Action Day for Europe: The Leading Office invites participation in the project – Schramberg and surroundings

The Airport Adventure Playground near Winzeln is sponsored by Leader. Image: link

“Unfortunately, we are currently witnessing another war of aggression taking place on European soil. Thus the ‘EU’ peace project is the most important,” says the Leading Regional Development Office in the Central Black Forest, based in Schiltaş.

Schiltach – “We are taking Europe Day as an opportunity to show what is possible with EU support and how well the rural areas on our doorstep can benefit from their funding,” the report continues. Europe Day has been celebrated on May 9 since 1986—as a reminder of the Paris speech given by French Foreign Minister Robert Schumann in 1950, in which he outlined his vision for political and economic cooperation in Europe—along with the hope for long-term peace in Europe to make a copy. backup. The current situation in Europe shows how important it is in this struggle.

regional approach

The European Union supports civil society and economic and political development in the member states with various funding programmes. Since 1991, European funding from the European Agricultural Fund (EAFRD) has been flowing into rural areas to implement innovative regional projects. The “Leader” program is distinguished by the fact that a development strategy tailored to the region is first established through citizen participation. On this basis, regional actors decide on project ideas that can benefit from funding – this approach is a central component of urban regional development.

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The Leader District in the middle of the Black Forest was included in the funding program in 2007 and can look at more than 140 successfully implemented projects. In the past 15 years, funding from the European Union, the state and the federal government amounted to about 9.1 million euros to the region, and the investment volume was more than 24 million euros. “We want to continue this success story and therefore are applying with 26 municipalities for inclusion in the funding period from 2023 to 2027,” Henry Heller, president of the Central Black Forest Regional Development Association, says in the statement. Committed stakeholders across the region were invited to engage in various forms of engagement in May “thus allowing their ideas for a sustainable central black forest to flow into the regional development strategy.”

Various projects

From 2023, projects such as adventure playgrounds such as meeting places (such as the airport in Aichhalden/Fluorn-Winzeln) or barrier-free vacations at former listed inns (such as Rossberg in Schenkenzell) can also be funded for further tourism development. Projects to keep the cultural landscape open (such as in Hausach and Lauterbach), to protect nature (such as the Salmon Farming Visitor Center in Oberwolfach) or for youth in rural areas can also be envisaged.

Info: To the program

The word Leader means “Liaison entre Actions de développement de l’économie rurale”, that is, “Linking actions for the development of the rural economy”. This European structural program focuses on promoting exemplary initiatives for the development of rural areas. The current member municipalities of the county of Rottweil are Aichhalden, Dunningen, Eschbronn, Fluorn-Winzeln, Hardt, Lauterbach, Schenkenzell, Schiltach, Schramberg and chambers, and in the region of Ortenau are Biberach, Fischerbach, Gutach, Haslach, Hausach, Hofstetten, Hornberg and Kippenbach Nordrach, Oberharmersbach, Oberwolfach, Schuttertal, Seelbach, Steinach, Wolfach, and Zell am Harmersbach. Contact the office, Hauptstraße 5 in Schiltach, by phone at 07836/95 58 33 or by e-mail: [email protected]

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