Corona rules: what is allowed and what is not allowed in Bavaria? Ask your questions here

Many people have questions about Corona – whether it is in travel and entertainment, vaccinations or a necessary visit to the hairdresser. You can send your questions to our expert Henri Gallbronner on the site [email protected].

You can find the answers in this group:

Should my child be tested in nursery school?

Yes, there has been a mandatory test since the beginning of the year.

How long should I be in quarantine if I catch coronavirus despite the booster vaccination?

If you do become infected, it does not matter whether you have been vaccinated or not. Isolation lasts ten days if you do nothing else. After seven days, you can test yourself for free with a PCR test or a quick test. Pupils, kindergarten and nursery school children can do this after only five days.

I was vaccinated with Astra, then Biontec and now Moderna. Does this count as a booster vaccination and when?

Yes, and now not immediately after vaccination. Only those vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson have problems. The second vaccination is not a booster here, but merely an improvement of the primary immunization. After the first booster vaccination, sufferers are still ‘fully immunized’ and need a screening test where 2G-Plus is applied. Just three months later, after the second booster vaccination recommended by Stiko, they are also exempt from the test requirements.

I got infected despite being fully vaccinated and got out of quarantine a week ago. I was told at the gym that I still needed a quick test. Is this true?

The Bavarian order to protect against corona infection does not require an additional rapid test. You are free from this for up to three months after you recover from the infection.

A week ago I was sent into quarantine as a contact person by the Ministry of Health, although I have recovered and am not sick. At the Department of Health I was told that the decisions of the Federal Government do not apply here…

Bavaria has now adopted nationwide regulations. Family members and close contacts of those who tested positive for the virus are no longer in quarantine if they were boosted or if their last vaccination or infection was more than three months ago.

Do my kids need a test for sports?

If their children exercise themselves, they will still be excluded from 2Gplus. This regulation has been extended, as have the exceptions for restaurants and hotels, as well as the (active) music or acting industry.

What about vacation?

We want to go on vacation to France. What should we consider when entering and returning?

In any case, you must carry an affidavit confirming that you are free of symptoms and that you have not been in intentional contact with an infected person. Unvaccinated people who did not have a cured condition should be able to show a negative test. This could be a rapid test done at least 24 hours before admission, or a PCR test done at most 48 hours before admission.
Those who have been vaccinated and who have recovered do not have to pay attention to anything else. In France, everyone is considered fully vaccinated if the second vaccination was at least a week ago. The exception is the Johnson & Johnson vaccine: here you are only fully vaccinated after four weeks. Those who have recovered are considered fully immunized after only one week of the initial vaccination. The current entry rules can be found at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the French Embassy at any time.
When returning to Germany, you must fill out a digital entry application. If you have not been vaccinated or fully recovered, you should be in quarantine. It lasts for ten days, but you can test yourself for free after five days.

I booked a holiday apartment in Bavaria. can i go there

Yeah. However, 2G service applies at the property. So you must either be vaccinated or cured. Underage students who are regularly tested at school are exempt, as are all children under the age of 14. The exception for students also applies during holidays.

Rules for buses and trains

Is it true that all students need a negative test during the holidays if they want to ride the bus?

Yes, after a nationwide Infection Protection Act change, students will no longer be automatically considered if they are tested on public transportation during the holidays. Children under the age of six are still exempt from the test requirement.

My son is 15 years old and has not been vaccinated. He wants to celebrate New Year’s Eve with his friends. Isn’t that because he’s a minor?

No this can not. Once there is an unvaccinated person over the age of 14, the rules for unvaccinated people apply – a family may meet with a maximum of two other people in Bavaria. This should be applied from December 28, but perhaps before that in Baden-Württemberg.

We want to go to the restaurant. My husband and I have had full vaccinations with my children at ages 5, 11 and 14. Do they?

If you go to a restaurant in Bavaria, your little one can accompany you, because they are only twelve years and three months old, and therefore they are exempt from 2G. Pupils over six years of age must show a negative rapid test if they take a bus or train. As for the restaurant, this is not necessary – neither for 11-year-olds nor for 14-year-olds. (As of December 22nd).

My daughters are 11 and 14 and have not been vaccinated. As students, can they also go shopping for clothes during the holidays?

Not even when in school, a 14-year-old girl is only allowed to go to stores responsible for basic needs, and this does not include classic clothing stores. Bavaria has an exception for unvaccinated children aged 12-14, but this applies only to overnight stays and restaurants, as well as active sports, music and plays. Your youngest daughter is exempt from 2G and 2Gplus.

