Apple Watch 8: the new smartwatch should get a long-awaited feature

  • Apple Watch 7* has been available since October. Prior to the release, there was a lot of speculation about the new design of the smartwatch. However, not much has changed as expected.
  • Perhaps this is why rumors about the successor to Series 7 have already spread after a few months. Recently, there was speculation about a long-awaited new feature: analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported the thermometer feature on the Apple Watch 8.
  • We’ll keep you posted on the latest rumors — and show you where you can currently buy the Apple Watch 7 at the best price. *

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The Apple Watch Series 7* introduced last year wasn’t quite as expected. Fans and experts have assumed a completely new design for the Apple smartwatch. However, the latest Apple Watch is distinguished visually only by a slightly larger screen. So it’s no wonder that there is already speculation about the successor to the Series 7.

Here you can read the rumors circulating about the Apple Watch 8 and what experts expect from the new smartwatch.

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Apple Watch 8: the long-awaited function will be added

Does the Apple Watch 8 get an integrated thermometer and therefore a number of additional functions? to me Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo At least he believed in it. After that, a new sensor will be installed in the future Apple smartwatch, which can measure body temperature. If so, exciting health functions should be added. The thermometer function may also mean new sports features.

Apple Watch 8: A new smartwatch for athletes should be made

According to “Macrumors,” well-informed Bloomberg journalist Mark Gorman wrote in his “Power On” newsletter, that Apple is working on a more powerful model for the Series 8. The target group should be athletes. So far, this segment of customers has been covered by the Nike version of the Apple Watch*.

Gorman is also speculating about the Apple Watch SE. There should be a similar update cycle as with the iPhone SE. So far, the Apple Watch SE is based on the Model 6 — it has no always-on display and no blood oxygen and ECG sensors. According to Gorman, the SE will be upgraded in the fall of 2022. However, he doesn’t say to what extent. What features are included depends on what the Apple Watch 8 will include.

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  • Applications: Activities, Workouts, Apple Fitness +, Memojis Podcasts, Siri, and more
  • Smart Features: Time, phone function, caller ID, GPS, compass, altimeter, regulator, alarm
  • Fitness features: Pedometer, distance, speed, heart rate, pulse, calories, sleep measurement
  • MDimensions (HxWxD): 41.0 mm x 38.0 mm x 10.7 mm
  • Living: Midnight aluminum case with black plastic strap
  • Operating System: watchOS 8

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