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Jan 19 2022-9:29 AM hour

Not in the mood for the cold season yet?

It’s been a short summer and autumn has already arrived. However, it’s possible to escape the changing of the seasons again: we’ve researched and show you where to find travel and summer bargains again. What is the best time to book your dream vacation? We will tell you in the video!

Spain is currently the hottest party

The top tip for fall tours is Spain. For a week in Mallorca there is an excellent apartment with half board for a family of four starting from 1354 EUR (GFK). Kids don’t have to be in quarantine after they come back – as of now. Because Spain is currently not a high-risk area. If this happens, you can protect yourself: “If it becomes a danger zone and you book, most tour operators say you can cancel for free if you have children with you,” says Jochen Foland of the travel division of Teddy Travel. On the other hand, all of Turkey and parts of Greece are currently high risk areas. If you want to take a vacation with a standard vacation, you can save a lot with vacation homes. In Croatia, for example, current figures show that this time it is a quarter cheaper than in autumn 2020.

We’ve checked holiday portals for you

According to an assessment by Holidaycheck, prices for Greece in the fall generally remained the same compared to the previous year. However, the following applies: those who search will find. Because there are differences in the details: according to, the somewhat expensive island of Santorini is 31 percent cheaper than it was in 2019. Madeira is currently 14 percent less than the average booking value and Rhodes has attractive offers for couples. : A week in a four-star hotel with half board (but from Memmingen) is available for 325 euros. But families (2 adults with 2 children) can also find what they’re looking for. Seven Cos days from Munich including half board, hotel transfer and train to flight can be booked for 1526€.

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How about a single leave?

Croatia is a cheap travel destination in October.

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According to the results of a price comparison with 2020, according to HomeToGo, there are likely to be completely different destinations in the second and third weeks of October: accommodation in the south of France is 14 percent cheaper on average. Holiday homes for a family with two children are available from 504 EUR. In Croatia, a sharper decline in prices was recorded. There, the fall vacation period is 30 percent cheaper than it was in the previous year. Families can book accommodation with a sea view or their own pool for as little as 471 EUR.

Mallorca has double-deal potential this fall

Package or individual – cheap trip to Mallorca should work in October. According to an assessment by booking portal Holidaycheck, rates for the Balearic Islands will drop by up to 5 percent in October. It’s a small number, but it also allows for small prices: four people (two adults with two children) pay only €1324 for seven days during the NRW holiday season in a four-star hotel with half board, hotel transfer and train to flight from Munich.

Booked individually, there are return flights from Munich, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf between 58 and 76 euros. The typical Finca Mallorca with its own swimming pool can be found for only 755 euros.

Free cancellation or not?

Whether it makes sense to book a free cancellation is up to the vacationer and depends on the vaccination status or infection rate in the vacation country. However, if you book a show at short notice with the free cancellation option, you should pay attention to how long you can still use it before departure (usually four to two weeks). If the option to cancel the trip expires after a few days of booking, these costs can be saved even better!

Bargain hunting tips

Departures board

Flexibility in choosing an airport increases the chances of finding a deal.

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Our price research shows that deals don’t fall right into your hand. Therefore, persistence when searching is an advantage. Also, don’t wait too long once you find a good price. Because we also noticed: It often takes only a few minutes before the entire show is suddenly booked.

There are also some deals from far away airports. In this case, another advice from travel experts to holiday pirates, with which these offers can be called into question: “Book an all-inclusive flight with the airport of departure in another federal state that does not have holidays. Choose an offer with the train to a flight for arrival.” (lma/ega)

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