Corona in your spare time

We want to take a bonfire, we are eight women from eight families. One unvaccinated person and seven vaccinated…

Their immigration has not been allowed in Bavaria since Monday, December 20, when vaccinated people are now counted within the upper limit for unvaccinated people. Complicated sounds, meaning: Unvaccinated people are now only allowed to meet with a maximum of two members of another household – regardless of vaccination or recovery status.

Should I be vaccinated as a children’s gymnastics coach?

No, at least in the Bavarian Corona law, volunteer coaches are on an equal footing with full-time employees and the same rules apply to them as they apply to them in every workplace where you communicate with third parties – that is 3G. So they can do gymnastics with their children if they give a similar negative test.

Booster, recovered – who doesn’t have to test with 2Gplus?

I was eating in a restaurant on the Alps. I pointed out that I come from Bavaria and therefore do not need a test. What is there now?

In principle, the rules of the federal state in which you currently reside always apply. Place of residence is irrelevant. In the state of Baden-Württemberg, 2Gplus applies with the corresponding exceptions to the test obligation.

I have been vaccinated twice and am still infected. Do I now need a quick test with 2Gplus or not?

Yes you need in Bavaria, only those who have received a batch are exempt from the 2Gplus test requirements. You are considered to have received a payment only if the corresponding booster vaccination was given at least 14 days prior. There are currently no separate regulations for those who have recovered (as of December 18).

We wanted to go to the cinema, but we weren’t allowed in without a quick test, even though we had only been vaccinated twice in two months.

2Gplus is applicable in cinemas. This does not apply to people who received an overdose two weeks after receiving the vaccination. Anyone who has not yet received their stimulant dose still needs a quick test.

What rules apply to travel to Switzerland and Italy?

I want to go to Davos to celebrate Christmas with my (vaccinated) friends from Hesse. Do different rules apply to me? and what?

Yeah. Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria apply in Switzerland as a Borderlands. So you don’t have to do anything else yourself and you can simply enter the country. However, your friends from Hesse must register for entry using the “Swiss Passenger Locator Form” and need a negative PCR test done 72 hours ago at the most. In addition, their friends have to take another test between the fourth and seventh day of travel and report it to the canton. Here a quick test is enough. You have to pay for all the tests yourself.. Attention: in Switzerland, accounts, municipalities, operators of ski lifts or hotels and restaurants can order 2G. Since you’ve all been vaccinated, this shouldn’t be a problem. (as of 12/18)

We booked a cottage near Meran with our party. Can we drive there as well as ski?

to me Entry to Italy need a test. Unvaccinated people who are not well should be tested for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and then isolated for five days. Quarantine does not apply to the vaccinated and the recovered, and a rapid test is sufficient. It must be no more than 24 hours old. In the ski area, 3G is applied in principle and masks are mandatory in gondolas and moving lifts. Narrowing in the respective areas is possible.

What guide do I need to go skiing in Austria?

For entry into Austria, 2Gplus will be applied from Monday, December 19. It is important to note that 270 days after your last vaccination, you are no longer considered to have received the vaccination. All those who were not boosted, regardless of how long the last vaccination was taken, also need a PCR test. This also applies to those who have recovered. The booster vaccination (Austria: third stitch) is valid from the first day, but there must be at least 120 days between the second and third vaccination. Children under the age of 12 are exempt from the 2G rule. All other school-age children can exchange their 2G ID for a “Holiday Ninja Pass”. Test results are documented in this. It is valid for seven days. A valid negative test record must be available at all times during the first five days. Rapid tests are valid for 48 hours, PCR tests are valid for 72 hours. However, at least two of the three tests must be PCR tests. You do not have to provide any other test evidence for the remaining two days of the week.

I heard that there is a Christmas holiday in Lower Saxony. Can I still visit my parents?

Yeah. If only those who have been vaccinated and who have recovered meet, meetings with up to 25 people are allowed in Lower Saxony, the maximum being 50 people outdoors. Children under the age of 14 do not count. Unvaccinated persons without recovery status are allowed to meet a maximum of two people from another home.

I don’t have a mobile phone. How can I prove my vaccination?

The analog vaccination card is still valid as evidence. Alternatively, you can also get the certificate from the pharmacy in printed form. Warning: the yellow vaccination card is no longer valid in Baden-Württemberg.

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