An Unhappy Marriage: 10 Signs

You may be unhappy in marriage and don’t know what to do? In addition to the first signs of an unhappy marriage, we will show you how you can save your marriage through communication or how you can end it in an orderly manner if there is no other way out for you.

Nobody should be dissatisfied either unhappy in marriage He is. Two people got married and promised to be there “on the good and bad days”. You promised to make each other happy and always support each other.

It’s pretty clear that no single relationship stays the same forever and changes over time. but if the they change des: partner: very strong and negatively charged Is that it affects the marriage and makes the other person unhappy, caution is advised. Especially if it quality of life and the psychiatric suffering from.

We would like to show you what you can do if you are unhappy in your marriage or in a relationship. How natural unhappiness is how to make one The best solution to the marital crisisOne save the marriage can and when one It is preferable to separate or divorce Will be.

Unhappiness in marriage: How much is “normal” unhappiness?

Everyone knows that partnership and marriage don’t happen around the clock in cloud nine. When there is ups, there are downsides – the special thing about a working marriage between two people is that they exist Complementation, problem solving and communication.

Without compromise and care, the framework of the relationship crumbles and eventually collapses. Permanent unhappiness arises in marriage, and something may have changed. Follow visualize a problem No reaction or no solution, malaise.

The only level of unhappiness in marriage and even in relationships that can be considered “normal” is that Perception Scale. Adversity does not have to be endured to a certain extent in marriage and relationship. He should Be happy, Feel good and react to problems that arise, which are perfectly normal from time to time and are part of life, and avoid them with your loved one. Unhappiness left unresolved in a marriage for so long is not normal.

signs of an unhappy marriage

Since you came to this article, you may feel a change in your marriage or in relation to your partner. Now it’s time to find out exactly where your boot pinches are. Here are the typical 10 signs of an unhappy marriage, you will probably find yourself here:

  1. feel one distance: after pink
  2. you have secrets in front of each other
  3. you Comparing You are with other couples
  4. You look up to them Spare time without your partner
  5. imagine life Without him: Hey Before
  6. you have no fun together more
  7. you have no sex more
  8. Ha cuddlingnot more
  9. I was planning you life without your partner
  10. is yours benefit For some other decreases

Unhappy in marriage: how would you like to behave?

Do you realize that you are definitely unhappy in your marriage or that there is a problem that needs solving? Simply carrying it is not an option, because Personal problems do not go away on their own. Also this Push and by itself Getting rid of problems is not a permanent solution For you and for the relationship, sooner or later the problem will return to your life. So there are two possibilities:

  1. Solve the marital crisis through communication and/or professional assistance
  2. End the marriage if the problem is not resolved

Saving Marriage: How to Solve the Marriage Crisis

If you choose this Solve the marital crisis And decided to save the marriage, you see hopefull for you personal love, that’s cool. Now it’s about To talk to your partner. Take the time to talk about the problems in your relationship in a realistic way and without accusations.

Your peer will feel less offensive if you do this Problems from a first person perspective Tell them describe how you deal with the problem, how you feel, what triggers it inside you and that you are interested in solving the problem. a open exchange She is the alpha and omega in a relationship. Even if it’s you a lot of effort costs. One helps couples who have broken up over time regular conversation about her feelings. It is important to him Inner emotional world outward To wear it, because that’s the only way your husband or wife can tell what you look like.

also one Couples Therapy It can help you bring the marriage back into balance. This way you can learn to connect with each other and express your feelings when it is difficult for you.

But maybe there is one individual therapy Useful when the problem is not with both, but with one person. lack Respect my self And Self-awareness It can also cause discomfort in marriage and relationships. The problems we expect on partners sometimes lie with us. This is how we blame others for our dissatisfaction and drive them away from us. However, this procedure does not lead to a solution. In case of anger, ask yourself if you are angry with your partner or with yourself and your current actions. This is amazing change perspective It can change a lot in a stuck relationship.

You want to end the marriage and break up

Ending a relationship is not easy. Especially when you are married. However, if you feel that you are no longer happy in a relationship or you are no longer happy, breaking up is the right decision, even if it was painful at first.

Anyone who is unhappy in their marriage and considering separation can count on it different ways Approach the husband or wife and that Title topic.

  • Clarity through couples therapy: If you suspect that breaking up is the best decision, but you are not 100% sure, you should see a couples therapist or couples counselor with your partner. Together, you can discuss and decide whether there is a future in your marriage or whether separation is the best decision for everyone
  • You have clarifying conversations: If a potential breakup is imminent, no one should be surprised. Have intense conversations with each other, expressing and sharing your thoughts and feelings about the relationship. What you wish for the future and why you might not be able to imagine the future together. This way, your peer understands the situation better and can respond instead of facing the fait accompli.
  • Be really sure: Once the word separation or divorce is mentioned, there is rarely a dip in relationships. So make sure of your decision. Can the marriage crisis be resolved? Have you talked a lot about a problem and not found a solution? Did you fight as hard as you could? Only then should words such as separation and divorce be used.
  • Parting on good terms: No one seeks separation or divorce on bad terms. You have beautiful years behind you. In order to participate on good terms, you must always play with open cards. The other person should understand why the breakup happened and should have the opportunity to find a solution to the relationship. If this is not possible, then there is no other way out and both parties can at best accept the separation.

Unhappy in marriage: Divorce despite the children?

Many partners do not want to divorce because they have children together. This decision makes sense at first lovingly, but it does not benefit anyone concerned. You can’t be a good parent and a role model unless you are happy in your life, you don’t have to be married for that. While separation complicates raising children, it also teaches them that it is their business emotional needs Come first. You can learn more about it here: Staying together because of a baby?

Whatever you decide, yours special needs It should always come first. you to yourself Top priority And people who no longer value your precious time and attention can no longer enrich your life. Talking to friends and family can also help you make the decision to separate. They have a different perspective on your marriage and may be more aware of the warning signs than you.

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