ZSC and EVZ in the final

ZSC Lions celebrate reaching the final.Photo: cornerstone

In the semi-finals of the National League, decisions were made as quickly as possible. The defending champions Zug and the ZSC Lions reached the finals with their fourth win in four matches. The first game takes place on Easter Monday in Zug.

04/14/2022, 19:2004/14/2022, 23:09

Davos – Train 1: 2nV

Series 0: 4

The people of Zug narrowly escaped their first defeat in the playoffs. Gregory Hoffman equalized with a shot from the blue line to make it 1-1 19.8 seconds before the original time when the guests were without a goalkeeper, saving his team in overtime. This lasted only 45 seconds, then Jan Kovar scored the winning goal for the guests. Dario Simeone did the preliminary work after initially blocking the shot.

The Swiss midfielder should have won the match earlier. As in the first semi-final, they left their mark on the match, but it was Davos who took the lead in the 38th minute. For once, Grayson found some space, Dennis Rasmussen played a superb cross pass by the advanced defender Thomas Wellinger, who initially wanted to pass Matej Stranski in the middle, and then The ball returned to him and he shot into the “empty” goal. . The 34-year-old scored only for the third time in the current tournament for the self-sacrificing Davos team.

On the other hand, Zuger missed several big chances until a late equalizer, for example in the 23rd minute when Dario Simeone failed from close range to Davos goalkeeper Sandro Eichlemann. Or a few seconds before the second break when Fabrice Herzog appeared on his own against Ashlemann. There could be many other examples.

Additionally, the one-time EVZ failed to achieve anything calculable in the power game. Of course there was also a lack of capacity, with Zug scoring late and they were also a bit unlucky, but Eichlemann’s performance deserves the highest recognition. The 27-year-old saved 36 shots.

Photo: cornerstone

Davos – Zug 1:2 (0:0, 1:0, 0:1, 0:1) next
6,547 spectators (all sold out). – SR Wiegand / Stolc (SVK), Altman / Wolf.
gates: 38. Willinger (Stranski, Bromme) 1-0. 60. (59:41) Hoffmann (Djos) 1:1 (without goalkeeper). 61 (60:45) Kovar (Hoffmann) 1:2.
punish: 3 times 2 minutes against Davos, 1 time 2 minutes against Zug.
PostFinance scorer: ampoule. Kovar.
Davos: Ashleiman. Heinen, Jung; Dominic Egli, Wellinger; Zgraggen, Barandon; gardener; Stransky, Rasmussen, Brummy; Phaser, Corvi, ampoules; Dirt, Brassell, Frehner; Knack, Nosbomer, Pospisil; Canova.
Train: Jenoni. Kadunau, DJs; Hanson, Stadler; big circle smurfs; Muller, Lander, Bachoener; Simeon, Kovar, Hoffmann; Zehnder, Sentineler, Herzog; Allenspach, Leuenberger, Suri; De Nico.
Notes: Davos without Chris Egli, Simic, Stubb (all injured) and Negrin (excess foreign). He trained from 58:41 to 59:41 without a goalkeeper.

Zurich – Friborg 6: 2

Series 4: 0

Overtime separated the two teams three times, and in the fourth game the third was enough. In the middle part, everything that could possibly go wrong has gone wrong for Friborg-Gutieron. The misfortune began in the 24th minute when Marcus Kreuger parried a Maxime Nooro shot to make it 2-1. The decisive scene followed two minutes later.

Friborg’s top scorer, Chris Di Domenico, who previously had a lively mood in control, stumbled and was penalized for misconduct. A few seconds after the five-minute penalty expired, Krueger increased the difference again to 3:1. Without the only player capable of making the difference for Freiburg, more than an initial decision was made – but Guteron’s misery is far from over.

In the 36th minute, Simon Bodenmann punched the ball over the line to make it 4:1 – in a situation very similar to Friborg’s disallowed goal in extra time on Tuesday. Christian Dube also took on the coach’s challenge, but after studying the video he did not understand it correctly and was sentenced to a small fine. In the next power game, Bodenmann doubled to 5:1.

The rest was a ZSC show at Hallenstadion, which was sold out for the first time since the final win over Lugano four years earlier. After three strong showings in the first three games, Guteron lacked the energy, faith, and hilarity class to achieve a superhero transformation. It will be difficult to stop ZSC like this in the final.

Photo: cornerstone

Black ZSC – Friborg Gutron 6:2 (1:1, 4:0, 1:1)
11,200 spectators (all sold out). – SR Lemelin (CAN) / Tscherrig, Obwegeser / Cattaneo.
gates: 6. (5:34) Ascleman 1: 0 7. (6:06) Dasherneh 1: 1. 24. Norio (Azevedo) 2-1. 31. Krueger (Weber) 3-1. 36. Bodenmann 4: 1. 38. Bodenmann (Azevedo, Kruger) 5: 1. 47 Broden (Gunderson) 5-2. 56. Aeschlimann (Schäppi, Chris Baltisberger) 6: 2 (inside the empty goal).
punish: 3 times 2 minutes against the ZSC Lions, 3 times 2 plus 5 minutes (DiDomenico) plus playing time (DiDomenico) against Friborg-Gottéron.
PostFinance scorer: Andregueto. Domenico.
Black ZSC: Kovar (56 Weber); Noro, Marty. Phil Baltisberger, Gering; Weber, Kevisto; Trotman. Hollenstein, Malgin, Andregetto; Azevedo, Krueger, Bodenmann; Pedretti, Siegrist, Diem; Eichlemann, Shabi, Chris Baltisberger; Soba.
Friborg Gutieron: Pera. Gunderson, Jecker. Sutter, Furer-Diaz, Dufner. Chavilas. Bykov, Desharnais, Mottet; Marchon, Schmid, De Domenico; Broden, Walser, Jörg; Bougrou, Hosner, Rossi; Lauper.
Notes: Black ZSC without Morante (injured), Queenville and Rowe (both extra aliens), Friborg-Guteron without Jacket (injured) and Rantakari (extra alien). Friborg Gutieron from 55:30 to 55:53 without a goalkeeper. (Abu/Sada)

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1000 Swiss Ice Hockey Club

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