all about our favorite influencer, but she doesn’t know us.

Parasocial relationships exist alongside other social relationships. The Social proximity to friends or colleagues You build in a similar way: through regular interactions over a longer period of time with a high level of definition.

However, the phenomenon of this type of relationship has not only been around since social media has become very popular. As early as the 1950s, psychologists attempted to research this type of behaviour. Of course, in the past, social relationships did not take place through social media, but through concerts and live performances, for example. Today, the digital world makes it easier for us To feel close to the person.

How much time do you spend on Instagram? picture: Pexels / Plann

The positive and negative aspects of digital interaction

Thus, semi-social relationships are about more than just being a fan girl. Such relationships can also have positive sides. For example, strong fan communities can develop this business for common interests. Or friendships are made within the fan community.

However, these relationships can also be dangerous. Because once an obsessive dynamic sets in and the expectations of one side are not met, negative and emotional feelings can arise.

Who Leads Parasocial Relationships?

In fact, we can all have parasitic relationships. However, many studies show that people with low self-esteem prefer parasitic relationships. the reason: The risk of getting rejected by an online personality who doesn’t even know you Low to None. In some cases, these relationships are seen as a simple break from real-world relationships.

Studies also show that teens are more likely to engage in social relationships, regardless of gender. The term “crazy girl”, which usually refers to the attribution of such behavior to women, is thus an anti-female view rather than a proven phenomenon. So Generation Z is vulnerable to the phenomenon precisely for the reason As it has access to the lives of countless dignitaries of all times across all social platforms.

Two women filming a TikTok dance
GenZ is at its home in the digital world. picture: Pixels / Artem Podres

Parasocial relationships as a pervasive phenomenon

Basically, parasitic relationships are not dangerous and anyone who follows a celebrity on social media has a little parasitic relationship. Basically, they are an indispensable part of today’s world. Because, according to media psychologist Nicola Doering, confrontation with media professionals has some Similar socio-psychological effects to the sudden encounter with our fellow human beings. For example, we can feel sympathy for the media.

Many also see their favorite influencer as a role model and try to copy their clothing style. How healthy this relationship is depends on each person and the type of their relationship. According to studies, the most important thing is those parasitic links Do not offer a complete substitute for social relations, otherwise social isolation may result. So we can rest easily on outfit inspiration Instagram Capture and watch holiday stories. Because we all live a little bit in the digital world.

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