Travel by train to the Mediterranean for 50 euros

Traveling by train to Croatia on the Adriatic for less than 30 euros? It really works! It also has easy access to other popular European tourist destinations. Trips from all over Germany to Italy, France, Croatia, Denmark and Sweden are possible for 50-100 euros – but some tricks are necessary for this.

How good is that Lennart Vanenmüller She knows – and she loves to reveal, too! The 32-year-old, who describes himself as a nerd on the train, recently grabbed attention on Twitter. In a post titled “Summer Vacation Booking Tricks by Train” he explains how travelers can make the most of the savings at Deutsche Bahn:

“Although DB’s savings rates are among the best in Europe, it is not always easy to find them in the train reservation system,” says Lennart in an interview with the German editorial network. Intermediate stops should be entered here and there, and regional trains elsewhere should be excluded. But Lennart makes it easy for us: in his thread he explains all the tricks, including screenshots of the attachment mask.

Top tips for a train deal

1. Use DB’s savings rate – as far as possible

“It sounds banal, but you need to know to what extent the database fare applies in order to get to your destination at the lowest possible cost,” Lennart says. These places can often be reached by direct trains from Germany or can be booked full-time on a cooperation basis.

In Belgium, for example, this is Brussels, in France Paris or Marseille. Singles TGVs are also allowed from Strasbourg to Bordeaux, Montpellier or Nantes. In this case, it is important to cross the border with an ICE / TGV.

Lennart knows that three routes to Italy can be easily combined with DB savings fares: The Gotthard Road via Chiasso leads to Sicily. The Brenner Route takes you to Rimini or Venice with a change in Munich. The Tauern Road leads through Villach in Austria. So it is not only cheap for Italy, but also for Croatia and Slovenia.

Copenhagen can also be reached directly by trains from Germany and thus can be combined with DB savings fares, and also for connections to Stockholm or Gothenburg.

Great view: a local train near Sitges in Spain.

2. If possible, use a continuous ticket

Very important: as far as possible, travelers should always buy one connecting ticket from the DB – not two. This is the only way they are entitled to enjoy full passenger rights in case of delay or cancellation.

3. Scheduling buffers

If you want to travel further than the DB savings rate will allow, Lennart says, plan a generous time slot for changing trains. Booking becomes a bit more complicated because travelers have to book a ticket with the state or private railway providers of the destination country in addition to the ticket with Deutsche Bahn. Example: you want to continue to the Spanish border via Paris or you want to continue from Chiasso to Sicily. “The rule of thumb is: DB Sparpreis as much as possible, buffer, continue with another provider,” says the railroad nerd.

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4. Bahn Card

If you’re planning one or two major train trips in the summer, the Bahnkart 25 may come in handy, says Lennart. With that you get a 25% discount on the German part of the road in addition to the price savings. The trial railway pass is valid for three months and costs €17.90.

Important: Remember to cancel (at least six weeks before the card expires) if you don’t want to continue using it after the summer.

Booking tips for Italy, Croatia and France

What destinations in Italy, Croatia and France can travelers still get special fares for their summer holidays? And how exactly do you need to do this when booking? Using Lennart’s tricks, we tried different connections during the summer vacation (trial period: end of July). Click directly to access the country of interest: