Criticism of the new road in Miami is growing

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Criticism of the new road in Miami is growing

Basically, the Formula 1 drivers were happy that First Class was coming to Miami. But after the first two days, there are now more critical voices around the Miami International Autodrome.

The biggest problem, of course, is the asphalt. ‘A joke’, Perez dismissed and Alonso explained that this does not meet the Formula 1 standard. Norris also considers it ‘not good enough’.

Problem: If drivers deviate from the perfect line, the grip will disappear immediately. This had already caused them to leave several times. “That should change next year,” Alonso demands.

And this is not the only point of criticism of pilots …

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More races in China soon?

In 2023, Formula 1 will have three races in the United States. And according to Toto Wolff, China could be the next market the Tier 1 class is aiming for. “It’s an important market for us,” the Mercedes team boss was quoted as saying by Reuters.

“I would like to drive not only in Shanghai but also in Beijing,” said Wolff. “It’s a great market for us as Mercedes and I think we have to make a strong mark there.”

“We now have three races in the United States […] And it would be great to do it in China as well,” explains the Austrian. Because of Corona, she led Formula 1 in China for the last time in 2019. The Grand Prix is ​​scheduled to return in 2023.

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McLaren: Why Ricciardo failed in Q2

P8 for Norris yesterday, but his teammate will only start racing from P14 after that. What happened there? In the first round [in Q2] We lost a lot of time in the second sector.”

“Then we had trouble starting the car in the garage,” he reveals. As a result, the second attempt was “delayed” and he was no longer able to make reasonable runs.

“That was unfortunate and cost us the third quarter,” he says angrily. Let’s see if he can make his way in the race. For McLaren, it looks like another tough weekend overall.

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Mercedes continues to believe in the concept

Silver Arrows went on a drastic path this year with the W13 – perhaps too drastic? “We believe our concept has the potential to be on the cutting edge,” says team leader Toto Wolff.

“But it’s also a very sensitive concept,” he asserts. “But once it’s in the window, it can do very well,” he still thinks. It is very difficult to get to this window.

However, in principle, we still believe in the path we took.

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Saturday’s most important thing…

… This time again you will find it compactly summarized in a photo series. Click through!

Photo gallery: Formula 1 2022 Miami: The hottest thing about Saturday

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Sainz: Trust is not a problem

We will only stay with Scuderia. Will Sainz return to the podium today after his last two retirements? He himself at least explains that self-confidence after the plane crash on Friday is not a problem.

“Otherwise I wouldn’t press like I did,” he explained after P2 in qualifying. It’s just about getting it all together over the weekend. “I couldn’t do that in the past races,” he admits.

But he remembers it still had a “long season”. So it’s not too late to turn things around at the World Cup. Maybe it will start today…

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Speaking of Ferraris…

Leclerc and Sainz will start first grade today. But such a “front row closure” has not been a good omen for the Scuderia lately. Because in the last six cases so far, there has only been one win: 2019 in Belgium by Leclerc.

W: In none of the cases did both drivers get on the podium. Let’s see how it goes this time.

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Leclerc: Miami updates ‘in the right direction’

To recall, while Red Bull didn’t bring any new parts with them this weekend, Ferrari brought a custom rear wing to Miami. Did it help you get P1 and P2 in qualifying yesterday?

“I think the upgrades will be very, very important this year. And here we’ve had a few going in the right direction,” reveals Leclerc, who confirms Ferrari currently has a “very solid package”.

“This is a good sign for the future,” Monagasi said. An overview of all the updates this weekend can be found here!

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Saturday in the analysis

Kevin Schoren and our Editor-in-Chief Christian Nimmervall turn night back into day and analyze the first Formula 1 qualifier in Miami live for you. The following topics were discussed:

– Leclerc in pole position: How did you turn the score upside down in the third quarter
– Mercedes: “The Pig” is back!
– Bottas believes in a coronation chance
– Vettel and Schumacher
– Alps: Alonso and Akon’s dissatisfaction after qualifying
– Questions from channel members from live chat

In the evening until Monday, the two will connect with you again with a great analysis of the race on the YouTube channel. As usual, we will announce the exact start time during the day.

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Is raining

By the way: The rain that was originally announced for qualifying came during the night! It didn’t have a direct impact on Formula 1, but the shower should still be noticeable today.

Because the fist, which was at least in the perfect line, had been washed again now. Apart from that, there is no one there anyway. So today could be a ball dance.

Maybe it will rain again later…

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