The playoffs in Miami live now!

10:25 pm

Q2: Let’s go!

We were a bit surprised that there was no red flag in Q1. In terms of traffic at least, it should have been a little easier in the second quarter because there are only 15 cars left now. So more space for everyone.

Five drivers were ejected this time, 15 minutes on the clock. here we are!

10:22 PM

Marco: Don’t write off Perez!

We use the interval before Q2 to quickly hear what Helmut Marko just said in “Sky”. When asked if there will be another duel between Verstappen and Leclerc, he replied: “Checo is there.”

“It’s like racing home for him. Incredible number of Mexicans [hier] So far he’s been doing really well,” he praises Marco and explains: “I’m going to see it more as a three-way fight.” Perez just finished in the first quarter on P3.

10:19 pm

Q1: Closing time

In the end, Hamilton was able to do it easily, finishing the first quarter in fifth place. Leclerc’s best time remains well ahead of Verstappen. Magnussen, Cho and the Williams drivers left. Magnussen-Aus came as a bit of a surprise, because Schumacher ended up largely out on the field in P11.

10:13 pm

Q1: The final stage

The last five minutes of Q1 are already running – and Ferrari has fought back! Leclerc sets 1:29.474, which is the fastest time on the weekend. Verstappen also improved but is about 0.4sec behind.

Hamilton, Gasly and the Williams drivers will be out now. But there must be more to come from everyone in the last few minutes!

10:08 PM

Q1: Verstappen sets the speed

After the first attempts, the Dutchman leads with 1: 30.235. That puts him more than half a second ahead of the rest of the field! Latifi, Albon, Vettel and Bottas, who have not yet decided a date, will be absent.

10:01 pm

Q1: Let’s go!

Then let’s see, the first session is up and running. As always, there are 18 minutes on the clock in Q1. But what is different this time is that only four drivers were left out. As is known, Ocon cannot participate in the playoffs.

Let’s see who gets caught. Anyway, they are filled up on the road. We just made it clear that it’s important to set a time right away so you don’t get into trouble later.

9:55 pm

Q1: Open the session bar now!

In a few minutes, the first Formula 1 qualifying starts in Miami. For you, it’s time once again to open the tape of our sessions with Stefan Ehlen. Only there is a full report, here we limit ourselves to the most important information, photos and sounds.

Again, the official risk of precipitation was given only 20 percent. The sun is still shining a bit at the moment. The air temperature is 33.5 degrees, the asphalt glows at 53.1 degrees!

9:47 PM

Watch out for Floor 14

Sainz and Ocon had almost the same accident yesterday and today. Cycle 17 is also dangerous and always good for spinning. It would also be about setting a good lap time as quickly as possible.

Because a red flag late in the session can cause your favorites to get stuck too quickly in the first or second quarter!

9:41 PM

How close is it?

Everything seems to be open: Leclerc set the best time in FT1, Russell in FT2 and Perez in FT3. Three different teams in three sessions for that in the foreground. There is no clear favourite. That’s how we love it!

Photo gallery: Top 10: The Most Powerful Formula 1 Qualifiers of the Last 20 Years

9:26 pm


The W-Series race in Miami ended a few minutes ago – and it was dry. The announced rain is still not in sight for now. But of course we are watching the sky.

By the way, here is the video of Verstappen’s quick breakdown in FT3:

9:20 pm

Ricardo’s warning

Lucky for the Australian, he got away with his warning to start a wrong practice in FT3. It’s his first this year, so no problem. Here is a very brief justification for the referees in full:

“It was clear that the driver had performed starting training in a way that went against the race director’s event notes.”

9:12 PM

Qualification without Ocon

The Frenchman needs a new chassis after the FT3 crash. He won’t be able to take part in qualifying because Alpine can’t build that quickly. There are only 19 left.

After all, the team announces that Ocon is doing just fine. Tomorrow’s race starts. For this it needs a special permit without qualification, but this is just a formality.

9:03 pm

Live broadcast

As promised, we’re only offering today’s live stream start time. Kevin Scheuren and Christian Nimmervoll will report as scheduled at 1:30 a.m. on YouTube channel.

If qualification is delayed, that will of course have an impact on the start time of our analysis. Of course we announce it here.

Q1 will start in less than an hour!

8:31 pm

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8:23 pm

Ricardo is in trouble

The Australian must go to the hosts at 20:45. He is said to have violated point 11.2 of the event notes. These dictate to drivers where and how to start testing. This is the literal point:

“All drivers performing the practice start should do so by pulling as far forward on the grid as possible and, if necessary, should wait for others to make the start before reaching the grid position further forward.”

“Under no circumstances should a driver start a practice if another vehicle is still parked in front of him on the same side of the grid.”

8:15 pm

New asphalt next year?

In this context, Ralf Schumacher believes that the full re-appearance of the course should be in the 2023 race. The current situation is a “big problem” that can no longer be resolved in the short term.

“This is a problem and I also think you have to reappear for next year,” Schumacher said on Sky. Tire racing also has a “crazy number of cars”. […] Schumacher said.

Let’s see how things go in the playoffs then!

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