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The players of the Wolfsburg football team were crowned the German champions for the seventh time. After Sunday’s 10-1 (5-0) win over relegated Carl Zeiss Jena, “Wolves” could no longer be caught by Bayern Munich on the last day of the match.

by Johannes Freitag

The fact that the stadium construction site in Jena wasn’t something ideal for the championship bash didn’t bother the Wolfsburg team and their entourage at all. Minutes before the final whistle, substitutes danced on the sidelines in pre-made championship shirts, and from the stands of Ernst Abbey, which was occupied by only 760 spectators – a loud sound of “This is what the winners look like” and “Stand by the wolves” sounded.

Cardboard shell in Jena, a real cup in Wolfsburg

At the final whistle, there was no turning back, everyone in the middle circle hugged and carried a cardboard bowl that they had brought with them. The real trophy comes after the home game against Bayer Leverkusen next Sunday (2pm, live on NDR). “We’ve worked really hard for it, it’s exciting,” NFL coach Tommy Strutt said with a grin.

The trip back to Wolfsburg was wet and playful, national goalkeeper Almuth Schulte later said in an NDR interview after the bus arrived in Wolfsburg. “And some are a little hoarse.”

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A strong football season despite all the adversity

VfL’s entourage can celebrate an almost perfect season. Strutt’s side, who only came to Aller from Enschede last summer and impressively defied all adversities – personnel changes with nine departures, injuries to top performers like Ewa Bajor, Alexandra Pope and Schulte – suffered just one defeat.

Recently, he has racked up eleven consecutive wins, including a 6-0 win over current champions Bayern Munich. On May 28 there is a chance to double – in the DFB Cup final against Turbine Potsdam. The only bitter drop is the semi-finals of the Champions League, where the “Wolves” withdrew from the case respectably after the 1: 5 defeat at the Barcelona Grande Stadium in the second leg (2: 0).

In the first half everything was already clear

The match in Jena began with a shocking moment for women in the Premier League: Bob had to be treated for a long time for a head injury, but then continued to play with a bandage. Then, events on the field took an expected one-sided course. In front of Jena, which she completely defeated, the leaders of the standings advanced 2-0 after a few minutes, with two goals from Bajur (8) and Svendis Yunsdottir (10).

Then, too, was the only goal for the owners of the land, who conceded the third goal in the best slapstick manner through an own goal by Tina Kremlichka (18). Finally after Felicitas Rauch took a 4-0 lead (25th place), the last skeptics had to be persuaded to win the Wolfsburg women’s team. Lina Latwin scored 5-0 before the end of the first half (38).

VfL women do not calm down

cute after reboot? Not with VfL. 53 seconds played when the ball was in Jena’s net again: Gilles Rudd scored from 20 meters to make it 6-0. Bob increased the difference to 7-0 shortly thereafter (57). Only then did the guests take it easy and let Julia Arnold score a consolation goal (79). But this was only a small and short act of mercy, Tabia Wassmouth (81), Pauline Bremer (83) and Svenga Huth (85) finally turned it into double digits and scored the highest Premier League win of the season with their goals.

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